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[NEWS] Recess Community Discord!

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We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here.

Hope to see you there!


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    • We took it over Discord. Player is now unbanned Regards Pimp
    • Hey, I remember I was banned for cheating on your servers on my old account quite a long time ago. I have since then been playing on a new account, and got banned on that also for duplicate accounts, completely unawware about that being a thing on your servers. I apologize, and has since long long ago stopped cheating, and would love to play on your servers again if possible. I won't throw the chance away if one is given to me. Thanks a lot. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:527715454 Steamid64: 76561199015696636
    • Well you got banned because of joining with a second account at the time your other account was banned from the server. Add me on discord: p!mp#8718 or on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pimpmyname2/ so we both can talk about it and fix it together.   Regards Pimp
    • Well your ban on the other account expired. So i unbanned all accounts matching your connected ip. Regards Pimp
    • Sorry for the long reply time. Everything should be good now @Quantap | gamdom.com  Regards Pimp
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