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    never coming. source is a dead game. cya @ Momentum mod
  5. Recess Community Discord!

    We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here. Hope to see you there!
  6. We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here. Hope to see you there! View full news
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    where are your css surf servers at
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  9. got banned cause my controller was connected

    Problem has been solved. I unbanned the player, BASH automatically detects any kind of +strafe or silent strafes caused by strafe hacks(that includes a controller as well), i recently made BASH autoban people for silent strafes only. Regards Pimp
  10. got banned cause my controller was connected

    it s a ps4 controller and when i move the controller, my head move with the movement (exemple: if i move my controller to the right, my head on csgo move to the right too. i just played rocket league before and i keep the controller on my thigh and i take the controller to put it down on my pc tower but like i say it before when i move the controller, it move my head and i just got banned. what i say is true, i was joining my friend and just got banned. please help and i dont think i move a joystick or i dont remember because i have been instantly banned
  11. got banned cause my controller was connected

    Alright, if that's true what ur saying i will unban you/Xbo will since i dont have permission to unban console bans. Your controller could have triggered the anti cheat. But again on the log you didnt have joystick cvar enabled, can you explain me this? Regards Pimp
  12. Hello, im a french people so sorry for my english but i just played rocket league with my controller and when i finished i come on you bhop server and i move my controller and just got banned. can i get unban ? i think the anticheat detect my controller like a potential cheat but my controller was just connected before when i played before
  13. Honestly, I don't care how a cfg or alias bind works. It's purpose is to give you an unfair advantage, just like any alias binds are meant to do. That is cheating per definition. Additionally, you openly admitted to using one "to reach a specific ladder in a map", as can be seen in the chatlogs you so conveniently supplied yourself, essentially implying you used it on our servers. That's enough proof for my taste. Furthermore, we have enough anti-cheat to detect a range of things, of which you set off a number of alarms. Granted no anti-cheat is foolproof and 100% safe from errors or deviances, it still doesn't take away from the fact that you playing triggered enough alarms that do not go off when a normal player on normal settings plays. That's why the 1 week ban stands, which also leaves further discussion moot in this case. You're welcome to respond further should you have proof that clearly shows your innocence, but until then I suggest you avoid stirring the pot unnecessarily. As @hetz stated, you get one single warning for any such infraction before a permanent ban is put in place. Consider this your warning and we'll leave it at that.
  14. You wrote to @pimpmyname that you used your lj bind to reach a ladder, also null is very easy to detect and its not the same thing as a lj bind. This rule says you are are not allowed to use something that will give you a advantage. Bhop Server Rules These rules build upon the Recess Community's base-line rules. You are expected to both follow the Recess Community rules as well as the Bhop Server specific rules while playing on our Bhop Server. 1. You are not allowed to use any kind of CFG that will help you Bhop better such as Nulling. If you are Nulling or using some other CFG you will get 1 warning and then permanent ban.
  15. I checked your "rules" section and there's no rule for LJ binding cause it literally gives u less benefit for using it than not having it. As u can see in our chat logg @hetz I admitted i HAD a LJ bind but i haven't binded to a key nor used it to get an adventage etc on some sertain maps. I don't even have the LJ bind binded to any keys whatsoever, recess "anti-cheat" haven't detected me using it neither or such. There's no way u can detect a LJ bind without getting a lot of false stats etc, coz u can easily space bar & ctrl etc which is what the bind obviously does. And to be fair there's no demo on my recess-ban or such for proof. Stats can be manipulated in so many ways which u don't know, there's a reason the KZ Global admins & Co-Founders haven't made a thing that detects the LJ BIND//"NULLS" or such alias-es. Ty in advance Do one thing? First of all you wanted me to do legit 6 different things. I have the whole chat logg and some recording of me ingame doing what you wanted me to do. I ofcourse didn't want this to take this long but when you're gonna talk/suspect another player for cheating etc atleast have your "plan" ready like i had to restart csgo 3-4 times and then the game crashed when connecting via "Browse servers-Way" but we "fixed" it with connecting via in-game invite. And as @pretzL said in his first lines he's right, there was a bit to much confusion in order to do these stuff. I did exactly everything what you wanted me to do, i asked if there was anything else you wanted me to do then u just deleted me cause u got "triggered" from a message that appeared in the ingame chat for 15+ min ago.
  16. After reviewing the case I've decided to edit the banreason, but not the length of the ban. As I previously said, Recess has a zero tolerance policy against cheating, which cfgs and alias binds fall under. Since you've admitted to it yourself, it can be proved beyond any reasonable doubt and as such you will remain banned for the remainder of your one week sentence. In the future, please refrain from using such unfair advantages as any future infractions will result in a permanent ban from our servers. Thank you.
  17. First off you admitted to use lj bind which is not allowed on our servers even though you can't use it on autobhop, you can still use it on bkz maps and our timer doesn't stop that bind and for that you can get permanently banned. Your null positive was at 1 all the time which means you got a null cfg injected or its your keyboard. Even if you don't null you deserve to be banned because you used lj bind, not for the reason "making so much attention" though.
  18. I really spent 1 hour and a half to make you do 1 thing.. You was so disrespectful towards me and didn’t prioritize this chat. The fact is that you didn’t care, this was a serious situation, when you started making some attention on the server that triggered me. I already gave you enough chances. Would also like to hear @hetz statement as well
  19. As far as I can tell both of you handled this somewhat irresponsibly. Bhop needs a more structured way to approach this problem to eliminate any confusion. You should've responded more appropriately and taken this matter seriously. Recess as a community has a strict zero tolerance policy against cheating, which is most prominent on our classic servers and the bhop server. You'd be surprised how many people get flagged for cfg usage or similar on a daily basis, which warrants this type of response from our bhop admins. Complying to whatever admins ask for in these situations helps your case significantly. Laughing about the matter and openly discussing the fact that an admin is contacting you for cheating suspicions in in-game chat only makes the matter worse. With that said, I'd like to hear from both @hetz and @pimpmyname on this matter.
  20. Where do i begin?... Well yeah... I played a little bit on your Recess bhop servers untill i got banned by p!mp for getting p!mp triggered since i wrote ONE "triggering" message in chat to make the other people stop spamming his name since he's obviously busy. BAN REASON: "https://gyazo.com/9581b6d470438c76054760113389bc53" I asked some recess admins if there was any "mal" i needed to follow but they didn't answer so i just make a post where i prove why my ban is a falseban. So where do i begin... Well i got banned for "making so much attention" when i LEGIT posted once in the in-game chat. What i wrote ingame which got him triggered: (Got video evidence if needed, please reply if u wanna see) 21:47 - p!mp: [Master] Julianio ^w^ : p1mp thinks im cheating so were doing something. wait a bit. This is what he said to hetz afterwards: "p!mp: hes drawing attention to everyone p!mp: that triggered me p!mp: so i banned him p!mp: and playing so much stupid that u cant even imagine like idfk" OUR CHATLOG: (Sorry for tons of links) https://gyazo.com/e1327dc6619013edabf716db13cd260b https://gyazo.com/5251e5839d34f0148184ace4056f0c21 https://gyazo.com/48049232d6c92d52c7ba8f5bb31deff4 https://gyazo.com/190ebd97edc3ec911000134e3af4c626 https://gyazo.com/190ebd97edc3ec911000134e3af4c626 https://gyazo.com/7490b8b0cf55824e376e94c7130cccdf Had some issues with connecting & csgo crashing: (Sry pimp) https://gyazo.com/3d5e144c128318c7b43447e2139f1d63 https://gyazo.com/cccac5aaa5dcb8e15952a7ffa83e2ada ==================================================== Contact via steam/e-mail which you already got http://steamcommunity.com/id/Julianio/ ===================================================== If you want video evidence of the chatlog/console i'd like to prove it =) Ty for your support in advance :^) Sry if i weren't supposed to tag some of the admins etc.. ======================================================
  21. Bhop Server Changelog

    02-05-2018 This update is mostly new maps and map fixes. Changelog Map Additions Tier 1 bhop_dev_4a bhop_woah bhop_thankgifonix bhop_test6 bhop_test5 bhop_tanker_0 bhop_switch bhop_stages3 bhop_spweedrun bhop_spice bhop_speedsya bhop_sp_v3 bhop_soup bhop_snowfall bhop_sneaky bhop_snake bhop_smokepit_nya bhop_slop bhop_skylord_easy bhop_skybricks bhop_skool_v2_fix_csgo bhop_shadowbhop_nya bhop_rin_shibuya bhop_rek-1p bhop_red_csgo bhop_recordest2017 bhop_purple bhop_probhop_v1 bhop_princess_boobs bhop_polygon bhop_peaks bhop_overground_nya bhop_onix_iz_2qt_hzn bhop_oneal_v2 bhop_ohio bhop_null_strafe_fix bhop_nightshift bhop_nefario bhop_nature bhop_mappii bhop_map_v2 bhop_major_v2 bhop_longshit_xerxes bhop_levels bhop_leet_m8_k bhop_kyu bhop_kys bhop_kingofbhop bhop_jackzispro bhop_insane_asylum bhop_imafgt_nya bhop_horseshit_8 bhop_hmm_nya bhop_hallius bhop_haken_hys bhop_gloomy bhop_glocky bhop_fun_v1 bhop_fuego bhop_frostontheskin bhop_flower bhop_first_1 bhop_final bhop_ez4 bhop_extan_nya bhop_euphoria_v1 bhop_egypt_short bhop_easyyy bhop_eazy_fixd bhop_easybhop_v1 bhop_e bhop_dusttemple_beta bhop_dust_v2_b1 bhop_dusk_nya bhop_drvospoj_v2_fix bhop_distant_tnn_extended bhop_dewb_2 bhop_dewb bhop_deserted_ii bhop_dawg bhop_dark_wg bhop_csgopolygon bhop_copyofroblox bhop_copyandpast_csgo bhop_comktion_nya bhop_colours_v3_1 bhop_colour_lr_v1_fix bhop_clear bhop_cleaned_v2_csgo bhop_classik bhop_cj3lion bhop_cbble_csgo bhop_brevis_nya bhop_blublock bhop_blauw_useme bhop_bhop_bhop bhop_battle_v1 bhop_b_hop bhop_aztec_2017_nya bhop_awp_final bhop_around_nya bhop_avloppet_nya bhop_asphalt bhop_amor bhop_allison bhop_airvent bhop_airflow_v2_nya bhop_11 bhop_9 bhop_6h bhop_2_ bhop_1st bhop_4daysdad bhop_3 bhop_circlev2 bhop_delete_fix bhop_fogcandy bhop_tirsko bhop_ethereum_fix bhop_green_f bhop_nosotros bhop_yaw bhop_horseshit_11 Tier 2 bhop_discovery bhop_strangehouse_fixx bhop_lego_space bhop_bkz_levite_ng bhop_bkz_cg_coldbhop bhop_bkz_bonus_z1 bhop_woodlog bhop_willneverdie_nya bhop_wiggle bhop_void bhop_v bhop_trippynya bhop_tango_final2 bhop_starter bhop_sr_strange_hd bhop_spooktacular_nya bhop_splunk bhop_spiral-hoc- bhop_sky_square bhop_skaebne_nya bhop_shitspoody_gg bhop_scared_nya bhop_sanctuary_nya bhop_rinnegan_nya bhop_rezsadrevoltmedsestra2 bhop_parky bhop_quandrix bhop_q_nya bhop_pohb_nya bhop_mist_nya bhop_mist_2_nya bhop_meme2_2 bhop_matemple_nya bhop_mastertrainningv1 bhop_major_v1 bhop_m0d3ls bhop_lolamap_v2 bhop_larena bhop_l3monhop_nya bhop_kiseki bhop_jisoo_cube bhop_intermediatelevels bhop_in_game bhop_hotline_bling_final bhop_hemohn bhop_greengl0w_nya bhop_fyushion bhop_fastpace_v1 bhop_equa bhop_ehhhh bhop_efes_v1 bhop_dev_v1 bhop_cyclone bhop_csgood bhop_corridor_rg2 bhop_cold_nya bhop_chable_v2 bhop_c0nd_final bhop_bestmap bhop_battle_zig_nya bhop_aztec_x8_nya bhop_assault_nya bhop_adunno bhop_abralimonerty_fix bhop_10 bhop_5ht2a bhop_4 bhop_1 bhop_newyeargays bhop_nup2 bhop_lusine bhop_horseshit_10 bhop_chip_bhopnoob_fix bhop_flocon bhop_002_silent bhop_geometry_dash_beta Tier 3 bhop_bkz_nocturns_blue bhop_bkz_measure2_b03 bhop_wouit_v2_rg1 bhop_wayz bhop_strafe_winter_csgo_rg3 bhop_sky_6xl_nya bhop_ski_csgo bhop_rostu_minecraft bhop_remsux_nya bhop_netscarp bhop_meme_v2_nya bhop_mantrousse_part_1 bhop_kz_msp_comatose bhop_journey bhop_hotline_patrule bhop_equalizer_v2 bhop_eazy_4xl_fixxd bhop_dry bhop_deviation bhop_deppy_nyaa bhop_arcane_csgo_final bhop_adventure_chaos bhop_aadhua_csgo kz_bhop_eazy bhop_unfinished_tower bhop_hollow bhop_arcane_classic bhop_25 bhop_terrarium bhop_hikari Tier 4 bhop_stripedbrick bhop_pokemans_xd_nya bhop_osti_nya bhop_lost_temple_nya bhop_jegg_nya bhop_depot bhop_comfort_final_nya bhop_birogl_fly bhop_ananas_nya bhop_temple_ruins_go bhop_izibrizi_b1 bhop_sj Tier 5 bhop_bkz_sakura_inspired_go bhop_velocity_nya bhop_vanilla_nya bhop_teftel_notsoaids bhop_skylord_st7 bhop_sco bhop_rostu_v1_fix bhop_placeholder_nya bhop_nxo_strafe_rg1 bhop_logic bhop_indest_beta_nya bhop_hive_nya bhop_helios_nya bhop_hard_rarri bhop_h_box_nya bhop_gonnark bhop_eman_on_fixed bhop_drop_csgo bhop_danspike bhop_cyberlose bhop_cw bhop_biff_hyper_nya bhop_badcolors_fixd bhop_dull_ez bhop_mg_harero bhop_horseshit_9 bhop_oceanic kz_bhop_raven_nya kz_bhop_dusk_nya bhop_horseshit_12 Map fixes bhop_monster_jam All doors on map have been removed. bhop_strafe_fix_rework Music have been removed. bhop_crash_egypt Music and breakable stuff have been removed. bhop_badges A trigger has been removed because it was set incorrectly bhop_quiet A trigger has been removed because it was set incorrectly bhop_interloper Music have been removed bhop_fury_2 Music have been removed and broken tp is fixed. Plugins Rockthevote We are gonna get a new rtv plugin from blacky, here is the features written by blacky • Shows the map tiers in votes and nomination menus • End of map votes • Cvar to change required percentage of RTVs for the vote to come up • Cvar to disallow spectators from being able to RTV • Cvar to disallow unranked players to RTV • Cvar for how long until players are allowed to RTV • Cvar for how much time should be left when the next-map vote starts • Cvar for how many maps must be played to nominate a map again. • Cvar for how many times a map can be extended through the end-of-map vote • Cvar to enable a "No Vote" option when a vote comes up to prevent players from just hitting '1' on their keyboard and basically rigging the vote • Cvar for how long the map extends after end-of-map votes • Cvars to force the vote to contain specified amount of specific tiers • Cvar for which way to order the maps when the previous cvar is set to use specific tier counts (random, descending, and ascending) • There is no lag when votes come up or when players open the nomination menu (this is a common issue that many mapvote plugins face) • Players can withdraw their rtv and nominations • Admins can forcefully extend the map or start a vote We have also started to cooperate with Globaljumps, we made a whitelist together only for really good bhoppers. Thanks to Cherry for letting me take a lot of maps he have ported!
  22. Surf Server Changelog

    05.02.2018 Smol update cause not alot to do. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_beverages Surf_blue Tier 3 Surf_subway Tier 4 Surf_drifting Surf_runewords2 Tier 5 Surf_fuckyou Map Fixes Surf_collection_njv Stage 8 Fixed the boost so it now works like it should Removed endsound Surf_sunset2_fix Fixed all stagezones to fit the platform properly Surf_mesa_revo_go Startzone will no longer remove your knife Surf_depths Added lasers to the startskip Fixed stagezones so you’ll be able to trigger them more intuitively during a run. You’ll still not be able to carry over speed from s2 to finish s3, for example, but you will be able to trigger s1 endzone while in a run, s2 when entering s3 etc. Surf_acp_fix Stage 3 Added lasers to mark the MRCP record route
  23. Zoning error on surf_sunset2_fix

    Issue has been resolved.
  24. Finally!!

    Finally hit GLOBAL! Ignore thats it's on wingman But still im happy about it MM global comeing soon hopefully
  25. Unable to join servers and I can't find them when I search for them

    Working properly now!! Awesome, thanks!
  26. Whats up! When I try to join the surf servers through my favourites I'm just pulled back to the home screen of CSGO, I checked my console and I found this error: "Server is running an older version, client version 13624, server version 13623". When I search through community servers for 'recess' I can't find the servers at all. I'm not sure what the problem is, I surfed yesterday without any problems and I haven't downloaded a new update for CSGO that I can recall, but I might have it on automatic update. Any and all answers and explanations are very much appreciated, thanks! Hysteria
  27. Sup

    Have a good one my dude.
  28. Zoning error on surf_sunset2_fix

    Great, thanks!
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