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[Suggestion] Longjump Stat

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So, recently i was playing some random map that had a Longjump stage in it.

Well it was not a stage but, more of a thing you can do if you don't wan't to play the full map, but still wan't to have fun.

So basicly, i was playing it, and it was nice and all, but something was missing.

Hold up, you might say, i know where your heading, but this isn't a longjump server, so it's not nessecary...

But then you realise, that longjump is a great deal in bhop. Espically in those strafe maps...

So what i will be asking for is an option to see how far you jumped from your 1st jump possition, to your landing.

And i dont mean to add an annoying plugging with a !ljtop that will be broken i less than a second, i just mean to make something, that you, yourself, can have fun with, and practicing.

So its like your ssj, noone will see it, except you. Thats why it should be under !ssj.

Now, what downsides does this have?

Well, that's what interesting, cause it deosent really have any.

That is why, i think the community will apreciate it.


Thanks for reading

- JamX^

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