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  1. We have moved our KZ server too a new and better dedicated server. The server performance will be better, you will expect less lag. In the end, you will all have a better experience playing on the new server. NEW IP: What's new? 282 maps Added extend vote. Several backend bug fixes. Soon to be added: Store Global timer Server IP: Recess.no #14 KZ CLIMB [ TIMER | 128 Tick ] Connect through console with: connect
  2. Xbonnik

    120 New maps added

    Added 120 bhop maps. Maplist: bhop_24 bhop_24hrs bhop_aimers_hell bhop_alvo bhop_alvo2 bhop_ambient bhop_ancient bhop_anyyy bhop_aow_1337 bhop_aow_blackout bhop_atmospheric bhop_audree_final bhop_badges2 bhop_biff bhop_bitchboy bhop_blacky_b1 bhop_bloclean bhop_blois_fix bhop_blue_abstract bhop_boatylicious bhop_bobop bhop_cherry bhop_chronology bhop_communityjump bhop_communityjump_2 bhop_construct bhop_corkscrew bhop_cubelights bhop_cutekittenz2 bhop_cutetraps bhop_cynical bhop_cyon bhop_deserted bhop_dispute bhop_dretox bhop_easyarchitecture bhop_explordus bhop_five_rg1 bhop_flocci bhop_fly_syzygy bhop_foollatio_final bhop_foreverpcpie bhop_friday_nite bhop_fruits2 bhop_fsog_v2 bhop_fur_fix_csgo bhop_furax bhop_glow bhop_great_unknown bhop_green_shade bhop_greenroom bhop_greystuff bhop_haarukka bhop_hexag0n_cool bhop_hood2 bhop_hyable bhop_interloper bhop_internetclub bhop_jumalauta bhop_jurfs_v2 bhop_kaina bhop_kaisa bhop_kasvihuone bhop_kitsune bhop_labyrinth bhop_lambda_csgo bhop_lambda_csgo bhop_lost_world bhop_losthasdepression bhop_microwave bhop_mons_csgo bhop_mukiology bhop_nux bhop_pacman_csgo bhop_parky bhop_paskaaa bhop_pillar bhop_pillar_ez bhop_pj_beta1 bhop_pologos bhop_prux bhop_rabbit_csgo bhop_ragepoop_rev bhop_rebound bhop_reverie bhop_riverland bhop_rotebal bhop_scrollcity bhop_SeaWolf bhop_shampoo bhop_sleepless bhop_sokii bhop_spiteful bhop_static bhop_strafe_azure bhop_strafearena bhop_straightforward bhop_subway bhop_sunstreak2 bhop_tachyonic bhop_tanker_v1 bhop_terez bhop_thc_platinum_final bhop_timescalehack_v2 bhop_tinneri bhop_translucent_final bhop_trezza bhop_tron bhop_twisty bhop_tyle bhop_tyle2 bhop_um_idk bhop_verisimilitude bhop_vsh bhop_whoevenbhops bhop_wifiscifi bhop_wob bhop_X bhop_yuna bhop_zipfag bhop_zunron bhop_zygos
  3. Added some new maps to the server mg_50arenas_v2_1 mg_awp_multigames_csgo mg_clouds_multigames_v2 mg_gh_multigames_final mg_gruber_multigames mg_ltgalaxy_multigames mg_pirates_b1 Add a comment if u find any bugs.
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