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[NEWS] Surf update!

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We’ve recently introduced some pretty massive changes to our Surf servers, which include Stage Records, improved replay functionality, a brand new Whitelist server and a ton of bug fixes.

You can now complete stages for points, glory and bragging rights as well as continue to push for the map records as you previously could. This makes us one of the world’s few 100 tick surf servers with stage records!

With this change, our admin team has revisited every map in our database in order to improve the stage startzones which will allow you to start them better with proper prestrafing.


You can read the full changelog here

You can apply for our whitelist server here

We are very interested to hear about your suggestions and input about these features. You can post these here should you have any.


Servers: - Recess.no #16 Surf [ Tier 1-2 | Timer | 100 Tick ] - Recess.no #17 Surf [ Tier 3-6 | Timer | 100 Tick ] - Recess.no #18 Surf Whitelist [ Tier 1-6 | Timer | 100 Tick ]

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