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  1. Copying in a couple of posts I made in the recess discord 'fixes' channel: I've got no response in the discord yet, so I thought i'd post it up here too in case this is better / more visable to whoever deals with this stuff. I'm working my way through the various surf maps, so I will post more bugs / issues if I find them. p.s I'll be active on discord if you want to get in touch. Thanks again, Yiaz.
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  2. So iv'e noticed in surf_underworld_go and surf_jusched i get a message saying "SurfTimer | You must pass all checkpoints to finish your run" when i complete the map. I'm pretty sure i do hit all the checkpoints, and if not they should probably be moved so you can't miss them. Thank you for looking into this problem Or maybe make it so you don't nessesary need "all" the checkpoints for a completion?
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