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A List of Bugs / Issues Encountered So Far


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Copying in a couple of posts I made in the recess discord 'fixes' channel:




Started surfing on recess again ~2 weeks ago and I wanted to report a few bugs / issues / annoyances I have noticed so far:



• Main map replay bots are garbage 99% of the time, stages seem mostly fine.

• Large frame drops on certain maps, sometimes getting worse over time.

• This seems to have stopped recently, but in my first week playing again I was having huge issues with lag killing my speed, to the point I couldn't finish t1's.



• surf_casbah - can't finish it because of missing checkpoints (I read this mentioned previously as well^^)

• surf_jusched - same as casbah (also mentioned previously above^^^)

• surf_annoyance_njv - start zones are overlapping boosts, limiting speed, making it really tricky to complete (it is possible though!)

• surf_royal - not a bug per se, but the frame drops on s5 make the 'royal spin' damn near impossible (as if it wasn't already hard enough!?...).

• surf_hotwheels, had an issue where if I touched any green ramps I would fail? - all other colours were fine!  (didn't happen initially, ~10 mins in?)

• Also, surf_hotwheels, if you fail you don't respawn until you use !r.



• Missing / broken ranks display next to names in leaderboards - seems to work fine in chat though?

• Not sure how others feel about this?, but extend timer on #6 is hard as hell to hit mid-run without bailing out, it used to be on #1 which made it far easier (maybe this is the fault of the new timer though? Perhaps unfixable, minor thing anyway...).

• Being able to extend as many times as you want (more than 3 times) would be nice, especially on the whitelist server.

• Being able to nominate a 'recently played' map should be possible (saves having to rtv 6? maps in order to nominate the one you want to play again), especially on the whitelist server.

• When finished using !nc (noclip), if you do !r sometimes the timer is still disabled, you need to do it again for it to work. Unfortunately, I have finished a few maps without the timer working by not realising this sooner!

• When in !nc (noclip), it would be nice if you could go thought teleports (this used to be possible, not sure why it's broken now).



Probably wouldn't regard all of these as 'bugs'; but as I mentioned, just some things I have noticed which I wanted to point out.

I'll post anything else I encounter into the discord, so stay posted!


I've got no response in the discord yet, so I thought i'd post it up here too in case this is better / more visable to whoever deals with this stuff.

I'm working my way through the various surf maps, so I will post more bugs / issues if I find them.


p.s I'll be active on discord if you want to get in touch.


Thanks again, Yiaz. :)


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