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  2. Thanks for the reply and oh... Well thats sad PS. I didn’t mean that it wasn’t me, when I said I don’t remember using that nickname just to clarify. I sincerely don’t remember anything from that period. Hope ya’ll have a nice life. have fun and peace! 7777777777777777
  3. Last week
  4. Will be looked at, thanks for informing.
  5. Hi, sorry. Will take care of it shortly
  6. Ban stays after discussions.
  7. Earlier
  8. +bump @hetz @pimpmyname @DaggyS
  9. the timer on surf_kitsuna_fix uses boost that is unachivable due to speed limit in spawn, therefore wr is not beatable
  10. ska ta mæ sammen ha ein fin dag
  11. Hvis du holder det du lover nå, så skal du få en siste sjanse. Du har vært veldig støtende mot folk og mot meg. Unbanned.
  12. er det muligheter for og få en ny sjanse på deres fantastiske servere? husker ikke grunnen til ban men lover og ikke si sårende ting noe mer.. (beste er vell og holde kjeft i mitt tilfelle) STEAM_1:1:24527671 steamid
  13. Hi my name's Trevlig. I made a little mistake, an accident you could say. I had been playing on hvh servers doing my thing and then as i usually do go to bhop, but then my autostrafer was on apparently. Then i got banned from some bash detection thing and i was reacting hard to it like i knew i didnt hack? So i contacted you guys on discord and got mad when it actually was my fault (sorry), so what am hoping for now is an unban. Thanks Regards, Trevlig. Trevlig#0206
  14. Sup, so I got banned permanently almost 5 years ago for Scamming players ( I guess? ). To be honest I have no fucking clue what happened back then, I only play BHOP on recess. Hope I can get an unban, I don't even remember using that nickname. Peace Ban Details Player GeraltVonPolska No Demos Steam ID STEAM_0:1:148814563 Steam3 ID [U:1:297629127] Steam Community 76561198257894855
  15. Sorry for slow reply 76561198055323078
  16. Can we have your Steam ID, please?
  17. Can we have your steam ID please?
  18. I was banned quite a while ago with this explanation: Duplicate Account Detected. If its a mistake or unban appeal, visit Recess.no Not quite sure what duplicate account even really means.
  19. Hi, I got permanently banned like 10 minutes ago for cheating from your minigames server. I would never cheat in any game and I hate cheaters above everything. Back in the days I always played on minigame servers and today I was playing with my mates on your server and got randomly banned for no reason. I would like to get unbanned because I really enjoyed your server. Best regards Slim0n
  20. got banned from the Recess.no #14 WORKING Surf [ Tier 1-2 | NEW TIMER | 100 Tick ] server just now for suiciding to much. i didnt know this was a thing on the server. the reason i was suiciding was because i played a map where i would fall off a surf that didnt reset me, pressed M and changed teams to reset. apparantly this is not ok and im sorry about it. would really love if the ban on my account could be liftet. this is the only surf server me and my friends use. Thanks for quick response and happy new years! Just got back in, might me just a temp ban anyway, il go
  21. SR replays on some maps, seemingly staged maps, is really bugged and impossible to watch. really annoying when you just wanna see the map done
  22. Steam Name TheFlyingApple Steam ID STEAM_1:1:82768882 Reason for why my ban request should be approved Apperantly, a year ago, I got banned for cheating... I have never cheated in my life and wasen't even aware of the ban before i tried joining your server today. I do not understand the basis of the decision... Hopefully i can get an unban Links TheFlyingApple#6573 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125803493 https://sb.recess.no/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:82768882&advType=steamid
  23. LordMartin5531

    Hiding HUD

    Is there a way to hide HUD on your servers?
  24. Steam Name Ceebz Steam ID STEAM_1:0:102290229 Type of Request Unban Reason for why my ban request should be approved I was banned a long time ago on my old account, and i honestly dont even know what i did to get banned, im here asking for a second chance as i play bhop now and wanna play with my friends on your server because i have heard that it is one of the best EU bhop servers. Links Ceebz#0001 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198164846186 https://sb.recess.no/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:0:102290229&advType
  25. I have been detected by Bash for what i belive that when i tried to make long jumps it just kicked me off the server and now it says that im banned. well here is my profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighAndDeprest/
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