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  2. Hey guys, long time no see. I am admin on the bhop servers and today I joined while I had a controller connected to my computer because I just played FIFA 22. I picked up the controller and then the aim started moving, 5 seconds later I got a permanent ban. I hope you can help me. Thank you ❤️
  3. Hi there! Unbanned!
  4. hello. I wish to be unbanned from your serf servers. the reasoning for this unban-request is simply a mistake made by me. now. i was playing competetive games with four other friends of mine. when i recived a cooldown for two hours due to team dammage so i hopped on my other account to play whilst still on cooldown and I decided to play some surf whilst wating for my friends to end their comp game. and simply just then i was banned for playing on the surf server on multiple accounts now I ask you for mercy as I really liked to play on said server Best regards -Felix Tv oh and for the record the link to my steam profile lies under this text https://steamcommunity.com/id/DeJu1es/
  5. Hei igjen, Er du seriøs med meg nå? Da håper jeg du tok demo, så du kan vise meg dette! Jeg er en ¨gammel¨ mann som spiller litt cs for gøy et par ganger i uka. Jeg har ingen grunn eller glede av å bruke noen hjelpemidler. Folk som faktisk gjør dette ødelegger kun for seg selv og for oss andre som spiller dette spillet for gøy.. Men om du/dere i Recess mener jeg bruker noe form for hjelpemidler, så får jeg nesten ikke gjort annet enn å ønske God Jul! Ble nesten litt smigret jeg nå, om blatant lock-on ser bra ut😅 (Usikker på hva det er jeg). PS! Liker godt retake serverne deres. Kenneth
  6. Hei, skulle inne å teste noe på serveren, men med en gang jeg spectatet deg og litt etter, så jeg egentlig ganske blatant lock-on på aimen din, som faktisk egentlig var veldig suspicious...
  7. Ble banned av DaggyS for noen timer siden fordi han testet noe visstnok, men er ikke unbanned.. Kan dere fikse det? Håper på raskt og positivt svar :=) Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001330291/ Mvh Kenneth
  8. Yeah, please don't have controllers connected, as it's mostly going to trigger BASH. Unbanning you.
  9. Hello, I just got permanently banned from Bhop Recess#17, it said something about detected by BASH. The only "3rd Party" programs i had running where teamspeak and Final Fantasy I with my plugged in PS4 controller, while i moved the controller i also saw my character move and shortly after I was banned. I had no malicious intention whatsoever. https://steamcommunity.com/id/makaloni/ ^my steam ID for reference
  10. Aspenh

    DR gone :(

    yea i used to play alot on the DR server back in 2015, good times.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024547516
  12. Kage

    DR gone :(

    We tried opening MG again, but most gamemodes are dead on csgo these days, simply no playerbase... And yes, it is very sad to see
  13. Aspenh

    DR gone :(

    This is kinda sad to see tbh
  14. Hey surf_eon is missing cp3
  15. The current record of surf_kitsune did the telehop in stage 1 which is not possible anymore because of the speedrestriction from the start. Top 1 and top 2 currently has been using this for their record and hope they can be removed or remove the speedrestriction from spawn.
  16. DaggyS


    Hi, actually a weird but fun way to get banned. Send me steamid and ill check it out.
  17. So iv'e noticed in surf_underworld_go and surf_jusched i get a message saying "SurfTimer | You must pass all checkpoints to finish your run" when i complete the map. I'm pretty sure i do hit all the checkpoints, and if not they should probably be moved so you can't miss them. Thank you for looking into this problem Or maybe make it so you don't nessesary need "all" the checkpoints for a completion?
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