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    • Hi, did you have any binds or macros that could have triggered BASH in some ways?
    • Hi, we are aware of this bug, and we're fixing it asap.
    • Edit: I got unbanned, so everything is fine now   Hello,  I was playing on BHOP #17 when i randomly got kicked from that server. Then i got the message that i got banned because i was detected by BASH. Now i am wondering if i can be unbanned because i did nothing wrong, not using any strafe cheats or something. If i need to provide proof tell me how and i will try to provide it. SourceBans Log:  Ban Details Player Basti_093  No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:64091772 Steam3 ID [U:1:128183545] Steam Community 76561198088449273 Invoked on 05-13-20 04:41 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Detected by BASH Banned from Recess.no #18 Bhop Whitelist [ Timer | 2000+Maps... Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (4) Basti_093, Basti_093, Basti_093, Basti_093 Greetings,   Basti_093
    • I`m having a weird bug on both the tier 1-2 & 3-6 surf servers where you will not get reset back to spawn when you touch the floor or other obstacles like you normally should be, instead you just float around at the ground. Typing in !r will not take you back to the start zone and !stuck gives the following message in chat: " Designated start area not found ".   If you type !spec and watch the bot, then !r it will just send you to wherever the bot was when you watched it.  This "bug" affects other people than just me and occurs at random times, it does not seem to be map related. Some times the servers works just fine. I have encountered this "bug" several times over the last two weeks. 
    • i do not know their steam id, but i think it is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198863660258
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