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  1. But why should we give you a "second chance" when you already had nine chances? Saying you're sorry in a relatively bland way isn't really going to do it for me, but then again this is just my opinion. Some input from the admin(s) who've handled your case would be nice.
  2. Honestly, you had 9 chances. I highly doubt your apology here is sincere, regardless of the fact that it seems like it. On 9 occasions you were told to stop playing music, refused, then muted - 9 occasions. Imo that's 8 too many. You made your choice on 9 separate occasions. You don't deserve an unmute any time soon, in my opinion. What I will say though is that if you really do get unmuted, the next step is a permanent vacation from the servers should you commit any violations of our rules.
  3. 30.06.2017 Back at it again with the fixes and additions. I've been on vacation for a few weeks, but I've been writing down various errors that have occurred recently and we've made some improvements to a number of these - both in backend and for maps. Full changelog can be found below, as always. Changelog Map additions Tier 1 surf_resort Tier 2 surf_driftless_go surf_skyborn surf_ny_momentum2_ksf Tier 4 surf_ultimate surf_savant_njv surf_runewords Tier 5 surf_death_of_a_martian Tier 6 surf_zen surf_stonework4 Map Fixes Several maps have had fixed version released. We've incorporated these into the servers and ported necessary timer information over. The maps are as follows: surf_and_destroy Replaced with surf_and_destroy_njv. All times have been ported over. surf_voteforthisone Replaced with surf_voteforthisone_fix. All times have been ported over. surf_colors_beta1 Replaced with surf_colors_final. All times have been removed as this version fixes many skips and introduces a brand new s9. surf_animals Replaced with surf_animals_ksf. All times have been ported over. surf_kitsune Replaced with surf_kitsune_nb. All times have been removed as this version fixes telehop errors and pre-boost "exploit". This mapversion also adds a new bonus! surf_mesa Replaced with surf_mesa_fix. All times have been ported over. surf_the_gloaming_rat_gf Replaced with surf_the_gloaming_njv. All times have been ported over. surf_pox Replaced with surf_pox_ksf. All times have been ported over. surf_singletons Replaced with surf_singletons_njv. All times have been ported over. surf_syria_again_ Replaced with surf_syria_again_njv. All times have been ported over. surf_core_fix Replaced with surf_core_refix. All times have been ported over. surf_tioga060 Fixed an exploit to skip 99% of the map. Map Removals surf_psi_fixed Removed due to several errors with triggers on the last stage leading to jail. This map will be reintroduced in a future update. Backend Fixes We've made some improvements to how the server handles times, which should increase stability. If you experience issues still, let an admin know asap. This is an issue we take very seriously and wish to improve on further in the future as needed. As always, thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy these fixes and additions <3
  4. It doesn't, as more or less every admin here already has said It's a database error, not a server error.
  5. Definitely sounds like a database error. Something's fucking the logging of the records specifically for updating SRs...
  6. Sounds very weird... It is correct that one of the dataservers recess owns had it's MOBO fried, resulting in a few servers being hosted on a weaker one, but this should not result in crashes left n right - especially not recreatable crashes. If the server really is going down every time someone beats an SR, I'm willing to bet it's either plugin-related or SQL related - both of which @Xbonnik could take a look at. Sounds like a pretty serious and annoying issue to me tbh.
  7. Would you mind supplying the answer you got? It may be beneficial for others who come asking the same question. That way other admins can reply to them with the same answer or it may help an admin facing the same issue. (I´m assuming its related to there being no .nav file created. When someone finishes the map first, the .nav file has to be created, but if it´s happening every time someone beats the SR then something mysterious is afoot).
  8. I do believe it's because the map only has one trigger on the portal and not trigger_multiple. I'm not exactly good in hammer (I really only know how to port a css map to csgo and how to iron out ramp glitches). maybe @N4G3L$ knows?
  9. Now, I haven´t really played on the deathrun server nor deathrun in general, but I know the jist of it. Does Deathrun have a pointsystem/ranking system with any kind of benefits? If so, you could argue it´s a bit shady, but in most situations playing on 2 different accounts presents no problem. If the person wants to ragehack or cause problems in other ways, the account they´re on will be banned. We also do have IP logs which can be checked, so I don´t see the issue in using two different accounts to play on unless there´s a rule violation.
  10. Unfortunately i'm in china on vacation so no chance I'll get on to fix it... @RedVenom or @Xbonnik maybe?
  11. Haha thanks Kimmi ❤️
  12. After alot of lengthy hours and way too much zoning, we're back with quite the hefty update for the surf server. In total, 81 maps have been added to both servers, several maps have undergone some fixes and we've decided to clarify some of our rules. Some of the maps added have previously been on the servers, but were removed due to bugs. These maps should now be operating normally, but if you experience something out of the ordinary, please let me know. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the changelog to see some very good news Expect more to come in the future, though we'll halt the mass-map adding process for a while. In the mean time, continue to request maps and suggest fixes Changelog Map additions Tier 1-2 Server Tier 1 surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_fix surf_rooftops_v2 surf_lavaflow surf_horizon_njv surf_reytx surf_colum_2 surf_minecraft_2016_final Tier 2 surf_torrent_njv surf_ny_platinium surf_fruits surf_orthodox surf_dank surf_kz_mix_journeys surf_network_2009 surf_oma surf_zbig_rc2 surf_aeron surf_halloween_tf2 surf_flyin_fortress surf_domain surf_gold1 surf_surprise surf_duggywuggy surf_hearth_fix surf_atrium Tier 3-6 Server Tier 3 surf_loentra_ez surf_lost surf_dreams surf_fruits2 surf_abstinens surf_happyhands3 surf_happyhands4 surf_miracle surf_psi_fixed surf_ripper surf_sandstorm2 surf_strafe surf_tioga060 surf_vale surf_friday surf_tenacious surf_meme surf_industries surf_fast surf_kaboom surf_deceptive_final surf_phantoml0rd_beta surf_minimumwage surf_reactor surf_second_ksf Tier 4 surf_exurbia2 surf_shady surf_y surf_sc_colours surf_lepidus surf_swagtoast surf_sh surf_sunset2_fix surf_halloween surf_nemesis surf_pandemonium_njv surf_lab surf_urban surf_awakening surf_alend surf_mephobia surf_proliferation Tier 5 surf_shady_h surf_trapped surf_disneyland surf_aux surf_eon surf_kinetic surf_unusual_njv surf_diamond_beta1 surf_antimatter_v2 Tier 6 surf_valpect surf_marah surf_acerbus surf_sinister2 Map fixes surf_ing_njv Added checkpoints surf_akai_final Added checkpoints surf_forgotten Fixed an exploit to skip around 50% of the map. Thanks @Rossishere surf_atlas_1 Fixed an exploit to gain more speed. As a result, some times have been deleted surf_simpsons_go_c2 Removed most skips as these were unintended. As a result, all times below 1min 30s have been removed (around top 70 completions) surf_tempest2 Fixed the issue that was causing this map's .nav file to crash during mapload Bonus fixes surf_forgotten Bonus 2 Fixed startzone to use the entire starting area Fixed endzones to use the entire ending area surf_etheral Bonus 2 Fixed an exploit to get more speed. As a result, some times have been deleted. Rule changes We want everyone to know that superboosting/crouchboosting any booster is considered cheating. Times will be removed and eventually players will be banned should the problem persist. The only exceptions to this rule are the following maps: surf_trance_ksf surf_year3000 surf_primetime_r3vamp This list will be updated as we go. For now, assume any map not on this list is under the no-superboosting rule. Tier 3-6 Server This server has been gone for a while, but we've decided to replace our admin development server with a backup of the Tier 3-6 server. This means that some maps may be missing from the actual server, but most should be present. The new maps have been added to this server. The new IP is: As always, thank you for your continued support of Recess.no and it's servers. Everyone in the surf admin-team hopes you enjoy these changes and continue to stick with us Have a great summer!
  13. Hello! Over the course of my tenure as admin, I've been getting a ton of maprequests via Steam. For organizational excellence, I'm requesting now that all map addition/change suggestions are put into this thread. This is to ensure it's both easy for admins to see which maps are in demand as well as to make it so all admins can see the current suggestions. In order to suggest a map addition, please reply to this thread and fill this out: In order to make a suggestion to a map change, please reply to this thread and fill this out: With the mapchange suggestion, please try to be as descriptive as possible. When proposing TeleToStart zones, pictures are preferred. Thank you!
  14. mm, this would definitely lighten the load on @Xbonnik if it works - which it should. Would also reduce the downtime during maintenance. Thanks for posting this @ewenjo! I´m sure Xbon will take a look and make it happen
  15. I have a working fix for surf_tempest2 that will go live once the T3-6 server is back up and running. Hopefully that'll happen soon
  16. To keep people updated: The belief is that there is a defect with the hardware of the server where half of Recess gameservers are hosted. Given it's a sunday, the provider doesn't have the capacity to keep people working on a sunday resulting in the delay we're currently experiencing. Unfortunately this also means that the issue most likely will not be resolved until tomorrow. Right now we're trying to work out if the issue with the other server is causing the plugin-issues on T1-2 surf server and if that server can be brought back to full operation before tomorrow.
  17. surf_tempest2 is currently bugged due to a corrupt .nav file for the replay bots. I'll be testing out 2 fixes tonight once the servers are back up which hopefully will resolve the issue.
  18. I believe @Xbonnik has been made aware of the issue. What's happened is that one of the two servers Recess rents has overheated. This is why the T3-6 surf server, among others, is down, and seems to also have resulted in the lack of plugins on the T1-2 server aswell. Hopefully he's on it.
  19. I've begun my tenure as admin by fixing a few issues, fixing maps as well as adding 18 new maps as requested by the community. If you have any suggestions/requests, feel free to reply to this thread or create a new post in this forum. Enjoy guys! Changelog Server Fixes Fixed the issue with maxvelocity that would force the wrong maxvel for the listed maps: surf_lt_omnific surf_whoknows2 surf_me surf_tundra_v2 surf_resort Comment: These maps should now force the correct maxvelocity as set by the map itself. If there are any maps I've missed, feel free to let me know. Thanks @Addi and @Xbonnik for making this happen Added Checkpoints to the following maps: surf_beyer2 surf_sinsane_ksf surf_sluice Comment: A ton of maps are missing checkpoints, which I will work to fix over the course of the next weeks. If you find a map or maps without checkpoints (these will always be linear maps), let me know and I'll fix it asap. Added Bonuses to the following maps: surf_voteforthisone Comment: I also wish to make sure that each map has it's respective bonuses zoned. If you find a map where bonuses are not zoned, please let me know. Map/Bonus fixes surf_epic Fixed the bonus startzone as it was set improperly with the platform surf_whoknows2 Fixed the endzone as I had previously shifted it to accommodate for the lower maxvelocity Fixed an exploit to get more speed. Thanks @Addi surf_sinsane_ksf Fixed an exploit to get more speed. Thanks Yuri surf_sluice Replaced this with surf_sluice_final as it has memory leak fixes and bonuses surf_mesa Fixed the music-playing secret Map additions: Tier 1 surf_reblis surf_southpark_refix surf_forgotten Tier 2 surf_paradise surf_semesterbreak Tier 3 surf_nac surf_goat_fotg surf_be_gentle surf_brutalist_ez surf_four_elements surf_tempest2 Tier 4 surf_illumination2 surf_apollonian surf_cordelia surf_crush surf_milkyway Tier 5 surf_android_ksf surf_damn To-Do List Add maps on a regular basis Fix all missing bonuses and CPs Remove surf_beyer2 and replace with surf_beyer2_fix Fix surf_sandman Fix surf_imex_njv
  20. Most, if not all, servers are updated and back online. Have fun today, guys!
  21. surf_inrage2 has no end-zone and cannot be completed. surf_overgrowth2 SR and most times in top10 should be removed for abuse of a bug/glitch in map. Overgrowth2 has specific skips that require skill. The way it's currently being "cheated" is by forcing the map to recognize a different spawnpoint than intended. Spec the bot to understand alittle more about what I mean. surf_imex_njv isn't actually staged. Failing results in briefly respawning in jail and then resetting back to s1.
  22. Yeah, I figured Didn't really annoy me that much. It's a simple volume 0.0 into console, but others didn't figure that out as fast hahah. Like you saw yourself ppl got mad and I think others may abuse this, although you just used it once or twice and stopped after.
  23. So server update brought a new music plugin with it, it seems. Music is played with a text overlay across the screen. To turn it off, the text says to type "stopsound" in console, but this returns an error: Would be lovely if this can be fixed. I normally prefer my own music while surfing. For now, volume 0.0 will suffice, but it's pissing alot of ppl off. EDIT: Nevermind, it seems to be a part of the map surf_mesa. Something with a hidden room. Addi keeps activating it
  24. Thanks man. WK2 aswell? I can't find a plugin thus far...
  25. I didn't want to spam your forums with minor issues so I'll just add it to this post in hopes that someone sees it soon enough. Surf_transient is missing from FastDL or whichever maphandler you use and thus cannot be played. Trying to join the server while it's active returns a missing map error. Easily fixed by downloading the map, but thought I'd let you know as it may prevent alot of people from joining the server.
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