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  1. You recieved the warning if you continued to use Macro you will be permanently. However would you like a second chance? Regards Pimp
  2. The BASH2 is very sensitive on the public server, so i suggest you to only play on WL, so it wont happen again. I have unbanned you, sorry for the long response time. Regards Pimp
  3. write to me over discord: p!mp#8718
  4. You probably changed the DPI of your mouse, which people usually doesnt do. It's to prevent aimbotters from cheating, im not saying ur the one thats cheating. I have unbanned you Regards Pimp
  5. Unbanned you. Can you add me on steam, i need to make sure it wont happens for everyone else. Search for pimpmyname2 Regards pimp
  6. Well he got a second chance through but got banned again hah
  7. Please just stop. AC is checking your scroll amount each jump, +jump on wheel is from 0-14 max and the ac is counting 18 of your jumps. When exceeding over 18 avg of jumps the AC tells that youre cheating, we cant see it with human eyes. Sourcemod is made for a reason, so before ur telling something you dont know anything about then start learning to code then you will understand what im telling you. Lets say you open Google, thats java, html and not a picture from the real world. If you will take this further then stop making this such a debate really. Contact @pretzL instead... Regards
  8. I can announce that its going to be reality. Ill do that today but servers will have password later, and yea making ac better
  9. Yeah its been a while, just make sure it wont happen again Player Unbanned Regards Pimp
  10. Well it wont happen when you dont want to admit that you made a mistake. You can add me on steam if you still think this, but if it turns out youre lying your ban will stay. Currently im pretty busy this week so idk when i got time to check this..
  11. A hyperscroller on a mouse is also considered as macro usage. This can also get you OW banned. With that said i dont believe anything what you said there. Our AC doesnt flag legit players, do you want a second chance..?
  12. Thats a issue with SB, and this convo has nothing to do with unban appeal. Ill close the topic..
  13. It's still because the AC on public is very sensitive. I can't do anything without proof for a player. Your ban from 2018 will still stay.
  14. Alright. You should be unbanned now. Closing topic Regards pimp
  15. The AntiCheat did warn you many times. You know that, ur lucky that AC didnt get you autobanned. You managed to trigger AC after mapchange so you prob did it on purpose. Made it to autoban if you continued to use macro after warning. Since you're very active here at Recess, would you like another chance? And btw according to @DaggyS youre very toxic, so please be nice. Regards pimp
  16. Alright, you will get a second chance Regards Pimp
  17. Naaaa maybe change awp server instead?‍♂️
  18. It will be fixed very soon. Regards Pimp
  19. Well as i told many of the WL players they need to play on WL since public server is being filled with optimizers. The AC is more sensitive on public, thats why you got banned. Unbanning you now
  20. Oh okay, ill go ahead unbanning you. The other accounts with ban will still be active, which means your IP will be removed from the database to avoid further bans. If you can find the guy behind it, tell him to stop haha Regards Pimp
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