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  1. pimpmyname

    Banned by bash

    Well as i told many of the WL players they need to play on WL since public server is being filled with optimizers. The AC is more sensitive on public, thats why you got banned. Unbanning you now
  2. pimpmyname

    Banned for something | Surf

    Oh okay, ill go ahead unbanning you. The other accounts with ban will still be active, which means your IP will be removed from the database to avoid further bans. If you can find the guy behind it, tell him to stop haha Regards Pimp
  3. pimpmyname

    Banned for something | Surf

    Hey, the reason of your ban is based on multiple accounts. The first ban you had is back from 05-26 2018 on bhop server https://steamcommunity.com/id/wimma96/ And in 2019 02-07 https://steamcommunity.com/id/WizEAlpaca/ we banned you for using multiple accounts. Now again you did the same, thats why you are banned, you know exactly which account that was. Regards Pimp
  4. pimpmyname

    banned for bhop assist??

    You are using a macro.. do you have hyperscroll on your mouse?
  5. pimpmyname

    Detected by BASH

    ur unbanned now, pm me on discord or steam if youre wondering why people are getting banned so easily..
  6. pimpmyname

    Reason: Detected by BASH

  7. pimpmyname

    Cheater on recess.no #04 retake 3

    Banned, keep it up Regards Pimp
  8. pimpmyname

    Cheater on recess.no #04 retake 3

    Banned. Thanks for reporting Regards Pimp
  9. pimpmyname

    Cheater on recess.no #02 retake 1

    anticheat caught him but thanks for reporting. keep em coming
  10. pimpmyname

    Detected by bash

    Dont worry if u aint cheating. Have a good one
  11. pimpmyname

    Detected by bash

    U got banned due to exe injection and used some sort of bhop assistance according to bash. Unbanned u, last chance. Sry 4 it took that long to reply Regards Pimp
  12. pimpmyname

    Bhop Server Changelog

    bhop_2nedomappera_v3 tier 4 bhop_amaranthglow tier 3 bhop_arcticbhop_final tier 2 bhop_arcturus tier 3 bhop_asko tier 2 bhop_astral tier 5 bhop_average_bhop_gbc tier 1 bhop_blocks tier 1 bhop_brightness tier 1 bhop_bubblegum tier 2 bhop_bunker tier 4 bhop_cd tier 1 bhop_celestial tier 3 bhop_cg_arizonabhop_beta4 tier 1 bhop_cheatonthis tier 1 bhop_colorclash tier 3 bhop_cs_beach tier 2 bhop_ctm_impossibru tier 4 bhop_cubefield_remastered tier 3 bhop_cyber tier 1 bhop_dimensional tier 3 bhop_dustbhop_notkz tier 1 bhop_esip tier 2 bhop_essy_jumps tier 1 bhop_eternity tier 1 bhop_exiled tier 2 bhop_faceless_speedrun_final tier 2 bhop_feyn_vbg-spb tier 4 bhop_flatzone tier 3 bhop_flatzone2 tier 4 bhop_flying_rabbits_css tier 1 bhop_focus_v2 tier 3 bhop_goldbhop_v2 tier 2 bhop_goldsrc_go tier 3 bhop_easyhop_zbalor tier 1 bhop_grizde tier 3 bhop_hop tier 1 bhop_huivrotstyle tier 2 bhop_icetrap tier 4 bhop_indev tier 2 bhop_indev2 tier 2 bhop_ins_axn_tooncastle tier 2 bhop_interest_fix tier 2 bhop_intimate tier 1 bhop_iqtest tier 4 bhop_knifez tier 3 bhop_kotodama tier 2 bhop_larena_XL tier 2 bhop_leetbhop tier 1 bhop_lego_world tier 3 bhop_lil_pump tier 1 bhop_mentality tier 4 bhop_metric tier 2 bhop_nerox_ez tier 1 bhop_nolimit tier 3 bhop_orbital tier 3 bhop_paper tier 2 bhop_plemon tier 1 bhop_quack tier 2 bhop_quasar tier 3 bhop_rainbowroad tier 3 bhop_rapidfire_csgo tier 2 bhop_reeeee tier 1 bhop_rolling_sky_cloud tier 2 bhop_satan_final_fix, tier 2 bhop_skygarbage tier 1 bhop_strafestrafestrafe tier 1 bhop_teti tier 2 bhop_tupasplash tier 2 bhop_vitality tier 1 bhop_viva_peron tier 1 bhop_waterworld tier 1 bhop_wtf_vbg-spb tier 3 bhop_xboner tier 2 replaced bhop_satan with final update