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  1. That's what I thought. Yeah, I've already found one or two that have the source code capabilities for it. Just needs some small edits to make it apply to individual maps. I'll see what I can do, but might have to try to find someone more sufficient than myself in coding...
  2. Is the server running SourceMod? I'd love to help you find a fix for it. Trying to set Max Vel for only one map will end up being weird and may affect all maps, but knowing which plugin handler the server uses might let me find a usable plugin for it, if you'd like.
  3. Thank you for a swift fix! Now that I have you here, how about that maxvel increase on surf_whoknows2 ? <3
  4. Ahh, thanks. Well, hopefully it's fixed soon. And permanently preferrably
  5. Well, autobhop is gone, cannot nominate/rtv etc. etc. so something is definitely up
  6. It's on dust2... With no plugins... It's happened twice now in the last 3(?) days?
  7. pretzL


    surf_nyze surf_etheral surf_nostromo surf_goldarn surf_004_final1 surf_sippysip plox. ty red <3
  8. Server is stuck on surf_diverge and cannot be RTV'd off. Round timer has stopped, cannot !calladmin, cannot nominate and cannot RTV to change the map.
  9. Heyo, just thought I'd post about it quickly that skill8_h seems to have alot of ramp bugs (not glitches where you get clipped, but actual skipping lag) Right after the first few ramps and you go into the spin to go under, the ramp right after it makes your entire screen skip hard as shit, making it extremely hard to even surf it let alone continue from there on out. It's doable, but it gets worse the further you go. Ramps 6, 9 and 14 glitches just like described above. I didn't get any further...
  10. Could you perhaps take a look at surf_odyssey_ ? I know there is a fixed version somewhere. Currently, nearly anything resets you - as is an issue on most servers - making the map unnecessarily difficult to beat for newer players aswell as more experienced players going for a top run. There are some versions of the map where most of these problems are fixed.
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