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Falsely banned


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Hi! I got banned for taking a server record in surf_halloween_tf, apparently it was cheated, as far as i'm aware the run was dogshit in it's own and im extremely confused for what i was banned for. Maybe autostrafing? Nah we can cross that out since it was all dogshit anyways. Hmm.... maybe movement recorder? Wait that wouldn't work either since it was -2 on old sr.. hmmmm?????? Pls unban and explain. And please for god's sake dont tell me that i got banned for doing a few skips, it's 100t ofc it's going to have a very different route than 66 or 64.



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First off, I suggest you drop this passive aggressive tone real fucking quick.

Now, I'll opt to answer this seriously since you actually made an attempt at appealing your ban, eventhough I'd consider it about as good as your own explanation of your run.

-2s on a record isn't normally something we'd ban for, obviously. However, your run didn't really take advantage of any other skips than the previous MR did. You sure as hell didn't use any autostrafer either or a movement recorder. What you did, however, is somehow manage to prehop the map startzone in order to gain speed, which eventually lead to the -2s run. Idc how you did it or wether or not it was intentional or not. What I care about, is you making a serious appeal if you really want to get unbanned.

I suggest you reconsider how you want to handle yourself during this appeal process and try again.

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Get the fucking replay out right about fucking now because i remember exactly when i took it

i believe i have the right to be mad about such ridicilous behaviour


or actually

you can also get me unbanned right now i'll show you exactly what i did

will - it even more


with literally 0 cheating, you're just making things up right now

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Just gonna post this here for reference:

16:47 - [mЎ]: Sup bred
16:47 - Bre-D: heya
16:47 - Bre-D: i cant login to your forums on steam
16:47 - Bre-D: and  why u got admin that doesnt know nothing bout surf btw 4Head
16:47 - Bre-D: actually made me giggl
16:47 - Bre-D: exd
16:47 - Bre-D: gigle
16:47 - [mЎ]: Do you alraedy have account on forums?
16:47 - Bre-D: r the forums down or
16:47 - Bre-D: nah
16:47 - Bre-D: trying to log in thru steam
16:48 - [mЎ]: Try clear cookies and try again
16:48 - Bre-D: ait
16:48 - Bre-D: could it be my adblocker
16:48 - [mЎ]: We dont run ads
16:48 - [mЎ]: so nope
16:49 - Bre-D: keeps tellin me something went wrong
16:49 - Bre-D: :/
16:49 - [mЎ]: Regular create account it must be then
16:49 - Bre-D: ye
16:49 - Bre-D: got it
16:49 - Bre-D: ty
16:49 - Bre-D: who was the admin
16:49 - Bre-D: who banned me
16:49 - Bre-D: btw
16:50 - [mЎ]: Pretzl
16:50 - [mЎ]: I wont mention your insults in this chat towards him
16:50 - Bre-D: that fucking retarded mapmaker?
16:50 - Bre-D: no wonder
16:50 - Bre-D: all he can do is make maps
16:50 - Bre-D: he should stick to it
16:50 - Bre-D: ait
16:50 - Bre-D: ty
16:50 - Bre-D: 4 help
16:51 - [mЎ]: You are welcome


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