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We have some major news regarding our CS:GO team! We've aquired a brand new team, in the lead by FuruaN. Last season they were in the 2nd division in the Norwegian Telenorleague. They did very well, and got moved up to the 1st division, and played their first game under the Recess name earlier this week! They played with the notorious BX3, and it ended 1-1. 

Earlier they were part of the organisation experiMENTAL Gaming, before they decided to be a part of us. This is the first time they've played in the 1st division, and their goal is to stay in this division, and play some good Counter Strike! 



The lineup: 

Simon «Simma» Øvrevik - IGL
Håvard «havard:P» Øien - Rifler
Per Stian «siigN» Venås - Rifler
Erik «nixxor» Moen - AWP
Martin «FuruaN» Johansen - Lurker, Captain 

We welcome them to the Recess familiy! We are extremely excited to see their progression and we wish them the best of luck in this years league!  

We've done some major changes lately and are looking forward to see how the season will go for all our new teams!

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