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    DaggyS forsvarer rasister

    Hello Ludspaw I can clearly see someone was being offensive towards you and your friend, however Daggy did not defend the racist based on what I read here, but Daggy wanted to end the heat going by splitting you two apart. We do not care who plays on the recess servers aslong as they follow the rules and dont stir the pot of BS. I can see where you come from as well, assuming that Daggy kicked you first and not the offender. Then it might look like he is protecting them and removing you, but in this case he did not only kick you. A side note is I would suggest you do not accuse any staff member of being a racist or a nazi without proof of any sort in the future. Last but least; I am not the one who decides what happens with Daggy, or this report but this just my take on this whole thing based on what I read here. -[m]aNggo