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  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992042546/
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  6. Hi! Can you provide us with your SteamID so we can check it up?
  7. kekw

    Server settings

    Hi, I wanna ask what the server settings are. Of course I can look for every single command but that's just stupid, I obviously don't know every command that is modified on the bhop server. I wanna practice some maps offline, generally I looked online for commands but even then something just feels off.. Hope anyone can help me out , thanks in advance!
  8. Trying to connect to your servers, but it says im banned. What for? And can you please unban?
  9. Hi! You’ve explained yourself on discord, I trust you, so I have given you a second chance. Unbanned.
  10. I got banned a long time ago from recess i never checked why since i just thought it was a 1 week ban or something but apparently im banned for aimbot? i have never cheated in csgo and i dont know why i would cheat on a legit account with global, a good faceit lvl (lvl 9) so i wanna ask for a unban cuz im not cheating Steam id: STEAM_0:0:456916543
  11. DaggyS


    Hi! You have been unbanned, you explained yourself over discord, and I am giving you a second chance! Have a nice day! :)
  12. Kris


    Hello. So i was trying to join your bhop server because a streamer was making a challenge, but i was banned, don't know why, can't remember i've played on your server like ever please help if needed i can talk to you guys over discord or something... Steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166951608 SteamID64: 76561198166951608
  13. We took it over Discord. Player is now unbanned Regards Pimp
  14. Hey, I remember I was banned for cheating on your servers on my old account quite a long time ago. I have since then been playing on a new account, and got banned on that also for duplicate accounts, completely unawware about that being a thing on your servers. I apologize, and has since long long ago stopped cheating, and would love to play on your servers again if possible. I won't throw the chance away if one is given to me. Thanks a lot. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:527715454 Steamid64: 76561199015696636
  15. Dont really care about being unbanned. just want to know why im banned. would be cool if i get unbanned. | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:73588776 | steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107443281 | customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GenSherpZ
  16. Don't know why i got bannedit said "Duplicate Account Detected. If its a mistake or unban appeal, visit Recess.no" Hope u can help. Player dovtor balsam pkls Steam ID STEAM_1:1:20543706 Steam3 ID [U:1:41087413]
  17. so it's been a long time that i got the ban but i really wanted to play again on this community... i was trying a "script" that my friend told me to do (do be honest that didn't work but whatever) and then i got perma banned for "scripting" the "script" was just some random commands on steam. i didn't request before because i quit csgo but now i wanted to play it again so that's why i am asking the unban request. it's my second time trying stuff like that and i apologize for it... i really wanted to play again on the community so if u unban me i will be really happy :D.
  18. Hi my name is Oliver and i got banned of recess for no reason it sais that i duplicated account but i dont even know how to do that, so i wish i could get unbanned thank you :D Merry christmas and a happy new year :D
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