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Bhop Server Rules

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Recess Community Rules

  1. Server admins always have final say on any matter.

  2. Cheating is not allowed on our servers. Your account is your responsibility.

  3. We expect that you behave acceptably while playing on our servers. Speak normally to each other.

  4. Do not use racial slurs or discriminate others.

  5. Using nicknames to impersonate admins or similar will result in a punishment.

  6. Counter-Strike is a game with objectives, finish them.

  7. Exploiting game bugs or exploits of any kind is considered a rule violation.

  8. Advertising for other community servers / sites is not allowed.

  9. Tactical camping is allowed, unless it hinders objective completion.

  10. Abuse of microphone / chat will result in a punishment.

  11. Posting of sensitive player information, such as IP, full name, address etc. will be punished severely.

  12. Only English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish language is allowed in the chat.

  13. Only English is allowed when you use voice chat!



Bhop Server Rules

These rules build upon the Recess Community's base-line rules. You are expected to both follow the Recess Community rules as well as the Bhop Server specific rules while playing on our Bhop Server.

1. You are not allowed to use any kind of CFG that will help you Bhop better such as Nulling. If you are Nulling or using some other CFG you will get 1 warning and then permanent ban.

2. Respect the other players if they run a long map and just don't rtv.


The rules for our Whitelist you can read here Bhop Whitelist.

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