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  1. Copying in a couple of posts I made in the recess discord 'fixes' channel: I've got no response in the discord yet, so I thought i'd post it up here too in case this is better / more visable to whoever deals with this stuff. I'm working my way through the various surf maps, so I will post more bugs / issues if I find them. p.s I'll be active on discord if you want to get in touch. Thanks again, Yiaz.
  2. Ah well, i guess ill just have to do them again... As far as I can tell it is just t3-6^^. Thanks, Yiaz.
  3. A number of maps i have completed within roughly the past 2 weeks seem to have had their times wiped? I noticed it after I saw my map completes go from 165ish to 152. Upon further inspection it seems to have happened only on the t3-6 server. I don't think it is map specific because it has wiped every map / bonus i have done on the t3-6 server in roughly the past 2 weeks. I know at least 2 other people that have had times / completes wiped too so this may be a more widespread issue than just myself If there is any way to get these back that'd be awesome!! If you need more info etc... ill more than likely be in either the surf t1-2 or t3-6 server at some point during the day or drop me an email. Good Luck Investigating! Thanks, Yiaz.
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