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  1. OMG! Ur doing a Really Really good job here Keep on
  2. They need to Restart the servers!!!! Xbonnik is not reachable atm and he is the only one that can Restart it all //Kimmi
  3. Being Rude to the admins will not help u at all. If ur rude then its a bigger chance to get a harder punishment out of it. I Recommend u to become more Kind! //Kimmi
  4. Hey, SourceCode Thank u for letting us know about this. He is now banned and everything is sorted. Keep doing what ur doing Great Job //Kimmi
  5. What was his name then i can look out for him //Kimmi
  6. U got Banned for 4 Hours Btw ur not banned anymore //Kimmi
  7. I agree with Hetz! I would not unban him since he have already got too many chances! I vote for Stay Banned! //Kimmi
  8. I agree with Hetz about this. I saw the Demo and the movement u do when ur about shoot are really suspecious! //Kimmi
  9. Thanks Cinqueex, Appreciate it but we got Head-Admin already. I dont know either what this is "ajourførte"
  10. Welcome Thanks for supporting our community We appreciate it a lot If u see anything illegal on the servers then contact the Admins then we help Enjoy! //Kimmi
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