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DaggyS forsvarer rasister

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Hello. Today I joined recess server with my Norwegian friend who is ethnically Sri Lankan. We met users from sweden with the steam group "Proud Bois" which is a reference to the white supremacist nazi organization in America. After telling people to report the steam group they changed group tag. In voice chat one user named "Frogge" said "why do you have monkey as profile picture" about a picture of Travis Scott. He had earlier exclaimed "white power!" which made my friend feel unsafe and leave the server. An admin responded to the call and said he had no evidence and kicked me from the server because I was giving evidence, admin was named DaggyS. Does recess have a political affiliation with the nazi group or why were they protected? I feel that black people should be allowed to play on the server without being racially abused and this admin protected them. Users have been kicked for homophobia so why is racism any different?


Håper noen av dere forstår mitt synspunkt.

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Hello. I did kick you, and the so called "racist" because of the big argument you had, to calm it all down. Everyone else was so tired of you guys, so was I. But will tag @pretzL for his view on this. 

Thank you.

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Hello Ludspaw


I can clearly see someone was being offensive towards you and your friend, however Daggy did not defend the racist based on what I read here, but Daggy wanted to end the heat going by splitting you two apart. We do not care who plays on the recess servers aslong as they follow the rules and dont stir the pot of BS. 

I can see where you come from as well, assuming that Daggy kicked you first and not the offender. Then it might look like he is protecting them and removing you, but in this case he did not only kick you. 

A side note is I would suggest you do not accuse any staff member of being a racist or a nazi without proof of any sort in the future. 

Last but least; I am not the one who decides what happens with Daggy, or this report but this just my take on this whole thing based on what I read here. 


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First, let me start off by saying sorry for the late reply. I'mon vacation so I'm not really taking the time to keep up with everything. 

With that said, I'm sorry you had to experience this on our servers. We always take action against racism, bigotry or any type of hateful behavior. In this instance though, it seems to have become difficult for our admins to see who was doing what in what way due to the fact that they joined into a shitstorm between multiple people. In the future, I would advise you to try to be more calm, especially when admins are present so we can avoid similar outcomes in future situations. 

Now that that's been dealt with, dont ever try to insinuate that anyone in this community is racist or is helping racists again. Unless you have proof, of course.

A tip for you and your friend though: the internet is filled with this type of shit. You might as well get kinda used to it or else you're gonna have a bad time.

We'll continue to take action against these types of people though, within reason. 

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