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  1. Found the problem, false detection. Working on the issue, sorry for the coincidence. Regards Pimp
  2. Well this time it wasn't me that banned you, it was our AC, there should be a very good reason why bash banned you, but it seems like BASH didnt log that action, i will reply back whenever i found detection string.
  3. we both can take a look at it when i get home
  4. Problem has been solved. I unbanned the player, BASH automatically detects any kind of +strafe or silent strafes caused by strafe hacks(that includes a controller as well), i recently made BASH autoban people for silent strafes only. Regards Pimp
  5. Alright, if that's true what ur saying i will unban you/Xbo will since i dont have permission to unban console bans. Your controller could have triggered the anti cheat. But again on the log you didnt have joystick cvar enabled, can you explain me this? Regards Pimp
  6. I really spent 1 hour and a half to make you do 1 thing.. You was so disrespectful towards me and didn’t prioritize this chat. The fact is that you didn’t care, this was a serious situation, when you started making some attention on the server that triggered me. I already gave you enough chances. Would also like to hear @hetz statement as well
  7. Give me your code to the script that you had on, and also give me your steam id of your banned smurf account. If not, you're not going to be unbanned.
  8. Cant be anything releated to a bunnyhop script, since you had invalid sidemove combinations. Whats your steam id for the vacced account?
  9. After taking a look at the logs, i really want to know what script you was using. Edit: I also need your steam id for smurf accounts as well, just to make sure everything is in the right place.
  10. I need some information, give me your steam Id and profile link. So I can at least find the actual player, it could be a bit handful Regards Pimp
  11. You was turning with illegal yaw values, which is pretty common when using a optimizer, i dont know if this was false or not. Add me on steam so we can check Update: Problem has been solved. Player is unbanned, could very likely be a false detection string. Regards Pimp
  12. Well uhm, wait some couple of days till we are finished making DR ready for use, and everything should be perfect
  13. UPDATE: We finally found the cause of it, will be fixed soon. Status for DR: Almost done :DD EDIT: We have to wait until sourcemod releases new update for their addon.
  14. Well once again Valve broke sourcemod, which means some people might not be able to connect to Recess servers. On some servers it will crash after map change, i dont know when there is a "fix" for it yet. Looking at alliedmodders and sourcemod websites very closely and constantly. Valve has a consistency to make sourcemod out of function, this time they literally broke it, i will announce when this problem is fixed. And also to mention for the DR players, we will implement a new timer, and also add newest plugins, for the best functionality on the server, so we will say goodbye to the pro
  15. I deeply understand that @Toby. I know that underaged people shouldnt be accused of their age. All of us have been though that age, and know how it is. I apologize for saying that. Regards p!mp
  16. So let's just say a guy got life sentenced due robbing a bank, this guy has 5 children and has a wife. When he arried to the court, the judge said that they can't just life sentence a guy with 5 children, they was just starting up a family slowly. The judge reduced his life sentence to 10 years behind bars. I gave you an opportunity to get 2 week gag & mute instead of perm. This is called justice, for you Tommy, and indeed for the other players that was playing on the server at that time, and also the guy you insulted. I hope this unban request wont create such a big debate on bhop live(pu
  17. I heard that you both had an arguement about something irrelevant which lead that you both started insulting each other. I do really trust my 2 witnesses in what they said. You was literally trash talking towards other players, and you said that you was defending yourself? When you say that your 13 years old, it proves me even more right, it is indeed a childish age which makes some people get an tendence to do some bad things, and not thinking about the consequences. And when you ask for a evidence for voice chat, there is noone that wants to record 2 kids that was arguing. As i said to
  18. Hello people, I can see it that the server has some problems. I will try do my best to fix it, and might also add new stuff onto it. Told @Xbonnik that I was willing to help
  19. And @pretzL just to mention, he was several times detected by BASH. He nulled very often, and on bhop we do have strict rules about that. It gives an advantage, which isn’t fair for other players on the server.
  20. I already warned you several times, we don’t tolerate movement cfgs/nulling on Recess.
  21. ahaha are you serious? 1. I havent muted you. http://sb.recess.no/index.php?p=commslist 2. Deleted your time cuz u used macro. http://prnt.sc/eyvbej http://prnt.sc/eyvbg5 Macro or hyper scroll user, its the same anyway. 0 Krissreisa<28><STEAM_1:0:42327481><> Avg: 35.859153/332.127227 Perf: 0.164446 bhop_noidea 1470.274658 -2358.167724 -96.968750 Last: 14 37 38 38 38 39 38 38 37 38 37 38 29 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 39 32 36 33 39 38 38 38 38 36 3. I kicked you because you didn't write back to me, after i gave u several of warnings to turn it off
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