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  1. Tenno


    Lookin good
  2. Yeah, would be nice if you could check if the same thing happened on t1-2
  3. Tenno

    Rank broken

    As we talked about in PM's, it could just be the rank itself that's bugged. I'll get someone to try to fix it
  4. Tenno

    Rank broken

    Don't really know what could have caused this, it will be looked into.
  5. Tenno

    Change map

    I'll try to get an MG admin to fix it Also I deleted your doubleposts
  6. I've recently added a few new maps with the help of Benelele. surf_hades Tier 6 surf_parc_colore Tier 3 surf_cartoon Tier 3 surf_resort Tier 1 surf_mesa_revo_go Tier 1 surf_sinsane_ez Tier 2 surf_calycate2 Tier 1. Map fixes: surf_666 // Zones reworked surf_flatliners // Endzone added surf_arghmyeyes // Endzone added surf_the_distance // Removed due to bug, will readd a working version surf_long_as_my_pants2 // Will be switched out with surf_rands Upcoming maps: surf_pancake surf_rookie2 s
  7. http://imgur.com/Q4QA071 This is mine, isn't the best looking one but I like it at least. I also have a big mousepad just for surf Btw: I'm gonna fix up the cables under the table, I bought a thing to hold them up against the wall today so I'll be setting it up soon so it'll look nice
  8. Tenno


    this thread turned from something serious to a joke
  9. I'll be going through all of these maps aswell as adding new ones Thanks for reporting!
  10. I'll try recalculate the player's profile via the CKSurf admin menu if I get access to it. It might work, not 100% sure though.
  11. That's a very nice find. I can go and test myself to see if it happens to me as often as you.
  12. Oh well, it was worth a try I can't pinpoint what causes the problem, and I don't know if it can be fixed. I'll take a look around and see if there is any fixes to this
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