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  1. 10.09.2017 Today we bring you a somewhat small update, but one which includes a new, very requested feature alongside some new maps and map fixes. We've begun the process of deleting cheated records, so if you find any, please let a member of our staff know immediately. Thank you. Changelog Map additions Tier 3 Surf_a Surf_adventure_final Surf_sketchy Tier 4 Surf_ambient_njv Tier 5 surf_extremex2_5_njv Map Fixes Surf_imex_njv Some aspects of jail were still triggering. These have now been fixed. Due to the nature of the fix, the end zone has been moved into the map itself and should trigger properly now as end previously was inside jail-top. Surf_lolrevlis2 Map startzone has been changed to a speed startzone to allow the intended prespeed (doubleboost) Fixed Bonus startzone to fit the edge of the starting area more accurately Surf_a Put in a validator and checker zone within stage 3 to ensure the stage cannot be exploited. The stage startzone has also been made relatively short in height to avoid unintentional “exploiting” as best as possible. Records Deleted as a result of crouchboost fix Surf_666 Bonus 3 All times Surf_forgotten Bonus 1 All times below 7s Bonus 2 All times below 13s Bonus 4 Top10 records Surf_amateur_v2b_ Bonus 1 All times Surf_compulsive_njv Stage 1 Rank 1 Surf_cookiejar Top 4 map records Surf_pandemonium_njv Stage 1 Top 2 records Surf_fruits_fix Stage 1 Rank 1 Surf_airflow Stage 4 Rank 1 Surf_colum_2 Stage 1 Rank 1 Bonus 1 Rank 1 Surf_caca Stage 2 Rank 1 Surf_classics Stage 7 Rank 1 Stage 9 Rank 1 Surf_syria_ Stage 2 Rank 1 Surf_atrium Stage 3 Rank 1 Server Changes Removed the radio plugin as it was rarely, if ever, used Increased the interval at which the server posts advertisement messages from 45 seconds to 3 minutes Removed the SURFWIZURD and VETERAN ranks as both of these ranks had no real purpose Command Changes Added !webstats command. Read below to find out what it does. Miscellaneous Changes Added a webstats page for the timer. You can find it here. You can freely browse maps and players or simply check the dashboard for top players, new records etc. This webpage is also available while ingame by using the !webstats command
  2. 03.09.2017 Today we bring you the last timer-update for a while as we prepare to perform a complete rewrite of the timer plugin. With this update, we bring you what we've dubbed "Surf Timer 1.2 Update", which includes some small quality of life fixes, some bug fixes and a complete fix for crouchboosting. We will begin the process of deleting cheated records so if you find any, please let a member of our Surf Admin team know immediately. We will continue to push mapfixes, additions and removals while we work further on our timer plugin. For now, we hope you enjoy these changes. Changelog Map additions Tier 1 surf_aweless_inferno Map Fixes Surf_resource Replaced the mapfile with a version that fixes getting stuck between teleporters. All records have been ported over. Surf_aircontrol_ksf Replaced the mapfile with surf_aircontrol_fixed as this version brings many fixes to the exploit at the start, removes the anti-grav bonus as it was broken in CSGO anyways and adds the correct version of Bonus 2. All times have been ported. Set correct maxvelocity. It was 3500 and is now the intended 10000 Zoned Bonus 2 Timer Changes Using the “Hide Weapons” feature in !options menu will no longer disable your crosshair while having weapons equipped, but hidden. Dropping your knife will continue to do so. BOT Replay will now show the proper name of the replay holder whether it be map, bonus or stage. Stage replay timer will now show the correct time as well as display it in chat once the BOT finishes the run. Fixed a bug where MR information would display incorrectly or disappear on older records. Server Changes Implemented a complete fix to crouchboosting/superboosting. This is no longer possible on our servers, so we will begin working on deleting records that have been cheated. Command Changes The !help menu has been updated to remove all non functional commands and add new commands Added a !showzones command which will toggle a cube display of entire zones including their height.
  3. There's been discovered some memory leaks with our build of SourceMod, which may be the root of the problem. It might be fixed with a more recent build, which we've put up on the servers, so let me know if you notice any improvement as far as the lag goes.
  4. 28.08.2017 Today we bring you an update dubbed "The Mapfix Update" as that's more or less 90% of the update. We're working on some bigger stuff though so stay tuned Changelog Map additions Tier 2 Surf_quark_rc Tier 3 Surf_happyhands2_fix Tier 4 Surf_resource Tier 5 Surf_brutalist Surf_mdrn Surf_technique Map Fixes Surf_blackout_v1 Replaced the mapfile with surf_blackout_njv which fixes several issues with clipping and textures. No alterations to gameplay have been made, so all times have been ported. Surf_plaguelands_beta7a Replaced the mapfile with surf_plaguelands_njv which fixes issues with client crashing, removes faulty water textures and fixes some bad triggers. No alterations to gameplay have been made, so all times have been ported. Surf_goat_fotg Replaced the mapfile with surf_goat_fix which adds better lighting and removes some faulty particles. No alterations to gameplay have been made, so all times have been ported. Surf_wood Replaced the mapfile with surf_wood_fix which implements a fix for the unintended skip to sip 50% of the map as well as aligns the bonus properly. Maptimes have been ported, with the exception of 2 records and bonus times have been deleted. Surf_lament_n2p Replaced the mapfile with surf_lament_njv which fixes many texture errors, clipping issues and adds some necessary elements to the map. No changes have been made to gameplay, so all times have been ported. Surf_rebel_resistance_njv Because the map previously could be boosted and now cannot, all times below 30s have been deleted (around 200 records). Surf_unreal_njv_ Fixed the startzone so the booster is again usable and map thus completable again. Surf_fast *Finally* removed the god damn music Fixed incorrect maxvelocity. It was 3500 and is now the correct 10000 Surf_nemesis Zoned the 2 bonuses available Surf_pandemonium_njv Zoned the 2 bonuses available Surf_aeron Zoned the 1 bonus available Surf_lore_e Replaced the mapfile with surf_lore_fix as this version brings alot of fixes to telehopping, unintended skips etc. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_olympics_sns Replaced the mapfile with surf_olympics_fix as this version fixes several unintended telehops, removes the annoying secret sound and forces angles on teleports. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_simpsons_go_rc2 Replaced the mapfile with surf_simpsons_fixed as this version fixes icy textures at all startzones, removes all skips and fixes several exploits on various stages and bonuses. As a result, all times have been ported over with the exception of Bonus 2 as we had previously zoned off all skips within the map aside from one on bonus 2. Surf_reblis Replaced the mapfile with surf_reblis_final as this version is the finished version of the map which brings many texture fixes and some fixes for unintended skips. Because no major skips have been patched, all times have been ported. Surf_ace Removed the need for an activator title in order to get to the bonus. You can now enter the bonus at any time, even if you haven’t finished the map. Fixed an exploit to gain speed on Bonus 1. As a result, all top3 times have been deleted. Surf_oma *Hopefully* completely removed jail and timers associated with it. Zoned the 1 bonus available. Surf_classics2 Fixed incorrect maxvelocity. It was 3500 and is now the intended 8000 Surf_dynamics Replaced the map file with surf_dynamics_fix which fixes several issues related to boosters and the bonus. All times have been ported over. Surf_aether Replaced the map file with surf_aether_csgo which fixes several issues with playerclipping, badly made ramps as well as brings in some much needed visual alterations. All times have been ported over. Server Changes Changed the record/completion sounds to higher quality sounds or more fitting ones. Adjusted the RTV voting parameters so it will now round up instead of down. This means the vote requirement is still 60%, but if you are 2 people on a server, 2 votes are needed, 4 people on requires 3 votes etc.
  5. We're aware of the issue and we're looking into what may be causing it. For now, it seems related to the server itself and not with any map in particular, which makes it a harder issue to troubleshoot. I think it's related to the timer plugin or the database at this point. We have set plans to upgrade both, but it will take some time. In the mean time, we're working on solutions to minimize the problems we're seeing, but we'll need alittle more time to troubleshoot before we can make something somewhat solid. We'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more about the problem.
  6. I had some free time and saw they hadn't been banned yet, so watched the demo and there's evidence beyond reasonable doubt that they're both spinbotting. Thanks for the report! They've both been dealt with.
  7. 12.08.2017 Today's update brings in a ton of quality of life features and fixes to prepare us for the next update, which will be much larger. As usual we have some map additions and fixes aswell as the batch of timer-changes, fixes and new features. I'd like to direct a special thank you to @Queaw who has joined our Surf team as a full developer, and has pushed the majority of these issues himself! Changelog Map additions Tier 1 surf_dinwod Tier 2 surf_opus Tier 3 Surf_a_xblah_reborn surf_spaces Tier 5 Surf_tronic_njv Map Fixes Surf_mom Replaced the map with surf_mom_fix, which fixes many playerclipping issues and is ported from the original TF2 .bsp. Bonus is also the intended length. Because of the amount of issues fixed, there will be some alterations to gameplay. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_bob Replaced the map with surf_bob_fix. This version fixes many unintended skips and telehops. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_mesa_aether Set correct maxvelocity. Instead of 5000 it is now the intended 3500. As a result of this, all times below 82s have been deleted. Surf_lt_unicorn Set correct maxvelocity. Instead of 3500 it is now the intended 10000 Surf_aircontrol_ksf Fixed an exploit to gain speed. As a result, all top5 times have been deleted Surf_rebel_scaz_csgo Fixed the startzone to ensure boosters cannot be used. As a result, all times below 27s have been deleted Surf_666 Set correct maxvelocity. Instead of 3500, it is now the intended 10000 Surf_mesa_fix Replaced this version of the map with surf_mesa_fixed, which introduces further fixes for playerclips and bad entities and models. All times have been ported over. Timer Changes Fixed some replay memory leaks. BOT Replay will now show a comparison to your own Personal Best. Finishing a map in practice timer will now display your practice time compared to your Personal Best and Map Record. Removed the !pause feature as this could potentially be abused. Entering Repeat mode will now display an icon on your timer HUD. You can now activate repeat mode while on a bonus. Changed the visual display of zones on the timer HUD. Stages will now display as “1 of x” instead of “1/x”, Bonuses will now have their correct ID shown instead of “Stage: 1/1” and Linear maps will now display as “Linear Map” instead of “Stage: Linear Map” The Hide Weapons options in the !options menu has been inverted so it will properly display the checked icon when you have it active instead of inactive, as it was previously. Timer UI now shows stage records (PB/MR/BR) and stage ranks when repeat mode is active. Stage Record count will now display correctly in the profile window. You can now save checkpoints while spectating other players or BOT replays. It will set your CP with their time, their position and their velocity! BOT replay CPs might be between 0 and 1s behind on time, but it will still serve it’s purpose. This bug will be fixed at a later point as it is not detrimental to the feature itself. Fixed an issue where entering a map CP from a bonus zone would tell you “you missed your bonus time of x.” Fixed an issue where entering a bonus CP from a map zone would still tell you you’re on “stage x of x” for a brief time. Server Changes The chat will now automatically display the next map shortly before the maptime runs out. Increased startzone maxvelocity from 360 units per second in X and Y axises to 495 units per second while keeping Z axis uncapped. All guns and ammunition have been removed. You will now only spawn with a knife, which can be dropped should you wish to do so. Unnecessary elements within the player HUD has been removed to reduce clutter. This includes top of screen mini-scoreboard and ammunition information. Unfortunately HP bars cannot be removed without also removing the ability to change weapons or use number keys, because CSGO is a retarded game. *Hopefully* fixed an issue where your weapon might disappear when someone spectates you. Let us know if you still experience this. Command Changes Added !stagetop <stage> <mapname> command. !stop, !stagetop, or !stagestop will all work to display the top stage records. You can also add a map integer to the end of any of these as well as a number integer between the command and the mapname to display the records of a certain stage. For example, !stop 1 surf_beginner will show you the stage 1 records on surf_beginner. Or if you simply wish to get a menu with all stages on a map, you can use for example !stagetop surf_alpha to display a menu of all stages to select from. The command !rank will now take you directly to your own profile, as it was previously an alias for !profile. !profile will continue to bring up a menu of each person on the server to view their profiles. Added !speclist command to display the names of the people currently spectating you. Added an alias !mtop to the !maptop command. Using the !stage <number> command while on a bonus will now take you to your desired stage instead of previously telling you you were in the wrong zone group. Fixed an issue where settings in the !option menu would sometimes be forgotten. It will now correctly remember your choices.
  8. Just a tip: being insulting when asking for an unban doesn't really grant you an instant-unban. Try being nicer in the future. Ty.
  9. 02.08.2017 In today's update, we introduce propably the biggest collection of changes, fixes and new features to both the servers and our timer in Recess Surf History. A special thank you goes out to both @【Queaw】 and @Xbonnik for their fantastic work with coding these new implementations. Full changelog is, as always, below. Changelog Map Additions Tier 2 surf_elements_beta3_fix Tier 3 surf_eunoia Map Fixes Fixed startzones and clipping on pretty much every single map in our database. This is to both fix faulty startzones as well as stretch them to fit stage starting areas better for our new stage record feature. Should you see any maps which have not been properly extended, please let a member of our admin team know. Surf_dynamics Fixed the map startzone so the map is completable again Surf_tenacious Fixed the map startzone so you can telehop again, as is needed to complete the stage Surf_island Removed speed startzone and replaced it with a larger normal startzone. This speed startzone was being abused, hence why it was changed. As a result, any record within the top10 that took advantage of the ability to prehop the start has been removed Surf_mesa_fix Fixed an issue where this map had an unintended sv_maxvelocity of 10000 instead of the intended 3500. As a result, all times under 54seconds have been removed (around top350). Surf_ing_njv Fixed speed startzone. As a result of this, alot of times were prehopped. Removed all times under 1 min, 7 seconds. Surf_dreams Added bonus Surf_forgotten Fixed an exploit to skip into Bonus 2 starting area. As a result, all top4 times have been deleted as these were the records who had abused this bug. Surf_lament_n2p Fixed an exploit to gain more speed. As a result of this fix and previous exploits with noclip, we’ve removed all times under 60s (around 50 records) Surf_singletons_njv Removed all times under 30s. We recently introduced a fixed version of the map where it is not possible to telehop, but did not remove record times. Around 60 records have been removed to ensure the record is legitimately beatable again. Surf_elites_v2 Replaced this version of the map with surf_elites_v2_fix. This map introduces alot of fixes as well as a clear route. As a result, all times have been deleted. Surf_mudkip Replaced this version of the map with surf_mudkip_fix. This map has alot of fixes for teletriggers and fixes incorrect velocity on Bonus2 start. As a result, all times have been copied over except Bonus2. Surf_quattro- Altered the map startzone from speedstart to normal startzone. The zone has also been made smaller to be easier to avoid when doing skips etc. Surf_funhouse_njv Replaced this version of the map with surf_funhouse_fix. This version introduces a range of fixes to make the map more in line with how it is played on KSFClan’s servers. As a result, no times have been ported over. Surf_fruits Replaced this version of the map with surf_fruits_fix. This version introduces a range of fixes for things such as telehopping, faulty triggers etc. As a result, no times have been ported over. Surf_cyka Replaced this version of the map with surf_cyka_ksf. This version does not introduce any massive changes, but rather some quality of life fixes to make the surf more fluent. As a result, all times have been ported over. Server Changes Stage Startzones now have an appropriate blue model around them to indicate where they are It is now possible to drop all weapons using default key G. Revisited our mapcycle and maplist files to ensure all maps are added properly Made further improvements for players experiencing MAX_EDICTS disconnects. This issue, however, is on Valve's side so we can only do so much The following commands have been made hidden so other players will not be able to see when you use them: !pr !replay !knife !repeat !back !mrcp !cpmr Added a !changelog command which will bring up a window with the server changelog. Added a !rules command which will bring up a window with the server’s rules. Timer Changes Command changes Added command !cpmr / !mrcp to show you your PB comparison to Map Record Fixed !repeat command. You can now use it to properly repeat a stage indefinitely and you can switch freely between stages when in repeat mode without disabling it. Type !r to disable repeat mode. Visual Changes to Timer Changed SR (Server Record) to MR (Map Record) to avoid confusion with SR (Stage Record) Added red/green color for +-Stage Record Updated timer to show more digits for accuracy HUD Changes Improved !options menu visually Added stage record count to profile Added bonus record count to profile Added map completion percentage to profile Fixed left side full panel displaying stage rank incorrectly if someone beats your time Readded Finished and Unfinished Maps menu in !rank profile The left side HUD box now has 3 options; Large, Specs and Off which can be selected in !options Large shows the full left side panel with all previous information Specs shows only a list of spectators and their names None hides the panel Added extra timer accuracy for sub-tick frames. This means completion times will depend on your position and entry speed into the zone to ensure there is always a true rank associated with your completion. Added record information output to console When someone beats a record on the server, wether it be map, stage or bonus records, it will output this information to console so you have a longer log to backtrace should you want to. Completely rewrote the timer’s saveloc function Checkpoints will now carry over between stage zones meaning you can checkpoint an entire staged map just like you could any linear map. The old !saveloc(sm_saveloc) / !loadloc(sm_loadloc) commands have been remapped to work like !cp and !prac so you can choose which commands to use. Entering a map endzone will no longer delete your previously made checkpoints and will let you continue practicing from your last made checkpoint as normal. Practice Mode timer will now pick up from the time you set the actual CP each time you reset it letting you see how long it actually would take you to finish the map should you not have used CPs but made the exact same run. This is especially useful for testing alternate routes for that “perfect run”. Fixed various issues with the !undo command. This command should now work as intended. We hope you enjoy these new features, changes and fixes. As always, let a member of our staff know should you find any issues. Thank you for the continued support! Keep the suggestions coming
  10. pretzL

    Surf Server Rules

    Recess Community Rules Server admins always have final say on any matter. Cheating is not allowed on our servers. Your account is your responsibility. We expect that you behave acceptably while playing on our servers. Speak normally to each other. Do not use racial slurs or discriminate others. Using nicknames to impersonate admins or similar will result in a punishment. Counter-Strike is a game with objectives, finish them. Exploiting game bugs or exploits of any kind is considered a rule violation. Advertising for other community servers / sites is not allowed. Tactical camping is allowed, unless it hinders objective completion. Abuse of microphone / chat will result in a punishment. Posting of sensitive player information, such as IP, full name, address etc. will be punished severely. Only English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish language is allowed in the chat. Only English is allowed when you use voice chat! Surf Server Rules These rules build upon the Recess Community's base-line rules. You are expected to both follow the Recess Community rules as well as the Surf Server specific rules while playing on our Surf Server. Cheating is not allowed in any way, shape or form on our servers. This includes, but is not limited to, crouchboosting, movement recording, TAS, strafe hack, general exploiting etc. When playing on our servers, you are expected to inform an admin immediately should you discover an exploit or bug of any kind. Failure to do so will result in a punishment. Be courteous to others before taking advantage of our RTV function - especially if there are very few players on the server. Ask if players want to remain on the map before RTVing when there are few players online. When using the Bot Replay function, be mindful of others. There is only one bot on the servers and it may run a little hot should replays be spammed.
  11. Let me know if you find cheated records and I'll delete them as fast as I can Don't complete maps with exploits/cheats and you won't get banned. I'll go ahead and unban you now, Magzi.
  12. A version of cK with WRCPs was sent to me by a friend. It's open source and it's a fork of a relatively recent cK build. However, you do need to alter the code slightly for it to work 100% properly, you might have some setup issues and such... I'll gladly send you the link, which you can find here, but I can't help you with the setup or any issues you may have with it. Nor will the developer of it, so only try to implement it to your server if you know 100% what you're doing. And take backups... A shitton of backups...
  13. Thank you for the fantastic suggestions, Queaw! This is currently being worked on. Additionally, we want to make it possible to drop weapons entirely. This is something I'd very much like to implement, but would require a massive rewrite of our current database and how the server handles maps and nominate list. I'm not sure this is something we will be able to do in the near future, but definitely something I'll keep in mind for the future! This feature was removed in our recent update to the timer, unfortunately. The current fork we use does have a web API available, which we will try to implement so you can check everything timer-related on the website. This is a very good suggestion to solve some confusion. I'll see to it that this goes into our next update. This is another unfortunate side-effect of our timer update. It's something I very much wish to bring back and hopefully will be back in the very near future. This is a relatively simple implementation, I believe, so I'll look into making it happen tonight. I think we'll keep timer information popping up in chat, but implement this as an additional feature. Another unfortunate side-effect of our update. I do believe you're working on a fix for this?
  14. It's not something I've saved as I've instead spent my time doing more important things for the server, honestly. You never had any server records, but rather were within top5-10 where everyone crouchboosted their time. Regardless, the ban has been lifted and I look forward to seeing you back on the servers
  15. As soon as I started as an admin, I started cracking down on superboosted records and such. You were on the server several times when I publicly stated that crouchboosting a record will result in a ban eventually. I considered this your warning along with several others. After that, I started cleaning up without noting names too much. I saw yours popping up relatively often, but ended up deciding I wouldn't ban anyone for previous cheated records. Then I get several callups after I've cleaned a shitton of records, that some records have been cheated again. There you are on 2 bonuses crouchboosting the shit out of them, so no, this ban was not a mistake nor was it for the calibration bug. I'd like to point something out here though: When it comes to crouchboosting, yes you do. Don't finish the run. Simple as that. When it comes to the calibration error, that's not why you were banned. So in short, crouchboosting is why you were banned. Lying to me isn't going to help your case here. Still, I told myself and other admins that the first ban for cheating records would be a very direct and final warning. I'll go ahead and unban you, but should I see another cheated record - intentional or not - next time the ban WILL be permanent.
  16. Here you can input any suggestion you may have for the servers as far as features or settings go. The form to do so is as follows: Where "Feature" is more like a title to briefly explain what your suggestion relates to and "Suggestion" is a way for you to explain your idea or suggestion more in-depth.
  17. 25.07.2017 Today we have the second part of yesterday's update coming in. It adds some new maps, some small fixes as well as an abundance of new features and improvements to our timer! Changelog Map Additions Tier 2 surf_caca surf_piano Tier 4 surf_desolate surf_roman Map Fixes surf_runewords Adjusted the startzone of Bonus4 to fill the entire starting area. surf_milkyway Replaced the bsp with a more functioning one - again. This version fixes FPS issues. Landmarks have been adjusted. Please delete your old bsp from your gamefiles before attempting to play the map. If you don't, you will get an error. Timer Changes With this update, we introduce a number of changes to our current timer. These are as follows: Added stage records Added stage record replays. Use !replay to see these Added stage record top lists. Use !top to find these Fixed noclip exploit. While using !nc you will be prompted to use !r in order to restart your run before attempting to start your timer again. Fixed several issues with massive speedboosts Added flashlight option. Use !flashlight to use it Added velocity information to map and stage starts Added a 1 jump prehop limit to all zones including stages. Set a 360 max velocity cap to all startzones Changed the timer colours to show when you're still in line for SR (green time), when you've passed SR but not your PB (yellow time) and when you've passed your PB (red time). Things to note: During a run, you may be informed that you will not start a stage record run due to high velocity. If you simply want to complete the map, disregard this. This is a measure we have implemented in order to avoid telehopping or prehopping certain stage records. For maps such as surf_ace or surf_lt_omnific, you will still be able to complete the run, but you will not get any stage records. As always, please do let us know immediately should you find any issues with any aspect of the servers. During the time of vetting the new timer changes, some issues may arise which require our attention quickly. We rely on you - the community - to help us isolate these and fix them in a swift manner. Thank you for your continued support!
  18. 24.07.2017 Today we have a relatively small update which introduces some new maps, map fixes and other usual things. A bigger update will hopefully be rolling in soon enough with some new features etc. While we work on that, read on for more information. Changelog Map Additions Tier 1 surf_colum_again Tier 2 surf_twilight surf_radiation_hazard surf_seasons Tier 3 surf_occur surf_skill8 (easy version) surf_vale2 surf_yiff Tier 4 surf_skill8_ (medium version) surf_christmas2 This map is badly zoned due to it's layout, but it has carts at the start of each stage that will bring you to a point to get enough velocity in order to beat any stage should you fail one. Tier 5 surf_triggered surf_disaster Tier 6 surf_alpha Map Fixes surf_ace Fixed an exploit to gain more speed on bonus1. As a result, top2 times have been deleted surf_orthodox_fix Added 4 bonuses surf_sinister2 Removed the map due to an error with every single teleport on the map. This map will return in a future update. surf_diminsion_ Removed jail and any traces of it Fixed a number of unintended skips. As a result, all times below 41s have been removed. surf_happyhands3 Removed the map due to a crashing issue. This map will return in a future update. surf_666 Fixed several errors with the current 6 bonuses. As a result, some top5 times have been deleted throughout each bonus. surf_eclipse Replaced this map with suf_eclipse_fix. This version introduces several fixes for unintended skips as well as lazers to show you where TeleToStart zones are located. As a result, no times have been ported. surf_ny_superhappiest_b3 Replaced this map with surf_ny_superhappiest_fix. This version fixes the two bugged stages as well as some trigger issues, telehop fixes etc. surf_graphia Replaced this version of the map with surf_graphia_fix which introduces several fixes for issues with triggers, team filters and the bonus. As this does not fix any skips, but rather issues with the map itself, all times have been ported over.
  19. 20.07.2017 In this update we introduce numerous mapfixes, backend fixes and a new server to our arsenal! As always, we hope you enjoy these updates. Keep the suggestions and input coming, guys. It helps us alot. Changelog Map Additions Tier 1 surf_chaos_refix Tier 3 surf_galactic_zts Map Fixes surf_treefort Fixed an exploit where you could skip s5 to get to s6 unintendedly. Thanks Addi Fixed numerous startzones as you could clip inside models on most of them. surf_milkyway Fixed an issue with landmarks. The map has been replaced with a fixed version, which means you will need to delete the old version from your gamefiles if you've already downloaded the map. surf_aux Fixed an issue with landmarks. The angle of the landmarks have been corrected and the map is now possible to complete. surf_mesa_revo_go Fixed an out of map exploit to gain more speed. As a result, top 4 times have been deleted. surf_me Fixed startzones and endzones of bonus 4. All times have been deleted to accomodate the fact that the bonus is now correct in length. surf_beyer2 Fixed issues where the map got corrupted. Unfortunately this means all times have been deleted as a result of this corruption. surf_apollonian Added 2 missing stages. All times have been deleted. surf_togo_njv Fixed Bonus1 startzone so all sides of the bonus can be surfed. surf_mellow Removed endsound trigger. No more roidy explosion sound when someone finishes the map. surf_tenacious Changed the startzone from a normal startzone to a speed startzone, allowing you to telehop and complete the map as intended. surf_ny_superhappiest_b3 Fixed an exploit to get higher startspeed than intended. As a result, the top3 times have been deleted. surf_compulsive_njv Fixed an exploit to skip an entire stage. As a result of this and of the insane amount of crouchboosted times, all times have been deleted and points have been revoked from all top50 completions. surf_vegetables Removed jail completely and the correlating trigger_teleports. surf_fruits2 Removed jail completely and the correlating trigger_teleports. surf_psi Removed jail completely and the correlating trigger_teleports. Server Additions As our community grows, we've decided to add a whitelist server to our arsenal. Anyone can apply, but admins reserve the right to both grant and deny access - as well as revoke it should the need arise - based on internal criteria. You can apply here. Our crackdown on cheated records is still very much an ongoing battle. Hundreds of records have been deleted with this update alone and more will follow until the server is clean of these stupid completions. If you see one, please let a member of our staff know immediately so the record can be removed. More bans will be issued soon enough should the problem persist.
  20. Mm, try adding this to your launch options: -maxdownloadfilesizemb 200 That might fix the issue as I was previously wrong; 0.0 is not default, but rather tells your game to not download any files of any size...
  21. Something is definitely weird. I went ahead and doublechecked that the map is fully loaded - both onto the server and our FastDL server and both check out. Your maxdownloadfilesizemb is unlimited, as per default, so I'm alittle unsure as to what the problem might be. Did you try to find the map in your gamefiles and delete it if it's there?
  22. When you try to join a server with a map on it that you cannot download, does it give you an error message? Something along the lines of "Missing map from server" or "You have a different version of x map than the servers"? Go into your gamefiles (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps) and see if the map you're trying to download is already there. If it is, delete it and reconnect to the server.
  23. 13.07.2017 With today's update, we reintroduce our old T3-6 server which has been gone due to hardware errors. It is now up again, which means a more reliable and well-mapped server. This reintroduces all old maps with a few new ones, some bugfixes and further backend improvement. Changelog Map Additions Tier 1 surf_rope Tier 2 surf_summer surf_zealand Tier 3 surf_execute surf_trihard surf_wahey Tier 4 surf_oompa2 surf_trapped2 Map Fixes surf_resort Fixed an exploit to surf out of the map. This change has not effected any records as the issue was resolved quick enough. surf_kz_mix_journeys Fixed an exploit to skip 99% of the map. As a result, all times under 130s have been deleted and a number of people were banned for repeated exploiting. Added 3 new bonuses thanks to mthd. surf_ecosystem Fixed a skip early in the map as this skip was unintended. All top 3 records have been removed. surf_valpect Finally fixed errors with floating particles in the map. The map is again visible and surfable with minimal "eyecancer" surf_imex_njv Fixed an issue where every stage would teleport you to jail and subsequently teleport you back to spawn. Going to "jail" will now properly set you to the stage you previously were on, but will unfortunately still teleport you to "jail" for a brief period. surf_zion_njv Fixed everyone being ported to jail after a certain amount of time or when someone completes the map. Backend Fixes Both servers now have a properly functional Stripper plugin, where the T3-6 server previously had a faulty version. This means we can now effectively remove unwanted particles, jails and other aspects of maps which we do not want. With this, we have begun compiling a list of maps with jails that currently hinder intended map progression. If you encounter such a map, please let a member of our admin team know so the issue can be resolved immediately. The issues with nominatelist have been fixed. This means that maps will now properly show up in the nominatelist of either server and display the proper tier. If you continue to see issues, please let a member of our admin team know immediately. I'd like to take the opportunity to remind our players that we are still cracking down on mapexploiting with an iron fist and have begun issuing bans to repeat offenders. If you see a record which is cheated, please let a member of our admin team know immediately. If you find an exploit or an unintended skip, please also notify our team. "Exploiters" who report the issue will be exempt from any repercussions, but those who do not will be prosecuted. As always, thank you for your continued support. We will be focusing alot more on backend in the coming weeks, but will continue to add maps on a regular basis. You can request new maps or map fixes here.
  24. That's the thing tho. He got 9 mutes where the 9th was a permanent mute. He's now appealing this permamute as it's been 2 months since it happened.
  25. Permban him*. If he is unmuted, then fucks our trust again, I'll personally make sure he's permabanned. 10 chances and only a permmute would be absurd.
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