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We've recently gotten an Overwatch team. We are very exciting about this, and can't wait to see them in action!

They are currently in the 2nd Division in the Norwegian Telenor-league, with total of 7 players:

Sebastian «SaftSluker» Lund - Team captain

Martin «Ionîc» Vik - Co leader 

Ruben «Zylar» Høgemark - DPS

Lasse «Cr0wley» Sæther - Off-tank

Vegard «Skruffy» Tenold - Main-Tank

Tyler «Savory» Head - Support

Joakim «Bemnex» Gjerstad - Support

They are mostly located in Norway, and are planning to attend several LAN's here!

We welcome them to Recess and look forward getting to know them all! 



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we're looking forward to get Recess into the norwegian overwatch scene, and we're eager to prove our worth! :)

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That's awesome! I've been playing Overwatch myself and reached a high competitive rating, seeing Recess expand to Overwatch is amazing. 


Welcome to the community.

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