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  1. While the ban I received was one hour, it was completely unnecessary. I defended a player named "slnxc" whom I know from other servers - a skilled and recognized legit player whom beat a few records this afternoon. The admin "P!mp" started accusing him of cheating because, -he-, thought that he scrolled "too much". Slnxc then provided freaking video proof of how he plays to back his side up, yet the admin in question completely ignored it. Accusing someone of cheating is to begin with very serious, but rather than open a discussion, P!mp chooses to ban someone without a shred of reason - AND anyone who dares question his "judgement"? Seriously, don't you want good players to play on your servers? Banning them doesn't exactly put recess in a good light. I write this thread because I strongly believe that this is not the case, but rather bad behavior of a single admin. Things like this must surface or it will continue to happen
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