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    • So just because you can shift a car from second gear to fourth gear without first going to third it means that it no longer makes any sense to ever swap to third gear? Your logic doesn't hold water. I explained that I scroll up when I jump because that's how I play, which a video from end 2016 shows me doing as well. It proves that I didn't make up that statement in the moment as an excuse of some sorts. And yes, it is impossible to get 100+ jumps in air, even using a macro. The server is running 128 tick, meaning that even if it allowed a +jump input on every tick(which the game in vanilla settings doesn't, but maybe there is a plugin to do this to make legit a bit easier), I still could only put in a total of roughly 90 +jumps in the air, as a jump on a flat surface is roughly 0.7 seconds. So yeah, it's your call from here, but to say that something that can't even exist with scripts is a proof of me cheating then that's absolutley ridiculous...
    • your youtube handshow video doesnt prove anything regarding this coincidence, and its still virtually impossible to get over 100 jumps in air. it would be nosense spamming scroll in air, so assuming you are using macro.
    • dont wanna read ur 500 words sentence, im going to make this short stop commenting everything regarding my actions, thanks
    • Got banned on server number 17 for supposed macro usage. The only "proof" the admin had was that i got 24 jumps/jump on one jump (average was around 12 jumps/jump), and that I scrolled midair, "proving" that I'm using a script of some sorts. I posted a video link of me playing as proof of that's how I normally play(which he refused to check, or at the very least take into consideration), and it registers because I've got +jump bound to mwheelup and mwheel down. Yes, I was argumentative, but only due to being unprovenly been deemed guilty. Also my friend Dutch (highranked and has played on the server for a long time) was banned for an hour for sticking up for me! The admin in question was p!mp The video i posted as proof (handshow included) Chatlogs of what transpired from my point of view have been added Clean version of chat(with the unimportant chats removed): *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  slnxc  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  ah suuh dude *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  what are you using *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  macro?  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  no  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  scroll *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  hyperscroll?  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  scroll *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  lies  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  1 min  [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  Ey pimp *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  sup  [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  The dude's legit. *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  eh k [Addicted] «slnxc» :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQrfpDc7lqA [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  Used to be a star in HoC if you recall that legendary server [Addicted] «slnxc» :  there if you wanna watch [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  I recognize his name *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  no  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  im legit *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  if you keep using cheats on legit style u will get banned  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  maaate  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  check the video *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  14 7 6 6 10 6 7 7 5 6 9 8 128 6 9 8 7 14 3 7 9 10 7 9 11 10 6 15 5 8 [as a sidenote i highly doubt that number 128 is legit, I'd have a hard time seeing even a script reaching that many hops, either an error, a fabrication or a bug with the netcode] *SPEC*  [Admin] p!mp :  seems legit [Addicted] «slnxc» :  yes it does  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  a script is like 20+ hops per hops  [Admin] p!mp :  14 7 6 6 10 6 7 7 5 6 9 8 24 10 12 9 8 14 3 7 9 10 7 9 11 10 6 15 5 8  [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  How many do I got pimp?  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  mate the average is like 10  [Admin] p!mp :  its for sure u got something lol  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  do you want me to livestream my atempts or something? [Admin] p!mp :  obv people doesnt spam their scroll in air 124 till they land again  [Admin] p!mp :  no  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  thats because i scroll up and down  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  but ok i wont scroll back in mid air  [Admin] p!mp :  lolsure  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  check it now then  [Admin] p!mp :  yea good its off for now  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  jesus christ  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  i just scroll back up when i bhop [Addicted] «slnxc» :  ever thought that there are good players? [Admin] p!mp :  lmao pls [Addicted] «slnxc» :  ok, why are you so stuck up about this?  [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  pimp come on  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  i dont cheat  [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  We finally get a good legit player on the server and you accuse him of cheating  [Addicted] «slnxc» :  i have video footage of me playing on youtube [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  wtf is wrong man? [Addicted] «slnxc» :  which ive linked [Admin] p!mp :  fair enough [Addicted] «slnxc» :  youre quite unreasonable mate [Wicked-Sick] Dutch :  Im telling you pimp, he's legit Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check http://www.sb.recess.no/ for more info.  
    • While the ban I received was one hour, it was completely unnecessary. I defended a player named "slnxc" whom I know from other servers - a skilled and recognized legit player whom beat a few records this afternoon. The admin "P!mp" started accusing him of cheating because, -he-, thought that he scrolled "too much". Slnxc then provided freaking video proof of how he plays to back his side up, yet the admin in question completely ignored it. 
      Accusing someone of cheating is to begin with very serious, but rather than open a discussion, P!mp chooses to ban someone without a shred of reason - AND anyone who dares question his "judgement"? 

      Seriously, don't you want good players to play on your servers? Banning them doesn't exactly put recess in a good light. I write this thread because I strongly believe that this is not the case, but rather bad behavior of a single admin. Things like this must surface or it will continue to happen
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