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    • Okay, i tried to be polite, i guess i ranted a tad to much, sorry bout that. I do understand you can RTV straight away, but i cannot on most ocasions. On a normal weekday, i can't stay to when the server is close to completely empty, so its kinda not fun.... Maybe, you could make a thing, so if everyone on the server do something, it can be played anyways. So if someone just played a map, it got switched, he left, i join, im alone, and i dont have to load in 5 maps to get that. Would be a very very neat command.   Thanks for responding.     Oh, and that, your not the only one on the server.... Please stop... If they dont wanna play it, just dont vote for it, more simple, it cant get... The voting system is there for a reason, right? So tbh, its not my fault if someone spams 2 as soon as the vote goes up... I know it can be annoying, but tbh, the vast majority want's to play it. So for most players, its probably not.
    • Great, hope it will come through soon then.. 
    • Well Jamx its not just you on the server, there is indeed a reason why i made it. Before you can play the map again the server needs to change map 5 times, if people liked that map you played they will of course extend. And 2 hours and 30 minutes ETA is overreacting because its possible to rtv after 5 minutes on map change.. With that said pls watch ur attitude Regards pimp
    • Its only happening to 82, since we had people spamming the server with A2S packets that makes everyone lag. @Xbonnik and me will try find a perfect limit so it wont cause any conflicts with steam servers
    • Its currently running still, im not sure if you can find it doe, ill post the ip here atleast :    Recess Public : Recess WL : Recess 100T Public : Do: Connect
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