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  1. where are your css surf servers at
  2. Filmet en del demoer. Legger inn en Nuke2 demo som var tatt fra andre matchen mot han. Navnet på den mistenkte var Vinaii om jeg husker rett. STEAM_0:1:188865783 https://steamcommunity.com/id/skrtskrrtskrt Ingen tvil om at han jukser. Hadde et par verre bevis på wallhack som ble vist mellom demoene så disse ble ikke med, beklageligvis. 76561198337997295.dem Jeg burde skrevet dette på engelsk, noe jeg ikke tenkte på før jeg trykket "Send". Beklager noe meget.
  3. dexter


    hope everybody is doing great. must admit i miss some of you cutiefaces and biigheads. kind regards, dexter. im not able to contain a friendly relationship on steam so ill just visit this forum every other year. good luck with recess.no and dont you ever fuck it up xbonnik, necro, cutieface, kenny, biighead or actua. im watching you from the sideline.
  4. dexter


    y'all still rocking hard or what? kind regards, me
  5. hello Hope everything is going smooth. still thinking about recess from time to time. anything cool happened lately? kind regards, dexter.
  6. ill just put out some mouse traps, hope it does not kill em.
  7. i need a new mouse so thats a bummer lmao
  8. "admins are not eligible for this competition" does this apply to all the admins..? or just le deathrun n' minigame admins
  9. can you please tell us why you were banned?
  10. hello, We're currently improving our way of recruiting new admins. When we're done perfecting our ways there will most likely be recruited more admins for the MG server. kind regards, dex
  11. dexter

    Broken maps

    howdy I'm sure our server manager will look into this. kind regards, dexter.
  12. sounds like some good changes. love from Italy. ill be back tomorrow. kind regards, dexter
  13. dexter

    The new surf server

    just remove guns and knives in general theyre nothing but useless visuals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i know people dont agree with me so ill just stop.
  14. dexter

    The new surf server

    Just remove guns in general, but somehow get a crosshair on the screen. Make !disarm a default command, but give players the option to get them back by typing a command.
  15. dexter

    The new surf server

    make me a server manager and I'll fix all this shit fam
  16. self-proclaimed best ingame surfer right here. im sending you an add to talk about it shortly
  17. dexter

    Birthday :3

    happy birthday fam
  18. eyyyy, I've been very active on the Arena server lately and have managed to pick up a few suggestions from the community and myself on things we can add to improve the 1v1 Arena servers greatly. Those things are: - Add a bot when the number of players on the server is uneven. So that you never play alone. - Add a possiblity to play a 1v1 with SSG's (this was suggested by a person called "BigMax" I believe, could be wrong. I'll double check). - And last but not least, I'd love to see the possibility to display a MM rank on the leaderboard. This would prevent the chat from being spammed with "WHAT RANK ARE YOUU?" every 5th second. You could also not to display the rank if that's prefeered. Kind regards, Proud 1v1 Arena admin, Sm!les.
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