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  1. Never invest any kind of money in some game if you're not willing to lose it in the end Play for the funs and not for the pimped out pixel Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  2. Mezzy


    Hello everyone ! I created this topic for anyone to post in, and the idea with this is that i want to hear from the players & admins on any changes you might have regarding the Arena servers. Do you want a map(s) to be removed - Why so? more people that think the same? Post here and ill take a look at it Do you want to add diffrent maps - Let me know what maps and ill take a look at that also, its good with map changes Any other suggestion feel free to post here and ill check in whenever i can & reply Untill then keep One tap your way to the top and i will see you ingame Edit : There is also a suggestion channel in discord that works just as fine to post in
  3. Recess Community Rules Server admins always have final say on any matter. Cheating is not allowed on our servers. Dont lend your account to anyone, you dont know what they do and dont. Your account is your responsibility and yours only. Behave in a good manner and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Do not use racial slurs or discriminate others. Using nicknames to impersonate admins is stricktly forbidden and punishment will be taken. Counter-Strike is a game with objectives, finish them. Exploiting game bugs or exploits of any kind is considered a rule violation. Advertising for other community servers / sites is not allowed. Tactical camping is allowed, unless it hinders objective completion. Abuse of microphone / chat will result in a punishment. Posting of sensitive player information, such as IP, full name, address etc, will be punished with a ban of x amount of time Only English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish language is allowed in the chat. Only English is allowed when you use voice chat!
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    Finally hit GLOBAL! Ignore thats it's on wingman But still im happy about it MM global comeing soon hopefully
  5. Mezzy


    I just wanna wish you all the best of luck brother, and i agree with pretzl that i wont say goodbye either coz you will come back to us when the time is right. So rock hard in school and do good, we all gonna be here when you get the chance to come back or just drop in And the decision of pretzl taking over your spot i think you did the correct desicion He will do a good job im sure! I would like your snap tbh, would be nice to keep contact (even tho we might didnt talk so much ) but still appriciate the help i got from you and the others when i joined this community Peace out for now homie ~Mezzy
  6. This isn't really my area... But, using script of any kind is a cheat that gives you an advantage over rest of the players, so i dont think they will lift your ban... you did a bad decision and now have to pay the price for it, What you guys think? @hetz @pimpmyname
  7. So its been taken cared off! Thanks for reporting & help keep Recess a clean and fun community to play with
  8. Thanks for reporting but it looks like Valve took justice before we could Appriciate the help Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  9. Hello Nibzter, Thanks for reporting this, sadly he left just as i joined the server so i didnt see anything, but im gonna go thrue his stats etc and talk to other admins, Ill post more when i know more! Best Regards ~ Mezzy Hello again.. In this case we cant do anything about it, we need a demo of the cheater to be able to do anything.. If you catch him again type " !call" in chat, then we get the report way faster then haveing to type it here Keep your eyes open Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  10. Yesterday ( 10/3) i recived a report with a player that was accused for useing aimbot, I joined the server as allways, and this case it was AWP server, and i found the guy that was reported and it was a waterproof case, he was spinning like a maniac... So i proceeded to take a quick demo since i didn't think a long demo on this guy was needed, then the hell started, i noticed that the person cheater had some kind of namechanger that made my job in that moment hell, he was changing his name every 1-2 seconds to other players on the same server, I banned 4 people without any succes of beeing the right person. So in panic i asked my friend & fellow Admin "Storgers" to join quick and help me and he did .. learned something new to make it easyier for me next time this kind of things happend. The point of this topic is that i wanna apoligize to the 4 guys : Kzador pixelbm111 Reaper Y ⊹ LeXoCS | cs.money Igor-kun I interrupted your time on the server, and since nobody of you guys joined after i quickly unbanned you i just wanted to give a sincer and honest apology ! Hope you guys come back & keep enjoying the servers on Recess! Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  11. Not really, it's a unbanned Thread, and all of the admins can post there opinion based on the information we got! So i understand Kimmi 100% Like i mention before my vote is the same as his & Hetz!
  12. Had to much chances allready if u ask me.. One warning should be enough, and you had 8 chances, alot more then i would give you! So you had your chance to change but you didn't take it, Ill vote no for the unban Best Regards~ Mezzy
  13. Left duo to personal reason, witch i aint gonna bring up ! Best Regards~ Mezzy
  14. Stop makeing topics on the wrong section, just look on the serverlist and find what you like! Best Regard ~ Mezzy
  15. Mezzy


    Hello & thanks for reporting The person have been banned from Recess Servers for 1Day to start for Racist spamming.. Once again thanks for reporting something you didnt find was good, we appriciate it Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  16. Hello LoffeN Its warm our hearts to hear this And thanks alot for the support, it really help ! I hope that you will have a wunderful time on our servers jumping around ^^ Best Regards ~ Mezzy
  17. No its not bcoz u called a admin a noob and you know it.. You have been gaged before for saying stupid stuff, and today both me,that_guy and Edge warned you but you keept going.. So with previous gag's we found it needed to give you a week gag to calm down. Admins that this regards happy to have you posting also ~Mezzy
  18. Hello Benny ! First of all i wanna give you a sincere apology for the action i took on you, its not my intention to ban people if they didnt deserv it, i just saw something i didnt thought was legit, but now its clear that you clearly are more advanced then myself .. I can also aim like a god and flick like kennys but sadly not that consistent, But welcome back to Recess servers, and hope you haveing fun on them Im sure we gonna meet again and cant wait to get ownd ^^ Once again so sorry for this Best Regards Mezzy
  19. Hello there ! Yes i was inspecting u and i saw a few very very fishy stuff, preaiming them at round start.. and your aim flicked thrue walls to the person u was against a few times, But another admin will take a look on the demo aswell and see what we will come up to.. Thank you for waiting Best Regards // Mezzy
  20. Thank you But could u resize them ? Coz they are to big, they need to be max 541 x 100
  21. Gonna look into this, Thanks for reporting //Mezzy
  22. Gratz stian Thats my dream chair ^^ Rest of you good luck on the next one //Mezzy
  23. prefer this one over paint tbh im gonna check out that link tho
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