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  1. Nice question lol mh why should i get unbanned MHHH
  2. people who got logged multiple times and arent banned = basicly every strafer that gets 620+ consistent on css such as zeltim thecatgoesmeow smexy etc endless lol
  3. but not all of those get banned ? i can make a big list of people that get logged a good amount of times and also got banned for that lol and just for suspicion and 1 admin's opinion atm i really dont think thats enough to perma ban rofl anyway sorry when i sound like an annoying retarded lol but think twice
  4. The logs litterally are not a solid proof and only make it somehow "Likely" for me to use a strafehack/any other kinda cheat but since unlimited people get logged i dont see the sense. also yet i only see you going against me / its still youre only youre opinion.. as i said i have litterally 0.0% chances to get unbanned from ultima because of other reasons atm
  5. Hey, as many known im Jungle aka JUNGLEb? and a dude being known for cheating well i got banned on recess i think on september 2017 for using optimizers. i always talked with some admins like p!mp and hetz and i just want to come to a solution since i have nothing to hide nor did i cheat / i will never cheat im open for everything and it would be cool if we could fix this soon
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