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  2. im banned without reason

    just happened an randomly,no more, i dont use cheats lul
  3. im banned without reason

    It doesn’t have anything to do with that.
  4. im banned without reason

    xm maybe reason is that I change keyboard and im have losses sync to 79-75%?more I can not imagine and I dont use fucking optimizer/cheats
  5. im banned without reason

    In this case again, it’s nothing about nulling, the detection string indicates there’s some sort of invalid mouse synchronization with your timing on Left and Right keys, which is why you got flagged by bash.
  6. im banned without reason

    Then yeah, that's definitely what it caught on to. Nulling isn't allowed on our servers as it is also considered cheating. I'll let @pimpmyname and @hetz decide on this appeal.
  7. im banned without reason

    maybe he detected null,which I did use to on this server (testing difference with on null/off null) and no more
  8. im banned without reason

    It's not any of our admins that thinks you're a cheater, it's our anticheat. It checks for many things and sometimes simple mistakes can trigger it, also known as "false positives". Unfortunately, pimp has made it clear that BASH hasn't flagged this as a false positive and thus something in your config or your peripherals is causing the trigger. I'd suggest you check all your .cfg's as well as make sure you don't have a hyperscroll mouse or any kinds of binds that would give you an unfair advantage. We take cheating very seriously here in Recess and as such we have strong measures that strictly enforce that.
  9. im banned without reason

    i didnt use hacks lol.I dont have very high ssj (680+),no more 660 - 670 and u think me cheater?wtf
  10. im banned without reason

    Well I’m not going to tell you what kind of detection string you got. It will only be amongst those people that want to know at recess admins or staff. I am pretty sure ur a optimizer user, since you have sth with detection strings that doesn’t make any sense, usually newbies to bhop can sometimes trigger it, but this isn’t the case here. Regards Pimp
  11. im banned without reason

    Hello,im banned on this server ,and im idk why.I dont use hack,pls say why im banned?
  12. Banned for "hacking" Episode 2

    Found the problem, false detection. Working on the issue, sorry for the coincidence. Regards Pimp
  13. Earlier
  14. Banned for "hacking" Episode 2

    Well this time it wasn't me that banned you, it was our AC, there should be a very good reason why bash banned you, but it seems like BASH didnt log that action, i will reply back whenever i found detection string.
  15. Banned for "hacking" Episode 2

    Dear Manojoogo, Whether you were falsely banned or banned for a reason, it does not justify the tone you have used towards a Recess staff member. Our staff team will look into this when they can.
  16. After i was falsely banned for hacking 1 year ago, (see link) the same Admin (P!mp) banned me wrongly again. There's honestly not much to be said other than what i said last time. I hope a competent admin can look after this. Greetings, Manojoogo
  17. Is it only me?

    I have spent a significant amount of money on Fortnite but in Denmark, there is a marketplace where you can sell accounts for a decent price. Depending on what level you are, your battle pass tier or profile, helps too. I am one of those people that needs the aesthetics. CSGO Skins, League Skins, Fortnite Skins, etc. I do, however, look into if it is possible to resell accounts/items after
  18. Is it only me?

    Never invest any kind of money in some game if you're not willing to lose it in the end Play for the funs and not for the pimped out pixel Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  19. Is it only me?

    Stay away from that shit. Problem solved - np
  20. Is it only me?

    I am that guy that got bored of Fortnite and spent way to much on it, now that its on Epicgames (The developer of Fortnite) I would like to see it on steam and be able to sell fortniteskins for profit and more It feels bad when you know you can't get you're money back, now that i spent 180 Euro on that game im fucking broke and i can't get my money back... Reply if agree =D
  21. Bug on bhop_exodus_fix

    we both can take a look at it when i get home
  22. Bug on bhop_exodus_fix

    Yo, So I was just casually bhopping on the map bhop_exodus_fix, you know as you do, when suddenly A BUG APPEARED or some shieet on the "get a gun from the yellow platform and shoot on the red stuff on the ground to get boosted" stage. The bug caused the yellow platforms to not do their job and didn't drop me anything, and if I had a glock in my hand it straight up robbed me of my glock! It made me feel really vulnerable and sad... The glock is also, for some reason, really weak and bearly gets you boosted over the edge. This bs bug ruined my very very really really good run that I'll never be able to recreate! :> volvo pls fix
  23. Surf Server Changelog

    01.04.2018 No, this changelog isn't an april fools prank. Just a simple set of fixes and map additions/removals. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_ivory Surf_volvic Surf_believe Surf_paddy Tier 3 Surf_pagoda Tier 4 Surf_axiom_fix Tier 5 Surf_our Map Fixes Surf_canisius Fixed the map crashing after a few minutes of playtime Surf_forgotten Edited map endzone to be higher and fit the platform better for more accurate records Surf_minecraft_2016_final Zoned the missing bonus 3 Surf_mesa_fixed Added lasers to mark the obnoxiously high triggers Fixed an unintended skip. No records had used this skip so none have been removed Surf_sandstorm2 Zoned the missing bonus Surf_proximity_final Zoned the missing bonus Surf_fruits2 Forced angles on all teleports Surf_utopia_njv Deleted all times under 55s as these were noclipped from before our noclip fix was implemented Surf_simpsons_fixed Zoned the missing 5th bonus Fixed an exploit that would net players an unintended lower gravity. As a result, hundreds of times have been deleted off several stage and bonus records. Surf_nemesis Fixed several unintended skips. As a result, all bonus records have been deleted as all of them used some variant of these skips. Maps Removed Surf_exile_njv Map has several issues, but the most notable one is the lack of triggers and filters to avoid retarded skips. This isn’t an easy fix and requires Hammer editing, which is something I’m not willing to do for a shit map Surf_y Shit map
  24. Spotify playlist :D

  25. Suggestion

    Auto-plant is also an option^^
  26. Suggestions

    - Am_poolparty -Am_chicken
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