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You have a previous ban "Bhop Macro" from STEAM_1:1:149987791. Thats why you got banned from that account. We dont accept having a banned user joining with another steam account, so thats why you got banned on your current SteamID STEAM_1:1:20543706. I can unban STEAM_1:1:20543706 but if you join again with another account the ban will stay.  Your original ban invoked on: 01-23-20 18:20 and will expire in 2 weeks. Please respond to this message so i know you have read it.



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Tbh I don't understand it. I don't know why i should use "Bhop Macro" when i only play on ur surf map, and i dont have a Bhop macro as far as i know?? And the part about another account is also weird because i only have one stream account and the account STEAM_1:1:149987791 is not anyone i know? 

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    • Hey @dpox , thanks for your input.   We have a No-AWP Server (Retake #4), a desert eagle server, as well as a pistol server in place already. As far as the dedicated server for individual maps, this would put additional strain on the budget as we would have to fund additional servers. This could be discussed if we were experiencing overwhelming numbers on our other servers, however, this is not the case at the moment. I would like to refer you to our server list to see what we are currently offering🙂 Server List   Appreciate the feedback, and it will be considered in our upcoming staff meeting.
    • Hello! I enjoy retake, and have played it alot. These are my suggestions! -Update the spawns for CT-players (they often spawn too far away, T's end up with so much controll) -No "force-buy" rounds, everyone I know of hates them. -1 No awp server -More servers with no mapvote, instead one server could be mir/inf/cache -Remove deag-server, we usually just end up deag'ing on whatever server we're playing on. (This one could be replaced with a "no awp server") thanks for reading -dpox
    • im wondering the same, but it seems no one can answer this question.. its sad that the server is gone
    • You cant get a unban, thats impossible. There isnt any reason to write more about the unban appeal. Go find another server to cheat on, we dont tolerate it here. Unban request denied. Regards Pimp
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