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Why did you do this?

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I get it, the same map is played alot of times, when it gets popular or some scrublord wants to hit a run on it....

So i wanted to nominate a map to watch a replay of a player who could help me.

I do !nominate mapname and ehhh....

I cant nominate the map, and i have to wait for FIVE map changes.

FIve mapchanges, thats a bit of an overkill i would say considering maps are played 30 minutes, thats 2 and a half hour, before i can see the replay.

Are you serious with this. I mean, it was a good idea to put on but as soon as it gets over 3 map changes, its to much and simple, a to long wait.

I do get the intention, but this is a total overkill, and one of the more annoying things.


Thanks for reading, Admin please respond.


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Either youll have to wait out that time, or you can rtv right off the bat and map change fast to the desired map, works really well at night when your playing with less people, on daily times, youll have to accept that if the majority doesnt wanna do it, youll  have to wait, also if an admin is playing on the server, you can ask him to nominate it for you :D, should not take more than 10-25 minutes waiting to get the map if you rtv right off the bat

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Well Jamx its not just you on the server, there is indeed a reason why i made it. Before you can play the map again the server needs to change map 5 times, if people liked that map you played they will of course extend. And 2 hours and 30 minutes ETA is overreacting because its possible to rtv after 5 minutes on map change.. With that said pls watch ur attitude



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Okay, i tried to be polite, i guess i ranted a tad to much, sorry bout that.

I do understand you can RTV straight away, but i cannot on most ocasions.

On a normal weekday, i can't stay to when the server is close to completely empty, so its kinda not fun....

Maybe, you could make a thing, so if everyone on the server do something, it can be played anyways. So if someone just played a map, it got switched, he left, i join, im alone, and i dont have to load in 5 maps to get that. Would be a very very neat command.


Thanks for responding.



Oh, and that, your not the only one on the server....

Please stop...

If they dont wanna play it, just dont vote for it, more simple, it cant get...

The voting system is there for a reason, right?

So tbh, its not my fault if someone spams 2 as soon as the vote goes up...

I know it can be annoying, but tbh, the vast majority want's to play it. So for most players, its probably not.

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