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A few things regarding the TeamSpeak

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Hello, everyone! I decided I would point out a few things about the TeamSpeak due to us cleaning up inactive channels and whatnot. So I figured I'd point out the importance of maintaining your usage of the channel you have been given. A more detailed list of rules and guidelines will come at a later time, but I figured this was urgent enough to post right now so that everyone knows! :)

Recently we've had to make the requirements a bit more strict for those who want their own private channel, mostly because of the fact that people get their channel, use it for maybe a day or two and then proceeds to not use it for longer periods of time. We have a TS BOT that controls and tracks the amount of days since the room was last used, aswell as the user who owns the room and we uncovered a whole lot of rooms that has not been used for a while. This forced us to clean out the channels and make them available for other users who want a channel. While this is fine all by itself, we still don't think it's fine that most people take this privilege for granted. If you want your own private channel, give it some thought and convince yourself that you're actually are going to use it regularly and if you aren't going to, then perhaps your own channel isn't something you should get, as it creates more unnecessary work for us. It takes longer for us to remove a room and create it again, because of the numerical system we use for all the private channels, and straight up delete a room from that chronological order would make quite the mess. (example: #1 to #99)

We do however have plenty of public and member channels at your disposal for socialising and gaming. We understand that some people wish for privacy the times they actually are here, but we maintain these rules to make sure everyone thrives while they're on TS. Anyone can imagine the pain of scrolling through a wave of empty channels to find their friends channel! It doesn't look nice, and we want to keep our TS clean and simple to navigate in. Because once you've had your room deleted due to inactivity, you lose your right from getting a private channel ever again. This doesn't apply for whenever the owner him/herself requests for the room to be given away to someone else, or simply doesn't need the room anymore, as that doesn't take too long to arrange and only in a few minutes. It's better to let us know if you aren't going to use it anymore than just having it collect dust. ;p


However, if you still wish for your own channel, speak to a TS Admin and have them check whether or not you qualify to recieve one. We check the users to see how active they've been, and people who haven't been much on the TS does not qualify to get one. You must also have a registered user here on the forums, aswell as not been banned from the TS before either. 


Thanks for reading this post and feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions about the TS! Have a fantastic day :)


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