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  1. syr0h


    STEAM_0:0:80641614 http://steamcommunity.com/id/-PHROZIN
  2. syr0h


    almost a month ago i got banned for cheating.i was "detected" under the name as lyro which was over half a year ago. what dna told me is that the detection of that was on his server [Abstract] which was a false positive and not detected on recess. not only that but many people have told me the detection log i had were copy and pasted into hundreds to make it look even worse. since this happened i started playing less bhop and other games since no one will believe me as legit. but i want to play more and i need a good server like this and because the breaks i have took im not as good as i used to be because of being washed and slight wrist pain but it doesnt bother me that much
  3. syr0h

    [Suggestion] !tastop....

    you already know knox would be #1 for tas but good idea
  4. syr0h

    zone bhop_stref

    can a zoner zone that map to 100 tick please
  5. syr0h

    map crash

    ok thanks
  6. syr0h

    map crash

    so i noticed on my community servers for the 100 tick bhop server it's been on the same map bhop_l3monhop_nya for like 3 days so when i go to join it crashes my game and im pretty sure it does it to everyone since the map hasnt changed yet and i really like 100 tick bhopping so can some person with power please fix this