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Surf plugin not loaded?


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On the tier 1-2 surf server, it seems like the surf plugin isn't being loaded, as there is no timer and the settings is not working. (people are able to kill eachother, fall damage etc)  by checking the "sm plugins" command in console i didn't find any surf plugin aswell, but all the other plugins seems to be working. hope this can be resolved. :) @Xbonnik

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Just the same case for bhop. Plugins seems to be there, if you just check the other "pages" (sm plugins 11/22/33) but they aren't working or something. Nobody replies, but when they do - nobody knows when things will be done (WL etc.)

Mingames : Shouldn't sv_airacc be 1000~?

Why is only 9 out of 22 servers online?

I've heard that it was something with new expensive servers, but shouldn't it be done by now? I don't really know for how long they've been offline now, but its kind of a long time. Feel like the servers are getting less active players.

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"sm plugin 44"
SourceMod, by AlliedModders LLC

not been involved with server modding since css but maybe update the main plugin to the newest 6002 build?https://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.php?branch=1.8-dev&all=1

Havent checked the other 43 plugins but im sure most of them are outdated or not even being updated anymore.


EDIT: this is from the bhop server, dont know how it is on the other server's

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    • Hey guys, long time no see. I am admin on the bhop servers and today I joined while I had a controller connected to my computer because I just played FIFA 22. I picked up the controller and then the aim started moving, 5 seconds later I got a permanent ban. I hope you can help me. Thank you ❤️
    • Hi there! Unbanned!
    • hello. I wish to be unbanned from your serf servers. the reasoning for this unban-request is simply a mistake made by me.   now. i was playing competetive games with four other friends of mine. when i recived a cooldown for two hours due to team dammage so i hopped on my other account to play whilst still on cooldown and I decided to play some surf whilst wating for my friends to end their comp game. and simply just then i was banned for playing on the surf server on multiple accounts now I ask you for mercy as I really liked to play on said server Best regards -Felix Tv   oh and for the record the link to my steam profile lies under this text https://steamcommunity.com/id/DeJu1es/
    • Hei igjen, Er du seriøs med meg nå? Da håper jeg du tok demo, så du kan vise meg dette! Jeg er en ¨gammel¨ mann som spiller litt cs for gøy et par ganger i uka. Jeg har ingen grunn eller glede av å bruke noen hjelpemidler. Folk som faktisk gjør dette ødelegger kun for seg selv og for oss andre som spiller dette spillet for gøy.. Men om du/dere i Recess mener jeg bruker noe form for hjelpemidler, så får jeg nesten ikke gjort annet enn å ønske God Jul!  Ble nesten litt smigret jeg nå, om blatant lock-on ser bra ut😅 (Usikker på hva det er jeg). PS! Liker godt retake serverne deres. Kenneth
    • Hei, skulle inne å teste noe på serveren, men med en gang jeg spectatet deg og litt etter, så jeg egentlig ganske blatant lock-on på aimen din, som faktisk egentlig var veldig suspicious...
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