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  1. 10.03.2018 Another small update with some map additions and a few map fixes. Changelog Map additions Tier 1 Surf_deathstar Tier 2 Surf_flow Surf_not_so_disaster Surf_saturday_fix Tier 3 Surf_quickie Tier 4 Surf_gekar Tier 6 Surf_not_so_zen Map Fixes Surf_not_so_zen Added a trigger_push on the bonus 6 slide Surf_overgrowth2 Made a last effort to fix the map and patch various skips and bugs
  2. never coming. source is a dead game. cya @ Momentum mod
  3. We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here. Hope to see you there! View full news
  4. We've recently opened a Discord server where you can communicate more easily as a community. You'll also have direct access to admins more fluently, be able to communicate with all levels of the Recess community and share your memes and dreams. You can find our Discord here. Hope to see you there!
  5. Honestly, I don't care how a cfg or alias bind works. It's purpose is to give you an unfair advantage, just like any alias binds are meant to do. That is cheating per definition. Additionally, you openly admitted to using one "to reach a specific ladder in a map", as can be seen in the chatlogs you so conveniently supplied yourself, essentially implying you used it on our servers. That's enough proof for my taste. Furthermore, we have enough anti-cheat to detect a range of things, of which you set off a number of alarms. Granted no anti-cheat is foolproof and 100% safe from errors or deviances, it still doesn't take away from the fact that you playing triggered enough alarms that do not go off when a normal player on normal settings plays. That's why the 1 week ban stands, which also leaves further discussion moot in this case. You're welcome to respond further should you have proof that clearly shows your innocence, but until then I suggest you avoid stirring the pot unnecessarily. As @hetz stated, you get one single warning for any such infraction before a permanent ban is put in place. Consider this your warning and we'll leave it at that.
  6. After reviewing the case I've decided to edit the banreason, but not the length of the ban. As I previously said, Recess has a zero tolerance policy against cheating, which cfgs and alias binds fall under. Since you've admitted to it yourself, it can be proved beyond any reasonable doubt and as such you will remain banned for the remainder of your one week sentence. In the future, please refrain from using such unfair advantages as any future infractions will result in a permanent ban from our servers. Thank you.
  7. As far as I can tell both of you handled this somewhat irresponsibly. Bhop needs a more structured way to approach this problem to eliminate any confusion. You should've responded more appropriately and taken this matter seriously. Recess as a community has a strict zero tolerance policy against cheating, which is most prominent on our classic servers and the bhop server. You'd be surprised how many people get flagged for cfg usage or similar on a daily basis, which warrants this type of response from our bhop admins. Complying to whatever admins ask for in these situations helps your case significantly. Laughing about the matter and openly discussing the fact that an admin is contacting you for cheating suspicions in in-game chat only makes the matter worse. With that said, I'd like to hear from both @hetz and @pimpmyname on this matter.
  8. 05.02.2018 Smol update cause not alot to do. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_beverages Surf_blue Tier 3 Surf_subway Tier 4 Surf_drifting Surf_runewords2 Tier 5 Surf_fuckyou Map Fixes Surf_collection_njv Stage 8 Fixed the boost so it now works like it should Removed endsound Surf_sunset2_fix Fixed all stagezones to fit the platform properly Surf_mesa_revo_go Startzone will no longer remove your knife Surf_depths Added lasers to the startskip Fixed stagezones so you’ll be able to trigger them more intuitively during a run. You’ll still not be able to carry over speed from s2 to finish s3, for example, but you will be able to trigger s1 endzone while in a run, s2 when entering s3 etc. Surf_acp_fix Stage 3 Added lasers to mark the MRCP record route
  9. Issue has been resolved.
  10. I'll go over zoning stuff with you once I'm back from a quick weekend trip to Poland. I'll be back on tuesday. Until then, the problem unfortunately will have to go unfixed unless there's an obvious fix or @Benelele has access to zoning.
  11. Sorry, I've completely misread our logs. I'll blame it on just waking up. I never intended to ban you, just the Airplane guy. My apologies. You've been unbanned
  12. much love, brother <3 I'm not gonna say goodbye or anything cause I'm 100% confident this isn't goodbye. I will, however, say good luck with school and everything. You'll be missed while you're gone and I hope for your swift return!
  13. Hey there! You were banned for abuse of call admin system as I joined the server multiple times while you and your buddy were reporting each other. I then saw what he was doing and banned him, but your abuse still stands. Make sure to provide the correct category next time instead of just marking it as "strafehack", which isn't even a thing on Retake. If you mark your !CallAdmin reports properly, I can also assess the situation properly. Thank you. Picture Evidence of CallAdmin logs
  14. I'll take a look at the logs for that timeframe and see if I find anything. Relatively early hour so not sure what would've caused it...
  15. Sounds good man. Yeah, the current timer is the reason for the lag. ckSurf is and always has been a piece of shit, which is why we're custom coding a plugin and full backend system from scratch. We're still making improvements on the ckSurf timer as we can, but in the end it'll all be "useless" work as we'll be throwing that shit timer out the window soon enough, so we're limiting to absolutely necessary changes/fixes.
  16. I've been playing a fair bit myself and I continuously listen to feedback given by active members of our community and I haven't heard of any more prominent rubberbanding issues... Can you give an approximate time of when this happened and on which server? We've implemented alot of logging in order to effectively pinpoint when lag happens and what causes it, so any info is much appreciated. As for the new timer; we have zones, time recording and collision completed and working, so it's a great start. Everything backend is nearing completion so we should be good to start playtesting with members of the community in not too long. As for a set releasedate for the timer to go live on all servers, it's too early to say. Thanks
  17. 04.01.2018 In this updatecycle we start 2018 with some more fixes and some changes to our replay system while we await our new, custom timer. Enjoy! Changelog Map additions Tier 5 surf_highlands Map Fixes Surf_kalium2_ Fixed the startzone so you won’t fall upon sm_rs etc. Removed the doors around the startzone Surf_semesterbreak Replaced the version with surf_semesterbreak_fix as this version has bonuses and proper lighting. Since there are no alterations to the surf, all times have been ported. Surf_akai_final Replaced the version with surf_akai_final_fix as this version keeps the map more in-line with how it was intended to be played. Because this means it is now a stage map instead of a telehoppable linear, all times have been removed. Surf_sc_colours Zoned the missing endzone Surf_brutalist_ez Fixed zones Surf_inrage2_ Zoned the map as this was previously unzoned even though the map was fully added Surf_ultimate Removed jailtriggers and timer Surf_christmas2 Replaced with surf_christmas2_fix, which includes several visual improvements as well as fixes the glitchy boost on candycane stage Map has been rezoned as a “normal” staged map without the hub Surf_sinsane_ez Bonus Fixed the endzone so you actually have to beat the bonus to finish. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_lore_fix Bonus 2 Zoned properly Surf_artifex Fixed stagezones Forced angles on all teleports Surf_deceptive_final Fixed several gravity triggers in the map that were not working as intended Surf_b_r_o_x_x Stage 4 Added lasers to mark the hoops as these like to disappear from time to time Surf_diminsion Fixed several brushes still being breakable. Some records used the breakable brushes as skips, and have thus been removed. Surf_lab Fixed an unintended skip near the start of the map. Top 2 times have been deleted. Surf_salient2 Bonus 2 Fixed an exploit to gain more speed. All records under 13s have been deleted (top7) Surf_666 Raised the map endzone so you can no longer fly over it Timer Changes Fixed certain handles leaking which would cause server lag after some time. Cleaned up several problems with the replay system. It should now be more reliable and less buggy. Fixed a bug where trying to watch stage replays while in a bonus zone would not work at all Made several cleanups in order to avoid the BOT crashing at random times Fixed an issue where the BOT would display whichever run was recently completed instead of the actual record This fix means that the BOT will no longer save runs that aren’t records, even if there isn’t a replay on the map. Fixed an issue where if you were spectating the MR bot and someone beat any other record, the replay would refresh. It will now only refresh MR if MR has been beaten, SR if that SR has been beaten etc. Split the replay system into 2 BOTs - 1 for MR accessible via !spec menu and 1 for BR/SR accessible via !replay Server Changes Whitelist Server Removed the cooldown on RTV vote when a map has just been loaded.
  18. then stream on something worth watching on, like Twitch. Fkin Steam streaming skurb
  19. Wether it was intentional or not is completely besides the point. You cheated a record and deliberately finished the run with that cheated time, which shows more than enough malicious intent to deserve a permanent ban. It's not hard to see when you get twice the speed of the intended boost and simply dodge the end to not finish. Additionally, you flew literally off the s1 booster into end and just kept going. Admins shouldn't need to be ingame for you to understand that that's not allowed. There are other ways to contact us to let us know you accidentally cheated a record. However, my policy is to permanently ban cheated records pending their appeal, in which case I unban and keep this permaban as a final warning. Your case won't be different, but I'd like to remind you that should this happen again, you will not be unbanned. If it happens again, don't finish the stage/bonus/map/whatever.
  20. Thing is, mate, your account now doesn't have a VAC ban or a Game ban, hence you didn't cheat on it in the way you're describing. Instead, you got banned for a script/strafe optimizer on our bhop server with the account you currently play on. This all makes 0 sense, since you claim you were banned on your current account for actions performed on your second account. That's not how our anticheat works. See why we're getting confused/suspicious? I think you need to sit down and write a proper post explaining the situation from your point of view and provide as much info as possible.
  21. Because of overwatch, you decided to run onto our bhop server with a script/strafe optimizer and cheat? Honestly, this just sounds really weird to me and I have a hard time believing you're serious about this unban request.
  22. 05.12.2017 This is a really small update to push out some of the backlogged fixes and additions I have in my changelog. Most of these are already well established on the servers, but since I wait to post when I have more stuff, this is the result. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_gleam Surf_2pacisalive Tier 5 Surf_grid Tier 6 surf_vast Map Fixes Surf_overgrowth2 Fixed getting reset while trying to start stage 4 and 5 Surf_morbid- Removed jailtimers and triggers Surf_cyka_ksf Zoned the 2 missing bonuses Surf_nostromo Zoned the missing second bonus Maps Removed Surf_before Map is impossible given surf_goliath has 5000 maxvel, making it’s B4 impossible to do with 3500 maxvel. The rest of the bonuses used in the map have 3500 maxvel, making it pointless to set the map to 5000 maxvel as these bonuses would then be significantly easier.
  23. Ahh ok, didn't know if this was a separate issue or not gl with the fixing. lord knows csgo is a trash game for plugin development.
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