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  1. Toby

    banned from bhop (wng^)

    Hey Wing^, and thanks for contacting us regarding your ban. The admin responsible for your ban will give you an answer asap. Thanks for your patience @pimpmyname Toby
  2. Toby

    Unban request

    Mind telling us why you got banned?
  3. Toby

    unban request

    You have been detected by BASH, but we will look into it. Thanks for your patience. @hetz
  4. Toby

    I dont even remember why i got Banned

    Change of plans. The fact that we have 0 proof makes this ban invalid. Target has been unbanned.
  5. Toby

    I dont even remember why i got Banned

    It doesn't really sound like you give a shit. Therefore, i will go ahead and decline this request. Feel free to apply again when you really want to make an effort.
  6. Toby

    I dont even remember why i got Banned

    Ye, I remember you scamming another guy. Do you mind explaining why I should unban you?
  7. Toby

    banned for cheating

  8. Toby

    [Suggestion][Rant] Cheesing styles...

    Hey JamX. Well, maybe if you would stop writing in a passive-aggressive way, we would be more than happy to help and respond to you. The way you talk to our admins bothers me a lot, and I would kindly ask you to stop it right now. Don´t get me wrong here, this is NOT our job, we do NOT get money for what we do here, which is why I expect good manners from the players. If you fail to preserve that, I will not hesitate to take actions. We all love doing what we do here and our admins are very diligent and hardworking. Please respect that. With that being said, I´m sure that you will get an answer from an admin as soon as possible. Kind regards, Toby
  9. Toby

    Cheater in awp_lego2 NEW

    The cheater has been banned! Thanks for submitting it!
  10. Toby

    Is it only me?

    Stay away from that shit. Problem solved - np
  11. Toby


    Hi Eluzi0n! It was a pleasure to be your slave and I´m truly grateful for all that you have done. Eventually, work and school should be the highest priority, and you definitely made the right decision - even though I hate to admit it. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I definitely hope that you will come back someday! Ciao, Tobias "Toby" Andersen
  12. Toby

    Merry christmas!

    Merry christmas everyone, I hope that yall will have a wonderful day ahead you!
  13. Toby

    Tommy Mute/Gag Unfair

    Hey boys. I respect pimp´s judgment, and after taking a look at the chatlog for myself, I think that giving a second chance is definitely the right decision. However, I would like to point out, for those who might misunderstand this, that we never use the age of the accused person as an argument for a bigger punishment. That is simply not reliable in most cases, as we all become more mature at different times of our lives. Kind regards, //Toby
  14. Toby

    Pistol Bugs

    I surely am, I have a few updates coming up in the near future. Thanks for letting us know Chrllzz!
  15. Toby


    Something here - I'll take care of it when i get home
  16. Toby

    Banned from teamspeak

    This is an opportunity to stop up and think about how you act towards other people on the internet. I´m sure that we all wish you the best of luck in your life, so take this is a gentle push in the right direction and stop up and think about the things you can learn from this situation. Take care - Chiao mate //Toby
  17. Toby

    MG Server rules

    Recess Community Rules Server admins always have final say on any matter. Cheating is not allowed on our servers. Your account is your responsibility. We expect that you behave acceptably while playing on our servers. Speak normally to each other. Do not use racial slurs or discriminate others. Using nicknames to impersonate admins or similar will result in a punishment. Counter-Strike is a game with objectives, finish them. Exploiting game bugs or exploits of any kind is considered a rule violation. Advertising for other community servers / sites is not allowed. Tactical camping is allowed, unless it hinders objective completion. Abuse of microphone / chat will result in a punishment. Posting of sensitive player information, such as IP, full name, address etc. will be punished severely. Only English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish language is allowed in the chat. Only English is allowed when you use voice chat! Minigame Server Rules These rules build upon the Recess Community's base-line rules. You are expected to both follow the Recess Community rules as well as the MG server´s specific rules while playing on our Minigame Server. Leaving or killing yourself in order to prevent loosing points is NOT allowed - If you start a round, you finish that round! This will result in a punishment! Do not !call for an admin unless you have a valid reason to! This will result in a punishment! Using any binds that could give you an unfair advantage is NOT allowed! This will result in a punishment! Going up on top of the "house" (where you can only crouch) in mg_mikis_multigames´s knife battle (100/35 hp knife) is NOT allowed! This will result in a punishment! It is NOT allowed to permanently crouch while playing dodgeball! - This makes you unkillable and therefore gives you an unfair advantage. This will result in a punishment! More rules will be added in the future, so make sure to stay updated! PM "Toby" if you got any suggestions. Thanks for your cooperation. - The minigame admins.
  18. Toby


    You are unbanned now. Sorry for the inconvenience. //Toby
  19. Toby

    Unban request

    May I ask what your relationship with Nympth/Im so high/Hysterio is?
  20. Toby

    Unban request

    You can find it here -> http://steamidfinder.com/
  21. Toby

    Unban request

    Well... if that is the case, what is your SteamID?
  22. Toby

    Unban request

    No. How many times do you want us to say it?
  23. Toby


    That´s not what I was talking about, of course, this topic is about whether we should remove binds or not. But you keep saying that "people don´t enjoy MG as much as they did before we removed binds", and before you have asked every single player on the server, you do not know what opinions they have. Therefore, stop speaking like you know what everybody else thinks and let them vote themselves. I personally do not believe that everybody thinks that way, which is why I haven't removed it yet, but feel free to prove me wrong if that really is what people think.
  24. Toby


    Well, is that the general opinion or is it that your own? That´s what I wonder and that is why I told you to make this topic.
  25. Toby


    No, and you won't get it in the near future.