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  1. You cant get a unban, thats impossible. There isnt any reason to write more about the unban appeal. Go find another server to cheat on, we dont tolerate it here. Unban request denied. Regards Pimp
  2. Need to add this important information. Your account was created 13 apr 2019. Obviously thats very weird. Can you give us your main steam profile link? Regards Pimp
  3. It has been on for many months now The servers ip is: Regards Pimp
  4. Can u write to me over discord? p!mp#8718 Regards Pimp
  5. Can you please write to me over Discord? p!mp#8718
  6. According to the anticheat you have been banned for using some sort of a autostrafer. i have tried to check up on your steamid but cant find any date on it? please add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pimpmyname2 Regards Pimp
  7. We took it over Discord. Player is now unbanned Regards Pimp
  8. Well you got banned because of joining with a second account at the time your other account was banned from the server. Add me on discord: p!mp#8718 or on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pimpmyname2/ so we both can talk about it and fix it together. Regards Pimp
  9. Well your ban on the other account expired. So i unbanned all accounts matching your connected ip. Regards Pimp
  10. Sorry for the long reply time. Everything should be good now @Quantap | gamdom.com Regards Pimp
  11. You have a previous ban "Bhop Macro" from STEAM_1:1:149987791. Thats why you got banned from that account. We dont accept having a banned user joining with another steam account, so thats why you got banned on your current SteamID STEAM_1:1:20543706. I can unban STEAM_1:1:20543706 but if you join again with another account the ban will stay. Your original ban invoked on: 01-23-20 18:20 and will expire in 2 weeks. Please respond to this message so i know you have read it. Regards Pimp
  12. Yea its pretty strange. Can you add me on discord? p!mp#8718 if you dont have discord add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pimpmyname2/ Regards pimp
  13. Sure i can do that. But i need your steamid first
  14. there isnt any bans matching that steamid you provided?
  15. I need a steamid so i can check up on it
  16. Well i asked around and they didnt know who you are. But the detection string is a insufficient evidence, im not saying that you're cheating. Idk what else to say. Unbanned Regards Pimp
  17. Sorry for the long response time. I need a steamid so i can check you up
  18. You have been banned due to a previous ban on your IP which is a static ip so i assume that you're the owner of https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198968405794 That account got banned from bhop server for cheating. As i can see that profile was created 8 Jun 2019 and last logon was 9 Jun 2019. At Recess we dont tolerate having multiple accounts that has over or equal to 1 ban. But we do offer players a second chance if you can be completly honest regarding this coincidence. Merry christmas and happy new year to you too! Regards Pimp
  19. When you're acting like you didnt nothing wrong i dont get the point unbanning you. My AC is 99.99% positive detections, at Recess we dont ban legit players. Unban request declined. Closing topic. Regards Pimp
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