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  3. Hey @dpox , thanks for your input. We have a No-AWP Server (Retake #4), a desert eagle server, as well as a pistol server in place already. As far as the dedicated server for individual maps, this would put additional strain on the budget as we would have to fund additional servers. This could be discussed if we were experiencing overwhelming numbers on our other servers, however, this is not the case at the moment. I would like to refer you to our server list to see what we are currently offering🙂 Server List Appreciate the feedback, and it will be consi
  4. Hello! I enjoy retake, and have played it alot. These are my suggestions! -Update the spawns for CT-players (they often spawn too far away, T's end up with so much controll) -No "force-buy" rounds, everyone I know of hates them. -1 No awp server -More servers with no mapvote, instead one server could be mir/inf/cache -Remove deag-server, we usually just end up deag'ing on whatever server we're playing on. (This one could be replaced with a "no awp server") thanks for reading -dpox
  5. im wondering the same, but it seems no one can answer this question.. its sad that the server is gone
  6. You cant get a unban, thats impossible. There isnt any reason to write more about the unban appeal. Go find another server to cheat on, we dont tolerate it here. Unban request denied. Regards Pimp
  7. Reason behind the "account created 13th of April 2019" was to deter others from saying "ooga booga new account" though it might look fishy'ish? Idfk ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My main is fucked atm due to the ban wave that happened a month ago, still waiting for the unban from valve anyhow link to main: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MIxD_Chris/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Might be able to have a chat in Sunday this week discord tag should be in the main info on my main acc
  8. Need to add this important information. Your account was created 13 apr 2019. Obviously thats very weird. Can you give us your main steam profile link? Regards Pimp
  9. no, i do not have any demo from that game, but if you'd like to we could have a chat on discord with screen cap or a chat in ts3 (might not be able to chat this week cuz I'm working shifts) My playstyle consists of pure logic, sound and gamesense, usually flick towards sounds to get a better perspective of where my enemy is, or checking all angles (if I am confident they will not come from a choke point / spawn I keep a defensive angle | 80 hours of precision training in kovaak and aimlab makes up for flicking and spraying at farther ranges ) I'll most likely go into details when we have
  10. Hello Vac Chan uwu / Chris S It was brought to my attention by players you played against, that many of the kills you got seemed a bit off. Therefore i recorded a demo and spectated you for many rounds to determine if you simply were so much better than the players you played against. I did my best to rule out factors as: game sense, tactical awareness, crosshair placement, footsteps, call outs from teammates and sound ques in general. I found that in 9 of the 20 rounds i spectated you, your crosshair aimed at players miles before you possible could've seen or heard them. C
  11. Was just banned on "Recess.no #03 Retakes" where i was accused of walling by Relentless, which later issued a perma ban, don't know what else to say really except that i ain't cheating, just too good i guess? Admin: 『Relentless』 Reason: Wallhack Length: permanent. Player Vac Chan uwu Steam ID STEAM_1:0:497091587 Steam3 ID [U:1:994183174] Steam Community 76561198954448902 Invoked on 09-13-20 18:21 Banlength Permanent
  12. It has been on for many months now The servers ip is: Regards Pimp
  13. Couple years back there was a minigame server with alot of different maps with fun modes to play, i was on this server almost everyday for years, and then stopped playing csgo. Now i came back and wanted to play on the server but it doesn't exist anymore from what i can tell? If so that's really sad, because this server was really fun to play on! Anyone know why it got deleted? I think the name of the server was Recess #3 Minigame :)
  14. no.

    Unban appeal

  15. Yo, kan du ta kontakt med p!mp på discord? p!mp#8718
  16. Hei! Ble akkurat banna på Recess.no #03 PGA. Cheating. Landa et sjukt bhop fra mid til short på Mirage og fikk instaban. Brukte bare scroll wheel. Mulig å få retta opp denne? Spiller på Recess.no ofte så den var sur Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:244829881 edit: format
  17. no.

    Unban appeal

    px#8145 msg me on discord if u want
  18. i have sent a request now xpl1cit#1521
  19. I was trying to get better ping so I connected on a vpn from Norway and I got banned. I didn't know I could get banned for using a vpn on your bhop server and I am truly sorry for using one. Please forgive me and unban me. Again, I am sorry.
  20. tryed to find you on discord, try add ted#3029
  21. Can u write to me over discord? p!mp#8718 Regards Pimp
  22. Can you please write to me over Discord? p!mp#8718
  23. Whats up with the timer and not giving points for finishing maps? top's or wrs? Is this a timer bug? or whats going on? best regards ted.
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