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  2. Hi, did you have any binds or macros that could have triggered BASH in some ways?
  3. Hi, we are aware of this bug, and we're fixing it asap.
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  6. Edit: I got unbanned, so everything is fine now Hello, I was playing on BHOP #17 when i randomly got kicked from that server. Then i got the message that i got banned because i was detected by BASH. Now i am wondering if i can be unbanned because i did nothing wrong, not using any strafe cheats or something. If i need to provide proof tell me how and i will try to provide it. SourceBans Log: Ban Details Player Basti_093 No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:64091772 Steam3 ID [U:1:128183545] Steam Community 76561198088449273 Invoked on 05-13-20 04:41 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Detected by BASH Banned from Recess.no #18 Bhop Whitelist [ Timer | 2000+Maps... Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (4) Basti_093, Basti_093, Basti_093, Basti_093 Greetings, Basti_093
  7. I`m having a weird bug on both the tier 1-2 & 3-6 surf servers where you will not get reset back to spawn when you touch the floor or other obstacles like you normally should be, instead you just float around at the ground. Typing in !r will not take you back to the start zone and !stuck gives the following message in chat: " Designated start area not found ". If you type !spec and watch the bot, then !r it will just send you to wherever the bot was when you watched it. This "bug" affects other people than just me and occurs at random times, it does not seem to be map related. Some times the servers works just fine. I have encountered this "bug" several times over the last two weeks.
  8. i do not know their steam id, but i think it is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198863660258
  9. Can you provide us with their steamid?
  10. I do have people playing csgo on Recess in my household, i dont know if they hacked, may have been but yes, there are people in my household playing on your servers on csgo
  11. According to the anticheat you have been banned for using some sort of a autostrafer. i have tried to check up on your steamid but cant find any date on it? please add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pimpmyname2 Regards Pimp
  12. Our surf admins are looking into it, thank you for telling us!
  13. Do you play cs from a location that is used by others? Or do you have anyone in your household that also play cs on our servers?
  14. I was playing on you're tier 3-6 server and I wanted to watch the bot run. When I saw the last part of the run I chose CT and I just got where the bot was. It gave me server record that I should not have, I wanted to get that out before I get banned for something I shouldn't be banned for. I really do enjoy surfing on your servers. Happened on surf_skill8_ surf servers*
  15. We are having it looked into
  16. We are having it looked into
  17. Hello staff of Recess. i have been playing recess for a while, about 2 months now i am in love with the servers but im a bit dissapointed i got banned for no reason, it says i got banned for duplicate account, i wish to be unbanned, if i did something wrong please explain and elaborate, cause i really want to play on these servers, i really like them.
  18. Hello, it seems i have been banned from all of your servers? and i dont know why i am banned? could i maybe get an unban
  19. Hey, I was banned from recess servers, the only servers that are actually good for bhopping and surfing which is basically the only thing that i do on csgo. The reason i was banned was "Detected by BASH". Let me explain the entire situation. After leaving home for christmas with my grandparents i had let my pc stay on so i could remote play using steam from their house, back to my house. I wanted to try bhopping using remote play, built in on steam of course and I joined, it worked, i was connected. But immediately as i tried to move, i was perma banned from all servers. Below is user info pasted directly from your sourcebans website. I really hope to be unbanned so i can get back into bhopping as its been over 5 months since i last played. Ban Details Player Majus No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:0:171488652 Steam3 ID [U:1:342977304] Steam Community 76561198303243032 Invoked on 12-23-19 15:58 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Detected by BASH Banned from Recess.no #18 Bhop Whitelist [ Timer | 2000+Maps... Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (3) SHS_Majus, SHS_Majus, SHS_Majus
  20. Jeg og de andre har kommet i en konklusjon i at vi holder deg bannet fram til du får bevist at det er broren din som har hacket. Har lagt deg til på discord.
  21. Finner ikke discord serveren, navnet mitt er: Taang#7837 om det er til hjelp
  22. Hei! Så det nå. Skal prøve å få fikset det snarest. Kan du joine discorden vår? Så får vi fikset på det
  23. Takk for svar! Dessverre ser det ut som at bannen ikke er fjernet. fikk samme melding nå. "You have been banned by this erver, check http://www.sb.recess.no/ for more info Admin: Console Reason: Duplicate account Detected. If its a mistake or unban appeal, visit Recess.no Length: permanent. Jeg tror at grunnen er at denne brukeren er bannet på recess (Som er broren min sin) gjør at jeg blir bannet på nytt: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198841860484/
  24. Hei! Vi bestemmer for å gi deg en sjanse. Vi gir deg en unban nå, men blir du bannet igjen, så er det ingenting mer vi kan gjøre.
  25. Hello, I don't know if you are Norwegian or not but atleast i will take this conversation on english. I am very frustrated, it says that im banned on recess servers permanently. I have never played on these server, i tried to join a surf server but it says: You are permanentely banned, for more information visit recess.no. Im not alone in the house, my brother has been cheating before so the IP address might have gotten me banned, it says im banned for multiple accounts. Here is my steam ID: STEAM_0:0:505255771
  26. Would be great if you could provide us your SteamID. So I can check your ban. But you posted your ID on discord «my bad» and you are now unbanned!
  27. Yesterday I played for the first time on your server and everything worked fine. Today I wanted to play again, but I got permanent banned. The reason is "Duplicate Account Detected". I have never switched my account or something else since yesterday. I already tried to get help on your Discord Server, but the support couldn't help me. So I hope we can solve this misunderstanding soon. Best wishes Snuven
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