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banned from bhop (wng^)

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One day after my first experience on the whitelist server for bhop, and I'm banned for cheating.  I'm willing to prove that I don't cheat in any way possible and if I contine to stay banned from the entire network while I'm complicit with the admin's requests, then it's quite unfair.  I feel as if you should spend time working to find innocent players in the community, because that is what keeps your server network alive.  Along with that, I don't have bans on other server networks as large as this, I do have one from FN where dewb later admitted to it being a false accusation, however, he is not in a position anymore to make a decision.  I'll gladly speak with any higher staff about this situation.

I really want to play on this server and if you would give me this chance, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Wing^, and thanks for contacting us regarding your ban.

The admin responsible for your ban will give you an answer asap.

Thanks for your patience





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5289384 aliases, random cheater. Banned on many servers, talked to nairda to prove my conclusion. Topic closed

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    • i remember it was a great community that just dissapeared over the years
    • hi there,  i logged into csgo this morning to go bhop but when i joined the server i got immediatly banned? i looked up the ban and all it said was that "detected by bash" which really doesent make sense to me because i was not cheating and have never been. last night i even played on the server, and got no ban then i go to bed and the next day im banned?? so i came here to ask to get unbanned since i really like your servers and would love to continue to play on them  edit: i just saw that a guy named rames also posted about the same thing a couple of days ago, maybe there is a bug?
    • Be sure to not use any joystick or strafe hacks next time. Unbanned Regards Pimp
    • yo, whats up.
      just wanted to join your bhop server for some action, like i did a lot the last days (and it always was fine), and suddenly your bash-stuff right there banned me.

      would appreciate if anybody can look into this, thanks.

      best regards,
    • Hei dette har vært problem lenge nå, så på tide med official request. When there is a smoke there is a 50% chanse you can se andre gjennom den på radaren, selv om det overhodet ikke skulle vært mulig. Det er ganske kjipt for det ødelegger much of the fun. I hope you can fix this problemo soon!!!

      Med vennelig regards,