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  1. Hi!

    We've recently made some upgrades to our anti-cheat. With this, we've accidentally made it alittle overly sensitive so it's bringing in some false positives. We'll sort out the issue then review your case to see if it is indeed a false positive or not.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. And what would you say is "decently sized"? In order to consider such a thing, we also need to gauge potential interest, and thus also potential income. Realistically, a Norwegian community wouldn't delve into NA hosting since it just doesn't make sense, but if there's an open entry into that market, then why not? However, with hosting, you also need to be able to pay for it, which means we need active players who will actually play there. For that assessment, we need real numbers.

  3. Just gonna post this here for reference:

    16:47 - [mЎ]: Sup bred
    16:47 - Bre-D: heya
    16:47 - Bre-D: i cant login to your forums on steam
    16:47 - Bre-D: and  why u got admin that doesnt know nothing bout surf btw 4Head
    16:47 - Bre-D: actually made me giggl
    16:47 - Bre-D: exd
    16:47 - Bre-D: gigle
    16:47 - [mЎ]: Do you alraedy have account on forums?
    16:47 - Bre-D: r the forums down or
    16:47 - Bre-D: nah
    16:47 - Bre-D: trying to log in thru steam
    16:48 - [mЎ]: Try clear cookies and try again
    16:48 - Bre-D: ait
    16:48 - Bre-D: could it be my adblocker
    16:48 - [mЎ]: We dont run ads
    16:48 - [mЎ]: so nope
    16:49 - Bre-D: keeps tellin me something went wrong
    16:49 - Bre-D: :/
    16:49 - [mЎ]: Regular create account it must be then
    16:49 - Bre-D: ye
    16:49 - Bre-D: got it
    16:49 - Bre-D: ty
    16:49 - Bre-D: who was the admin
    16:49 - Bre-D: who banned me
    16:49 - Bre-D: btw
    16:50 - [mЎ]: Pretzl
    16:50 - [mЎ]: I wont mention your insults in this chat towards him
    16:50 - Bre-D: that fucking retarded mapmaker?
    16:50 - Bre-D: no wonder
    16:50 - Bre-D: all he can do is make maps
    16:50 - Bre-D: he should stick to it
    16:50 - Bre-D: ait
    16:50 - Bre-D: ty
    16:50 - Bre-D: 4 help
    16:51 - [mЎ]: You are welcome


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  4. First off, I suggest you drop this passive aggressive tone real fucking quick.

    Now, I'll opt to answer this seriously since you actually made an attempt at appealing your ban, eventhough I'd consider it about as good as your own explanation of your run.

    -2s on a record isn't normally something we'd ban for, obviously. However, your run didn't really take advantage of any other skips than the previous MR did. You sure as hell didn't use any autostrafer either or a movement recorder. What you did, however, is somehow manage to prehop the map startzone in order to gain speed, which eventually lead to the -2s run. Idc how you did it or wether or not it was intentional or not. What I care about, is you making a serious appeal if you really want to get unbanned.

    I suggest you reconsider how you want to handle yourself during this appeal process and try again.

  5. In Recess we take cheating very seriously. As such, all cheaters are permanently banned.

    With that said, we of course allow second chances in most situations, but I'm not at all convinced as to why you deserve a second chance. You cheated with intent and were caught. Why should we then unban you?

    Why do you think you deserve a second chance?

  6. We've recently turned our Retake 1 server into "Retake Beta", which will house several changes and new features that YOU decide if we keep or not. You can connect to the Recess Retake Beta server via the IP: 


    So far we've implemented the following changes to this server:

    • Instant Defuse
      • If all T's are dead and there is nothing to hinder a defuse (lack of kit, molotov over bomb etc.), CT's can now instantly defuse the bomb.
    • Instant Bombplant
      • Instead of the bomb spawning on a player, it will now plant directly at the feet of whichever player spawns on the bombsite. You no longer have to worry about having to plant the bomb and instead can focus on your game.
    • More weaponchoices
      • We've upped the available weapons arsenal on the Beta server by allowing you to choose any rifle and any pistol you wish!
      • Our plans for this go as follows;
        • Pistol retake servers will allow you to select any pistol available in the game, but obviously continue to not allow rifles.
        • Rifle retake servers will allow you to choose any rifle, as well as select the pistols glock, usp-s, p250 or Desert Eagle. Other pistols will not be available.
        • Retake No AWP will continue to not allow AWPs, but allow any other rifle.

    We're continuously monitioring the server's popularity and are seeking feedback, opinions and suggestions on these changes before they go live on all servers. Notably, we've created strawpolls for each feature which you can vote on in order to voice your opinion quickly. If you want to supply more extensive feedback, you're very welcome to do so via our forum.

    You can find the polls here:

    Instant Defuse

    Instant Plant


    As always, thank you for playing on Recess servers and we hope these changes are to your liking!

    View full news

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  7. 20 hours ago, JuNgLe said:

    Nice question lol mh why should i get unbanned MHHH

    Alright, since you seem to have no reasonable desire to actually appeal your ban and instead leave retarded comments like the one quoted, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this thread.

    Your appeal is hereby denied.

    Better luck in another community.

  8. 3 hours ago, JuNgLe said:

    The logs litterally are not a solid proof and only make it somehow "Likely" for me to use a strafehack/any other kinda cheat but since unlimited people get logged i dont see the sense. also yet i only see you going against me / its still youre only youre opinion.. as i said i have litterally 0.0% chances to get unbanned from ultima because of other reasons atm 

    That's not true. Yes, tons of people get logged, but not all of those get banned. Only if the AC suspects you enough, you get banned. That, in and of itself is enough proof.

    Good luck in another community.

  9. 26.04.2018

    More mapfixes and additions, yaay! Also a new command and some minor functionality changes.


    • Map additions
      • Tier 2
        • Surf_pathfinder
      • Tier 4
        • Surf_epithet
    • Map Fixes
      • Surf_take1
        • Zoned the missing bonus
      • Surf_ethereal
        • Bonus 1
          • Fixed an unintended skip. As a result, all times below 13s have been deleted.
        • Bonus 2
          • Fixed bad zoning. Because the endzone was badly placed, all times below 15s have been removed.
      • Surf_imex_njv
        • Fixed an exploit in the map to get to end earlier than intended. Top 5 times have been removed.
        • Forced angles on teleports
      • Surf_opus
        • Bonus 4
          • Fixed an exploit that would allow you to get to endzone quicker than intended. As a result, all times below 4,5s have been deleted
      • Surf_pox_ksf
        • Moved the fail spawn from top to the startzone area. As a result, rank1 has been deleted.
      • Surf_impact_njv
        • Fixed an issue where you would randomly get teleported to the end of stage 1 when failing, rather than being correctly teleported to the start of the stage. As a result all stage 1 times under 6s have been deleted
        • Added a telehop speed vector so the stages are no longer telehoppable
      • Surf_parrot_selector
        • Removed jail
        • Removed weaponstripper so you can now use weapons freely
      • Surf_tioga060
        • Fixed end so you actually have to surf the entire map. All top 12 times have been deleted.
        • Removed sounds
      • Surf_kawaii
        • Fixed an unintended skip on s1. Top2 map times and all stage 1 times
        • Forced angles on teleports
        • Moved teleport destinations closer to stage platform ends
        • Fixed zones extensively
      • Surf_kitsune_nb
        • Map is now no longer telehoppable. Spawns have been moved around to make sure the map is still enjoyable. All times under 2 minutes have been removed
    • Maps deleted
      • Surf_hyper-
        • Cause it’s a bad map
    • Server Changes
      • Added !bug <message> command. You can now use this command to report issues with maps and it’ll input that information directly to our Discord server!
      • Changed the voting menu “Extend Map” option to number 4 from number 9
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  10. 47 minutes ago, dawplameee said:

     i didnt use hacks lol.I dont have very high ssj (680+),no more 660 - 670 and u think me cheater?wtf  

    It's not any of our admins that thinks you're a cheater, it's our anticheat. It checks for many things and sometimes simple mistakes can trigger it, also known as "false positives". Unfortunately, pimp has made it clear that BASH hasn't flagged this as a false positive and thus something in your config or your peripherals is causing the trigger. I'd suggest you check all your .cfg's as well as make sure you don't have a hyperscroll mouse or any kinds of binds that would give you an unfair advantage.

    We take cheating very seriously here in Recess and as such we have strong measures that strictly enforce that.

  11. 01.04.2018

    No, this changelog isn't an april fools prank. Just a simple set of fixes and map additions/removals.


    • Map additions
      • Tier 2
        • Surf_ivory
        • Surf_volvic
        • Surf_believe
        • Surf_paddy
      • Tier 3
        • Surf_pagoda
      • Tier 4
        • Surf_axiom_fix
      • Tier 5
        • Surf_our
    • Map Fixes
      • Surf_canisius
        • Fixed the map crashing after a few minutes of playtime
      • Surf_forgotten
        • Edited map endzone to be higher and fit the platform better for more accurate records
      • Surf_minecraft_2016_final
        • Zoned the missing bonus 3
      • Surf_mesa_fixed
        • Added lasers to mark the obnoxiously high triggers
        • Fixed an unintended skip. No records had used this skip so none have been removed
      • Surf_sandstorm2
        • Zoned the missing bonus
      • Surf_proximity_final
        • Zoned the missing bonus
      • Surf_fruits2
        • Forced angles on all teleports
      • Surf_utopia_njv
        • Deleted all times under 55s as these were noclipped from before our noclip fix was implemented
      • Surf_simpsons_fixed
        • Zoned the missing 5th bonus
        • Fixed an exploit that would net players an unintended lower gravity. As a result, hundreds of times have been deleted off several stage and bonus records.
      • Surf_nemesis
        • Fixed several unintended skips. As a result, all bonus records have been deleted as all of them used some variant of these skips.
    • Maps Removed
      • Surf_exile_njv
        • Map has several issues, but the most notable one is the lack of triggers and filters to avoid retarded skips. This isn’t an easy fix and requires Hammer editing, which is something I’m not willing to do for a shit map
      • Surf_y
        • Shit map
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  12. 10.03.2018

    Another small update with some map additions and a few map fixes.


    • Map additions
      • Tier 1
        • Surf_deathstar
      • Tier 2
        • Surf_flow
        • Surf_not_so_disaster
        • Surf_saturday_fix
      • Tier 3
        • Surf_quickie
      • Tier 4
        • Surf_gekar
      • Tier 6
        • Surf_not_so_zen
    • Map Fixes
      • Surf_not_so_zen
        • Added a trigger_push on the bonus 6 slide
      • Surf_overgrowth2
        • Made a last effort to fix the map and patch various skips and bugs
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