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That_Guy | slap/map change

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That_Guy abused slapping, then switches to whatever map he wants to play on the surf tier 1-2 server, not making a vote, not telling to rtv.

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I switched map because it was bugged, my bad i didn't tell you guys about the switch.
And the guy i slapped, was a friend of mine saying something stupid. 

One more thing, Was it really that big of a deal having me switching the map? And slapping my friend? And please tell on the server or ask me, hey, That_Guy, why did you change the map? Or, why did you slap him 6 times? I can promise you i would have given you a honest answer. But whatever has been done cant be reverted. But i can promsie, i will never do what i did today ever again.

Sincerely That_Guy

Hope you understand me.

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I know you slapped a friend, but you happend to also slap me, which made it fuck up my run.
Not like I was going for a record or anything but it made it quite annoying.

And the map switch, I had no issues on the map what so ever, so got no idea what you are talking about with it being bugged.

I know the "abuse" was not intentionally atleast with the slapping, I just wanted a clarification :p.
And I guess if you say the map was bugged, then it was bugged.

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34 minutes ago, Toxic said:

Tbh i dont find this really important to be taken up on the forums. Its just a few slaps and a mapchange?

In my opinion.

It´s not "just a few slaps and a mapchange", that is admin abuse, and we do NOT accept that under any circumstances. Thanks for letting us know about it (mikL), and we sincerely apologise if you have been treated wrong in any way.

On the other hand, I think that That_Guy handled the situation adroitly, and he made his part clean.

Please let us/me know if you have any further questions. 


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