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  1. possible to buy unban?? hahaha thought i had seen everything next time, just dont hack (:)-|-x
  2. Storgers


    Hello Ants, Its a nice suggestion and i really like it. I would love to see that but i think its a problem making it. A bit too much coding... We will waint untill staff see this. Mayby it get thru, i hope so Sincerely: Storgers
  3. the aim was weird asf, dont really think that legit but ok.... -rep
  4. Hey Thank you for the report. I will have a look at it when i get home. Sincerely Storgers
  5. I know he is toxic, but 5 out of 10 reports abouts hacks were true.....
  6. Just looked into the demo. My first impression was not guilty. Only saw one thing that was fishy but i cant really ban you for that. You pre aim regular corners and i do that aswell on that map. I have not seen the hole case. Just one short demo. I can also see that you are playing on a high sense and Dpi. (400 / 800 dpi ish???) I can also see that u have 752 hours ingame. ( https://www.vac-ban.com/76561197963223116/stats.html ) We will look more into the demo(s) and discuss the case. Sincerely Storgers
  7. Hello BennyUes Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know that some of the maps in arena are easy to preaim + shoot. i will trust admin in his decision but i will have a look into the demo and give my opinion on the case. Sincerely Storgers.
  8. Score for retake, he liftet his mouse so hard to get to the 6th https://recess.gameme.com/players/csgo
  9. ahhhhh shit, Wrong stian. Rip Gratz bro, Remeber to lean back and lift ur mouse ;D
  10. You can use paint bro Verii nice program. Or https://www.picmonkey.com/
  11. Ranks: We already have "ranks" on retake but its in GameME. My suggestion is to get ingame ranks. Example: [Silver4] Storgers or | DMG | Storgers In my opinion people will push more / play more, and you can see who plays the server more than others / more experienced. people have already pushed hard to get on the top and they will get what they deserve ---> http://prnt.sc/df9oxr But in my opinion, global should be special. Atm its 29k kills on the server that is the last rank on GameMe. Mayby set global to 40k ? ( just to make it more special ) -------> http://prnt.sc/df9u75 To make it more "fun" we can put a medal on your profile for the best player of the month / year? ---> http://prnt.sc/df9tvu The ranks i suggested dont have to be the csgo ranks. It can be tottaly different but its just a example on how it can be. Sincerely: Storgers
  12. I have spoken With FaceIt support and we have discuss some thing back and forth. The reason i was banned, was because i was using a video progam called Vibrance Site: http://vibrancegui.com/ Youtube video of how it Works : The program is "neutral" and the reason for that is you could do it manually from Your monitor. The program only "toggle" this for you so you dont have to go to setting everytime you wanted to watch a video on youtube etc. You can also set the setting to just be in game. it looks like i have wait the 2 yrs i got and i am ok with that. And yea as Toby mentioned admins are not allowed to have vac but my acc is not vaced. Faceit is third party and they have other rules. I respect that. sincerely Storgers
  13. Sexy asf i need a logo *hint* hint*
  14. unfortunately but I can not come there....
  15. Have you tried to send a Message to one of the staff?
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