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  1. Is it doing it while it's switching to a different map already or is it randomly doing it during the time when a map is already running? Do you all get booted off the server and then it switches or does it simply just switch the map? Sounds like either a corrupt mapfile or something wrong with the map picker, based on whatever is answered to my questions above.
  2. pretzL


    Hey! Thanks for posting this Honestly, this map looks like something most people wouldn't enjoy surfing. It's not even added on SurfHeaven, which says alot about a map within the surfing community as they add pretty much anything. I'm not completely against adding it though, provided more people want to see it added. Just right now it kind of seems like a waste of time if only 1-2 people are going to enjoy it while thousands of others complain about it.
  3. CS:GO has a tendency to break SourceMod, which has a domino effect on outdated plugins. Sounds like something for @Xbonnik then.
  4. sounds pretty illegal tbh they better be paying you a phat overtime salary
  5. @Just Lee @Caravellet @DaNiru Any of you seen this? Sounds like something that definitely needs to be looked at.
  6. Hello there! I do remember this case, and I'll say it right now it was a justified ban. I banned via SteamID taken from our database where the record was 25s for a 1min+ map. Wether it be an exploit you found or a fluke in our system, I'll go ahead and unban you given you've taken the steps to make an appeal. If there is a specific exploit that you remember should you find yourself on the same map, be sure to inform a surf admin immediately before you're back in the exact same position. Happy surfing!
  7. 08.11.2017 Another one, and another one, and another one. Map-related fix/add changelog with some backend improvements to help ease your day. Quick disclaimer because alot of people have been asking; "adding lasers" refers to lasers added to the respective maps in order to mark skips, invisible ramps or anything similar. Changelog Map additions Tier 3 Surf_dragon Tier 6 Surf_before Surf_sinister2 This map was previously added, but removed due to extensive issues with trigger_teleports. These issues have now been resolved and thus the map has been readded Map Fixes Surf_b_r_o_x_x Removed soundscapes Removed trigger_multiples that may be influencing the rings on s4 Surf_reytx Forced angles on all teleports Surf_interceptor Forced angles on all teleports Stage 2 Added lasers Surf_acp_fix Forced angles on all teleports Stage 7 Added lasers Surf_commune_too_beta5 Stage 7 Added 58 lasers in total to mark ramps and skips Surf_colors_final Stage 10 Added lasers Surf_lithium- Removed all jailtriggers and timers Surf_togo_njv Removed all jailtriggers and timers Surf_telstar Changed startzone into a speedstart so use of the booster isn’t as aids Surf_this_njv Removed the doors and their triggers Made the skip entry visible Surf_strafe Added missing trigger_gravity Surf_quasar_njv Fixed missing endzone Surf_sewers Removed jailtrigger buttons Server Changes All servers Fixed an issue with our current database that would render most symbols and emojis as unreadable characters. Most, if not all, symbols and emojis should now read properly in WebStats and the timer itself. Updated database to use utf8mb4 formats and newly released updates to resolve some instability issues and query loopholes. Fixed an error in the database that could render certain records unreadable if the player’s nickname consisted of only rejected symbols
  8. pretzL

    Pistol Bugs

    Sounds more like a plugin limiting ammo/gun usage as opposed to problems with maps. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I'm sure @Toby, our Minigames Head Admin, is on the case
  9. 27.10.2017 Another small-ish update to fit in some of the things that have been put on the server within the last week. We've cleaned up alot of server-side queries to hopefully fix some of the lag, reduce calculation times drastically and make playing on the servers smooth again. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_benevolent Map Fixes Surf_extremex2_5_njv Zoned the missing stage 4 As a result, all times on the previous s4 and s5 have been deleted. Stage 5 Fixed speedboost to give the intended 2300 speed instead of the previous 4000 Fixed filterwork to avoid unintended skips Surf_forbidden_ways_ksf Bonus 1 Fixed an exploit where you could double boost the bonus. All times below 14s have been deleted to compensate for this fix. Surf_mynah_final Removed all jailtriggers and timers. Surf_rapid_njv Map Removed all jailtriggers and timers. Bonus Moved the start teleport alittle down to avoid getting stuck inside the playerclip. Surf_adtr_njv Stage 4 Fixed the stage having a random startpoint. Instead, you will now always spawn at the correct stage start. Surf_sc_colours Removed all jailtriggers and timers. Surf_oma Removed jail button Forced “jail” and “laser” teleports to go to map start Surf_cookiejar Corrected the speed values of first boost from 1400 to 1900 Surf_depths Corrected several teleport angles. Map should now feel smoother during landmark switches Surf_driftless_go Corrected several teleport angles. Map should now feel smoother during landmark switches Surf_galactic_zts Made several performance improvements by removing unnecessary props and entities Surf_meme Forced teleport angles Surf_mesa_aether Added lasers to several skips Surf_mesa_mine Moved the location of trigger_push to the correct location Surf_mesa_revo_go Removed annoying ambience Surf_polygon Forced angles on teleports Surf_porn_fix Forced angles on teleports Surf_reactor_go Forced angles on the faulty landmark Surf_swagtoast Added missing gravity triggers Fixed the current gravity trigger to be the intended value Surf_syria_ Removed several entities that may affect performance Removed all jailtriggers and teleports Fixed s3 booster to give the intended 1000 speed instead of the previous 860. Surf_trance_ksf Forced mapstart and bonus boosters to always give 3500 speed to avoid RNG factors affecting records. Surf_valpect Forced angles on teleports to avoid skippy landmark transitions Surf_water-run_banjo_skill Fixed several entities that previously were rotating/exploding and made them stationary Added lasers Surf_voteforthisone Forced angles on teleports Surf_whoknows2 Forced angles on teleports Surf_y Removed several entities that could affect performance Surf_year3000 Fixed several performance errors Fixed angle of boost to be more consistent Added lasers Surf_kz_protraining Added lasers Server Changes All servers Cleaned up several calculation queries to resolve some of the issues related to completing maps, gaining points and profile related tasks.
  10. 15.10.2017 Small update that brings some new maps, map fixes and some changes to our whitelist server. We're aware of the current lag-situation on our servers and are adding alot of debug monitoring to find the cause of the problem. If it's a relatively simple fix, or something we can minimize, we'll put that into the ckSurf timer, but if not we'll wait for the currently ongoing timer rewrite. As always, thank you for your continued support and understanding while the servers are in it's current state. Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_amir Tier 3 Surf_jaqen Surf_jaqen2 Tier 4 Surf_eryr Surf_facility Tier 5 Surf_izded Surf_hope Tier 6 Surf_goliath Map Fixes Surf_stick- Completely removed jail, jailtriggers and soundscapes. Surf_psi_fixed Removed lingering jailtriggers and timers which previously managed to circumvent my earlier fix for the map. Surf_lt_unicorn Replaced the map with surf_lt_unicorn_official which introduces several fixes for particles, optimization and fixes we previously had altered, but could cause performance issues. All times have been ported. Zoned Bonus 3 Surf_amaro A recent CSGO update broke the lightmappedgeneric in the map, making it crash upon load. The map has been replaced with surf_amaro_fix. All times have been ported. Surf_overgrowth2 Fixed an exploit to get unreasonably short stage record times. Fixed an error where you would get teleported to the “void” upon failing. You should now respawn at the stage you previously were on. Surf_mudkip_fix Fixed triggers so teleporting to a bonus via !b command will give you the correct filtername in order to play the bonus normally. This means !r will force main map filter, !b 1 will force bonus1 filter, !b 2 will force bonus2 filter etc. Surf_pure- Removed jail and triggers. Maps Removed Surf_mynah_final After extensive trial and error trying to fix the jail-timer the map has, the map has been removed because it’s literally on drugs and refuses to abide by any stripper config. Map will return if it decides to stop being a piece of shit. Server Changes Whitelist server Increased the amount of times a map can be extended from 10 to 100. Removed the “This map was recently played” filter. You can now choose any map at any time while in nominate menu. Removed the RTV cooldown when a new map is loaded All Servers Made several adjustments to how certain queries are executed. This should fix the issue where you would randomly loose your rank and finishing maps and other similar notifications would take several minutes to process.
  11. If only you had this attitude right off the bat, you might've stood a chance within the next 6 months. Instead you go on a tantrum spree and completely fuck your chances. You have noone but yourself to thank. Now, I would remind you to leave this be. Stop messaging admins involved or uninvolved with this situation and you might still be allowed on the forums to appeal your ban sometime next year.
  12. I honestly have no shits to give about people like you. Accept that you've been granted a swift kick in the ass for your behavior and go somewhere else to act like a 12 year old. You're not welcome here - at all - accept that and your life will become easier eventually. I'd suggest you stop this act of yours before you get banned from the forums as well.
  13. I thought we made it crystal clear that you've been banned from all of our servers. That includes the TeamSpeak server as well as all gameservers. Also that picture doesn't say shit about you being able to use our TS. Shoulda thought about this before you started drama well over 20 times. Layta bish.
  14. If you provide some proof alongside those accusations, we'd be happy to take a look and ensure That_Guy is handled as the situation would deem, but since all you do is type all-caps nonsense without any substantial evidence what so ever, we're going to continue assuming you're just an angry 14 year old who can't handle being reprimanded.
  15. y'know, you'd think you'd learn after atleast the first 5 warnings, let alone another 20. Clearly you're doing something wrong here. Have fun honing your skills of douchebaggery in another community. Good riddance.
  16. pretzL

    Server lags

    Unfortunately this is something we can only temporarily fix until further notice. We're constantly making back-end improvements, but I fear this issue is more deep-rooted within the timer. I've restarted the server so hopefully it'll improve alitte atleast.
  17. 24.09.2017 Today we bring a relatively small update to adress some broken maps, add some new ones and fix some issues with the webstats panel. The command !webstats has now been properly integrated to the servers so feel free to use it while ingame aswell Changelog Map additions Tier 1 Surf_deoa Tier 5 surf_delta Map Fixes Surf_exocube This map has been replaced with surf_exocube_fix, as the previous version had a ton of errors and faulty models. Map should now play as intended. Surf_extremex2_5_njv Stage 2 Fixed an issue with gravity not working properly. It will now work as intended. Surf_savant_njv Stage 7 Fixed an issue with gravity not working properly. It will now work as intended. Surf_eclipse_fix Stage 2 Added checker and validator zones to ensure the stage is completed correctly. Surf_runewords Fixed an issue where stage 3 and stage 4 zones were swapped. The zones will now display the correct zoneID when entering it. As these zones were created wrong, all times have been reset on stage 3 and 4. Surf_nostromo Fixed every faulty landmark in the map. Landmarks should now be smoother and force the correct angle when entering them. Surf_colors_final Zoned stage 8 correctly as it was previously unzoned. Map now has 10 stages, as intended. Surf_christmas Replaced the map with surf_christmas_fix which has a range of fixes for unintended skips and buggy textures/elements. All top 3 times have been deleted to cover the fixed skips. Surf_rands_njv Fixed an issue where you would not get a boost on “stage 3” (our Checkpoint 6) after failing. Entering the zone and failing will now grant you the correct boost with the correct angle to help you progress more easily. Surf_telstar Bonus 2 Zoned the second starting platform. You can now intentionally fail the first area to get to the other side and start your run normally for those who would prefer that. Surf_atrium Fixed each stage having the wrong angle when teleporting normally. Surf_beginner_ug Fixed each stage having the wrong angle when teleporting normally. Surf_spacejam Fixed each stage having the wrong angle when teleporting normally. Surf_windrunner_final Fixed each stage having the wrong angle when teleporting normally. Surf_derpis_ksf Stage 3 Fixed the angle of the starting teleport. You should now spawn facing the correct way to immediately begin the stage during a run. Maps Removed Surf_seasons Map will instantly crash upon load due to a change in a recent update. Map will return if there ever is a fix for it. Surf_tron_njv Map has extremely faulty boosters which are circumventing our crouchboost fix at random times - even when not trying to intentionally crouchboost. Due to this, and how bad the map is in general, it’s been removed. WebStats Changes Player profiles will now pull via SteamID instead of player name to ensure the correct profile is linked to the correct player. Fixed sorting by rank not always working correctly. Changed the “time since” in the New Records modules from “<date> <time>” to “x seconds/minutes/hours/days ago” Added startspeed information to all bonus and stage modules.
  18. It's cheating, it's against the rules and this guy does it repeatedly then seemingly blames you in his ban appeal? +rep for keeping him permabanned.
  19. Nice google translate. I have a hard time understanding what this is about tbh.
  20. I've had a chat with Gummz about the situation and come to the same conclusion that he has. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and unbanning you. Cya on the servers
  21. As we progress on the new surf timer, we also have many current features we want to completely rework. One of these is the current point system. The current system is flawed on many aspects and needs an overhaul. To make this as good of a system as possible, we want YOUR input on this matter! First off, the current system bases points given on tier of map, amount of completions, rank and if it’s an improvement on your current score or first time completion. We want to reward completions properly as well as grant bonuses based on how high you score in each map. We also want to make sure taking records is rewarding, both for maps, stages and bonuses. Additionally, we want to ensure that completing higher tier maps is as rewarding as it should be, but at the same time ensure that taking a top10 record on a tier 1-2 map is rewarding as well compared to a t6 map with fewer completions. To make sure we create such a system, we have some basic ideas that are very much up for debate. We do after all want your input here to ensure the creation of a fair and good system. The below example of points are merely example points to create the system. The values can and will be altered to be higher or lower later. First off, each tier of map will have a baseline of points on which the total points gained will build on: For Map Completion Tier 1 50 points Tier 2 100 points Tier 3 150 points Tier 4 200 points Tier 5 250 points Tier 6 300 points This creates a basis where higher tiers already reward more points, but other modifiers are still yet to be applied. From there, the modifiers take over to create a rewarding system for amount of completions, groups and so on. For this next example, we will calculate points based off a Tier 1 map. The groups system will be divided among the current completions as a percentile. The groups are as follows: Map Record - 100% bonus Rank 2 - 66% bonus Rank 3 - 53% bonus Rank 4 - 44% bonus Rank 5 - 37% bonus Rank 6 - 32% bonus Rank 7 - 28.7% bonus Rank 8 - 26% bonus Rank 9 - 24% bonus Rank 10 - 23% bonus Group 1 (20% of the total completions after top10) - 15% bonus Group 2 (50% of the total completions after top10) - 11% bonus Group 3 (30% of the total completions after top10) - 5% bonus Finishing in the top10 gives a baseline bonus of 23% for rank 10 on a Tier 1 map which increases with each rank incrementally. Finishing as rank 2 will then grant 66% bonus total for this map. Now, in order to create a fair system, we also need to account for dropping in ranks both as a measure to ensure low inflation in points as well as to make it rewarding to increase your rank. This will be done in the form of each “group” giving a set amount of points. Dropping in rank will then recalculate your point total for that map and deduct the necessary points. If you were Top10 on a map and drop to group 1, you would then lose the points between Top 10 and Group 1 and vice versa if you beat your rank and go back to top10, you then get the remaining points you should have between group 1 and top10. On top of this, there will also be a modifier based on how many completions there already are. For a tier 1 map with 1000 completions, the bonus for Map Record will be 0.1 points per completion = 100 points total and increase incrementally by 0.05 per tier. So Tier 2 would net 0.15 per completion, Tier 3 would net 0.2 per completion etc. The more completions a map has, the more points the players get for completing in higher groups, the bonus applied from map completions is less for lower groups. POINTS SCALING PER ZONE: Tier influences the points given on any map. Tier 1 gives set points, tier 5 gives set points etc. Beating a tier 6 MR with few completions should give as much points as beating a Tier 1 MR with many completions Keep Bonus records as a flat value because bonuses do not have a tier system. A tier 6 map can easily have a Tier 1 bonus and vice versa. Stage records should hook into Tier system with points given increasing incrementally with each stage as each stage is usually considered harder than the previous one. BR and SR should both account for amount of completions just like maps. Groups also gain a bonus set of points based on how many completions there are. For example, if a map has 1000 completions, Group 1 would be rank 11 - 211 and would grant a bonus of x amount of points based on the amount of completes. Similarly, a map with 100 completes would net Group 1 (rank 11 - 31) would net the same bonus, but downscaled to account for the amount of completions. To ensure that T6 MR’s are as rewarding as T1 MR’s, any scaling modifier will increase more rapidly with the tier so as to ensure the approximate same outcome. Granted, we also need to account for the fact that T1 MR’s usually are far more protracted than a T6 MR. From here, we open the floor for any input from you, the Recess community, with the hopes of bringing in any ideas you may have. The above is not set in stone, and is up for debate. We want to make this the best system possible, both in terms of fairness and in terms of rewarding any completion properly.
  22. I took some time to sit down and check the other trigger_gravity entities, all of which have now been fixed. Map should now 100% work as intended.
  23. Issue has been resolved. There is still another trigger_gravity present in the map, which is an entity that does not work in CS:GO, so if there's still an issue on another stage/bonus, let me know and I'll fix it. For now, I couldn't find it to see exactly how it works, only it's approximate location. If you do find it and it impairs the map's functionality, let me know and I'll get it resolved quick. I don't like touching things that maybe don't need fixing given how frail CS:GO is.
  24. Working on a fix for this atm. Thanks for reporting it
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