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    Hey guys, been too long. Not just with me visiting the forums, but also being on TS, or in game for that matter. You might have also noticed that pretzL has taken over my position as Admin Manager, a decision I'm really satisfied with. Now over to the basics. Since September last year, I was lucky enough to get a spot to attend school. With my old dusty ass, I applied with no expectations to ever get picked. I kinda blew my old chances at attending school years ago, when all I ever thought of doing then at that age was gaming and jerking off. So for me to actually get this wonderful, fantastic opportunity was like winning the fucking lottery. Seriously. So since then, my entire focus and priorities was to study and work hard in school, which I still do. At one point, my own brother called me one evening saying how pissed he was at me for not hanging out with him and how I always were too busy doing school work, even at home. I agreed with Xbonnik before christmas that I would try and get back to my old responsibilites here on Recess. And thanks to the Law of Probability (if I use the correct terminology here), I was struck with personal issues, and it's still an issue. Whatever it may be doesn't matter, but I can at least tell you that it's been a complete nightmare for me and my family aswell, considering the sensitivity and the emotion that goes with it. I just felt I needed to tell you all why I'm not around anymore. I have high hopes for pretzL, and I can with absolute honesty say that he'll do a way better job than I ever have. I expect you all to accept his way and methods of running shit and you might just have to. Every single one of you are now his bitches. Haehaehaeh But all levity aside; I will be back. Probably not in management, but just back with you guys. Playing games and banter with you on TS. For those who want it, ask me for my Snapchat if you wanna keep in touch! Since I'm not on Steam these days, Snap might be a better way for that. Anyways, love you guys! recess4lyf
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    Hello bois and grills, we're streaming live from our LAN-event, if you're keen to follow us i'll just leave a link here https://www.twitch.tv/recessno
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    Finally hit GLOBAL! Ignore thats it's on wingman But still im happy about it MM global comeing soon hopefully
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    An Edit a friend on mine made, any thoughts?
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    Hello, fellow deathrun players! I can now happily announce that we finally got some new maps and features on the deathrun server. Changle log: New maps: deathrun_airmap_run_v1 deathrun_GoodGame_v3 deathrun_steam_works dr_darkside dr_death dr_dojo dr_kanker_clean dr_taiga_weeaboo dr_taiga_weebRemake New implementations: 74 completely new round end songs (check them out by typing "!res" in chat). If you got any suggestions to a new implementation or a map, feel free to contact me here on the forums or on steam //Just Lee
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    hope everybody is doing great. must admit i miss some of you cutiefaces and biigheads. kind regards, dexter. im not able to contain a friendly relationship on steam so ill just visit this forum every other year. good luck with recess.no and dont you ever fuck it up xbonnik, necro, cutieface, kenny, biighead or actua. im watching you from the sideline.
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    After alot of lengthy hours and way too much zoning, we're back with quite the hefty update for the surf server. In total, 81 maps have been added to both servers, several maps have undergone some fixes and we've decided to clarify some of our rules. Some of the maps added have previously been on the servers, but were removed due to bugs. These maps should now be operating normally, but if you experience something out of the ordinary, please let me know. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the changelog to see some very good news Expect more to come in the future, though we'll halt the mass-map adding process for a while. In the mean time, continue to request maps and suggest fixes Changelog Map additions Tier 1-2 Server Tier 1 surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_fix surf_rooftops_v2 surf_lavaflow surf_horizon_njv surf_reytx surf_colum_2 surf_minecraft_2016_final Tier 2 surf_torrent_njv surf_ny_platinium surf_fruits surf_orthodox surf_dank surf_kz_mix_journeys surf_network_2009 surf_oma surf_zbig_rc2 surf_aeron surf_halloween_tf2 surf_flyin_fortress surf_domain surf_gold1 surf_surprise surf_duggywuggy surf_hearth_fix surf_atrium Tier 3-6 Server Tier 3 surf_loentra_ez surf_lost surf_dreams surf_fruits2 surf_abstinens surf_happyhands3 surf_happyhands4 surf_miracle surf_psi_fixed surf_ripper surf_sandstorm2 surf_strafe surf_tioga060 surf_vale surf_friday surf_tenacious surf_meme surf_industries surf_fast surf_kaboom surf_deceptive_final surf_phantoml0rd_beta surf_minimumwage surf_reactor surf_second_ksf Tier 4 surf_exurbia2 surf_shady surf_y surf_sc_colours surf_lepidus surf_swagtoast surf_sh surf_sunset2_fix surf_halloween surf_nemesis surf_pandemonium_njv surf_lab surf_urban surf_awakening surf_alend surf_mephobia surf_proliferation Tier 5 surf_shady_h surf_trapped surf_disneyland surf_aux surf_eon surf_kinetic surf_unusual_njv surf_diamond_beta1 surf_antimatter_v2 Tier 6 surf_valpect surf_marah surf_acerbus surf_sinister2 Map fixes surf_ing_njv Added checkpoints surf_akai_final Added checkpoints surf_forgotten Fixed an exploit to skip around 50% of the map. Thanks @Rossishere surf_atlas_1 Fixed an exploit to gain more speed. As a result, some times have been deleted surf_simpsons_go_c2 Removed most skips as these were unintended. As a result, all times below 1min 30s have been removed (around top 70 completions) surf_tempest2 Fixed the issue that was causing this map's .nav file to crash during mapload Bonus fixes surf_forgotten Bonus 2 Fixed startzone to use the entire starting area Fixed endzones to use the entire ending area surf_etheral Bonus 2 Fixed an exploit to get more speed. As a result, some times have been deleted. Rule changes We want everyone to know that superboosting/crouchboosting any booster is considered cheating. Times will be removed and eventually players will be banned should the problem persist. The only exceptions to this rule are the following maps: surf_trance_ksf surf_year3000 surf_primetime_r3vamp This list will be updated as we go. For now, assume any map not on this list is under the no-superboosting rule. Tier 3-6 Server This server has been gone for a while, but we've decided to replace our admin development server with a backup of the Tier 3-6 server. This means that some maps may be missing from the actual server, but most should be present. The new maps have been added to this server. The new IP is: As always, thank you for your continued support of Recess.no and it's servers. Everyone in the surf admin-team hopes you enjoy these changes and continue to stick with us Have a great summer!
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    Hey Guys, I love your servers. bhop, surf and Deathrun, but I think it's a killer that you added timer on deathrun, first it ruins the gamemode. now people want freerun all the time, and want to play like bhop instead of the actual gamemode, they rage if you're t, and play THE GAME. 2nd the ends are bugged bc of it
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    Hey, this morning i tried to join the bhop server.. The server isn't updated to the last csgo, if you could update so i could play would be nice Love the servers <3 //FrodoToto
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    Trump is president now and its time to make some changes. Make surf great again and give us alltalk. We need some trolling on the surf server right now. PLEASE
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    Hey! I think that all the regulars now are getting really bored because of the lack of player skins and plus there are only a few skins to pick. So here is my suggestion: * We remove the old and bad skins and add some new ones * Or we just add more skins instead Suggestions (so far): http://gamebanana.com/skins/143901 http://gamebanana.com/skins/145636 (Suggestion from blank) http://gamebanana.com/skins/137151 (Suggestion from blank) Suggest if anyone of you guys have! And yes, I will help the managers to apply them if they want to because I know how to add skins on a server Cheers
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    We have moved our KZ server too a new and better dedicated server. The server performance will be better, you will expect less lag. In the end, you will all have a better experience playing on the new server. NEW IP: What's new? 282 maps Added extend vote. Several backend bug fixes. Soon to be added: Store Global timer Server IP: Recess.no #14 KZ CLIMB [ TIMER | 128 Tick ] Connect through console with: connect
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    Hello people! How do you play games? Post your "battlestation" here! Looking forwards to see what you guys got! Here is mine :^) Look at dat cable management porn doe.
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