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Hey! I was playing on the deathrun server and saw Hakonzi and Toxic had a discussion.

So I joined their discussion and I ''Shared my opinion too''.

So we talked about him advertising hellcase.com in his name and Just lee and Toxic said you can have links in your name. I went and added ''pornhub.com'' in my name for fun and Just lee or Toxic changed my name and I asked them why. And If I remember right they said pornhub is +18 and we have players under 18. And I said if pornhub is +18 isn't hellcase.com +18? Just because of that I got banned. 

Are you guys serious? 


P.S (Toxic doesn't fit as admin just saying and ''sharing my opinion'') 

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3 hours ago, Mouzo 1337 ム♛ said:

And I said if pornhub is +18 isn't hellcase.com +18?

(Thread is closed, but necessary for me to say this.)

If you seriously have to compare a pornsite with explicit content to a csgo gambling page, you might aswell pack up your things and call it a night, because someone with a normal degree of common sense would find that comparison ridiculous. And quite frankly, sharing your opinion is one thing; adding more gasoline to the fire (which was your case here) is juvenile and completely unnecessary. Keep that as far away from Recess as possible, if you wish to keep playing here.

And for the record, the next time if you have an unban request, sending it to me over PM is a waste of time. I don't secretly manage unbans without my admin team, nor does it leave a very good impression with me either :)

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