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    Bhop Server Changelog

    02.09.2017 A big update just dropped for the bhop server with a completly new timer, anticheat and more. (Un)fortunately the list of added maps is so extensive that listing it here would make this post extremely long. You can read about the other changes below! Map Tiers Tier 1 512 maps Tier 2 519 maps Tier 3 178 maps Tier 4 83 maps Tier 5 95 maps The tier 5 maps will have stars starting with no star which is the easiest to 3 stars which will be the hardest tier 5 maps. Server Changes Timer We now have a brand new timer for the bhop server! This is going to stop the server crashing when someone takes a WR. Unfortunately this change means we have to reset the database, making all times reset. Tiers Maps have been divided into tiers from 1-5 (You get more points finishing higher tiered maps). SSJ New colors have been added for the ssj plugin which makes it look better. Beams New beams have been added for the zones. Special thanks to tomasbtb giving us these for free. Plugins Added Flashlight We now have a flashlight plugin you can use by typing !flashlight in chat. Bash 2.0 A new anti-cheat for our server. I would like to thank all bhop admins for the help and for the money to afford the timer and anticheat. Special thanks to P!mp for helping out so much with everything on the bhop server. Without him this update would have taken alot longer to bring to life. Just Lee 48$ P!mp 40$ Kage 39$ Nikz 12$