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Ble bannet for absolutt ingen grunn. Spilte på server "Recess.no #02 Retakes 1 [ 128 Tick | NOR | Ranking ]" for ca 10/15 min på min smurf "svartskjegg" og like etter ble permanent banned. Hva er dette noe admin abuse? Kan det være en error på serveren? Var ikke stygg i språket eller "trolla". Så forstår virkelig ikke hvorfor jeg ble bannet. Hadde satt stor pris på om //staff team kunne gå nærmere inn på dette og faktisk finne ut om det var admin abuse.  Fullstendig tullete.  Vet bare at på "http://sb.recess.no", så står det at jeg er perma banna.

Les også den engelske versjonen.



I was banned for actual no rison at all. I was playing on the "Recess.no #02 Retakes 1 [ 128 Tick | NOR | Ranking ]" for about 10/15 min on my smurf "svartskjegg" and few moments after, I got perma banned. What is this nonsense? I wasn`t toxic or trolling or anything. I was just playing the game, and got banned for it.   I just had a good time playing. I don`t even know what I got banned for, so this is maybe an error on the server or it must be admin abuse. I would really appreciate //staff team to look into this nonsense. 

Even tho it`s my smurf, and I don`t really play that much on this account, but admin abuse is one of the things that annoys me the most. This should not happen.

best regards, Mido

Steam id: 76561198274388029

Link to acc: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274388029/

time accured: 01.31.19 around 23:40

Main account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274388029/

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    • I was banned quite a while ago with this explanation: Duplicate Account Detected. If its a mistake or unban appeal, visit Recess.no Not quite sure what duplicate account even really means.
    • Hi, I got permanently banned like 10 minutes ago for cheating from your minigames server. I would never cheat in any game and I hate cheaters above everything. Back in the days I always played on minigame servers and today I was playing with my mates on your server and got randomly banned for no reason. I would like to get unbanned because I really enjoyed your server. Best regards Slim0n
    • got banned from the Recess.no #14 WORKING Surf [ Tier 1-2 | NEW TIMER | 100 Tick ] server just now for suiciding to much.   i didnt know this was a thing on the server. the reason i was suiciding was because i played a map where i would fall off a surf that didnt reset me, pressed M and changed teams to reset. apparantly this is not ok and im sorry about it. would really love if the ban on my account could be liftet. this is the only surf server me and my friends use.  Thanks for quick response and happy new years!  Just got back in, might me just a temp ban  anyway, il go surf again now. peace
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    • Steam Name TheFlyingApple Steam ID STEAM_1:1:82768882 Reason for why my ban request should be approved Apperantly, a year ago, I got banned for cheating... I have never cheated in my life and wasen't even aware of the ban before i tried joining your server today. I do not understand the basis of the decision... Hopefully i can get an unban Links TheFlyingApple#6573 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125803493 https://sb.recess.no/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:82768882&advType=steamid
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