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    Recess Community Discord!

    We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here.
    Hope to see you there!

    Polar Party 26 : Levelling UP

    Polar Party is a LAN Party which takes place at Slagenhallen in Tønsberg between 3.-7. October. This event has a big focus on e-sport, gaming and entertainment for people of all ages with interests in  videogames, videogame culture and social happenings.
    We have 73,000 kr in the prize pool this year, divided between several different games. The competition is divided into the following games: Overwatch, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, League of Legends and Rocket League. For the more creative people, we offer a minecraft building competition, photo compos, wild compo and Dank Memes.
    On Wednesday 4/10-2017, Morgan Sulele will come and play a show for us. It will be a big pop concert so we hope you bring your friends to hear and see.
    Tickets can be purchased via geekevents.org. We hope to see as many as possible of you at Polar Party 26: Levelling Up.

    New Bhop timer

    We just released a big update for bhop with a new timer, new anticheat and over 500 new maps to the bhop server. The server will no longer crash when someone take a wr with this timer, but unfortunately we will have to reset the database which means all times will get reset.
    You can read the full changelog here
    Servers: - Recess.no #19 Bhop [ Timer | 1000+Maps | Styles | 128 Tick ] - Recess.no #20 Bhop WhiteList [ Timer | 1000+Maps | Styles | 128 Tick ]

    Surf update!

    We’ve recently introduced some pretty massive changes to our Surf servers, which include Stage Records, improved replay functionality, a brand new Whitelist server and a ton of bug fixes.
    You can now complete stages for points, glory and bragging rights as well as continue to push for the map records as you previously could. This makes us one of the world’s few 100 tick surf servers with stage records!
    With this change, our admin team has revisited every map in our database in order to improve the stage startzones which will allow you to start them better with proper prestrafing.
    You can read the full changelog here
    You can apply for our whitelist server here
    We are very interested to hear about your suggestions and input about these features. You can post these here should you have any.
    Servers: - Recess.no #16 Surf [ Tier 1-2 | Timer | 100 Tick ] - Recess.no #17 Surf [ Tier 3-6 | Timer | 100 Tick ] - Recess.no #18 Surf Whitelist [ Tier 1-6 | Timer | 100 Tick ]

    New Gamemode "Duels"

    We’re adding one new servers with D2/Mir/Cach/Over.

    The concept behind Duels is to create realistic 1v1 situations that can occur on maps played in tournaments like Dust2, Mirage, Cache, Overpass, Train etc. It’s a brand new gamemode for practice and is primarily focused on positioning, peaking, and map knowledge. Knowing how to peak someone, how to clear angles with quick peaks etc.
    Servers: - Recess.no #20 Duels 1

    Server upgrade Wednesday 05.04

    We are upgrading our 2 Gameserver's in Oslo, so all CS:GO server's will be down Wednesday 05.04
    Gameserver01 (Bhop, MG, DR, Surf 1-2) Two new SSDs in RAID 1 Clean install of Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS
      Gameserver02 (Retake, Arena, Deathmatch, AWP, AIM, Surf 3-6) Two new intel Xeon E5-2690 Clean install of Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS


    We've picked a winner and congratulations to "Stian Omdalsmoen" who won our AKRacing giveaway with Lottattractive! He will recieve the Nitro Gaming chair. Thanks for everyone who participated, and we hope everyone will stick around for more gaming, competitions and giveaways!


    AKRacing Giveaway!

    We've partnered up with Lottattractive in this giveaway! Click the link under, and join the giveaway! You can win an AKRacing Nitro gaming chair!

    The giveaway ends the 1st of January 2017! Good luck!

    New timer for bhop!

    There will be some changes to the bhop server that will be relased on 1/12. 
    There will be a completely new timer with alot of new stuff.
    -WR bots on different styles
    -Anticheat system
    -Better cp's
    -Strafe sync
    -New !ssj command where you can see how much speed u get on different amount of jumps
    -No possibility to pre-speed (290) in start which will make the times accurate to the global wr's
    The bad thing about this is that the whole server will be wiped which means all times and ranks will be gone.