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  1. Same sync is also classed as cheating(IN SOME CASES), some people are nulling which will result same sync as well(strafe bot will do too). Maybe you havent used ahk script, but differently had used something that resulted ASH going crazy. In some cases ASH detects a bad player that keeps pusing a for 5 seconds or sth, and also when a guy does Half sideways(i get detected too by using HSW). Terry also got detected by ASH, cuz his strafes was insane, and hes legit. ALL of your strafe stats are positive: 4 2 1 6 3 0 2 0 2 2 17 6 7 4 7 1 0 4 1 5 2 6 6 4 2 5 4 4 1 7 5 8 8 2 2 7 11 7 9 5, Terry had
  2. So.. Got some chat logs etc. I didn't know anything of this guy before getting banned for ahk script etc on sourcecode, and also got banned on recess for cheating(most likely ahk script too). I got ASH Stats right after i joined from him(read below). Evidences: Chat: p!mp: can u ask mano p!mp: if he had been banned on sourcecode before chan: chan: ok p!mp: well idk why i dont write to dis dud p!mp: chan: im asking chan: him chan: yes chan: he has p!mp: for what? chan: hacking p!mp: strafe bot? chan: ahk script p!mp: alright p!mp: easy ban
  3. well you can also use /calladmin then it doesnt show it
  4. Ill unban you, but if you do use any kind of cheats again, INCLUDING cfg's, you will be banned.
  5. You probably have been ip banned. If you try to get rcon password(or using rcon command) you will be automatic ip banned. Hopefully @Xbonnik can do sth
  6. Well it's true that i banned you right after i told you to turn your cfg off, but i was convinced that you used other things than just that.. Wondering why you only do short strafe bau runs? I know what an optimizer looks like, and that is clearly that you just used yesterday(also on demo).
  7. you cant be that good with a movement config to get that record you did yesterday, clearly looked like an optimizer, also got demo on that too. If you should get unban, all your records should differently be deleted, whatever you have turned on, turn it off, or you might get in the same situation. Thats completly up to @hetz @Xbonnik
  8. http://prnt.sc/eoq8a6http://prnt.sc/eoq8ep ------------------------- Im differently not jealous, im just doing my job as an admin, and sync 1 and 2 cant be the same everytime, but looks like it does for you... That is also called, haaaaaax.... you have several of same syncs on your records. good luck getting unbanned
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