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  1. Get the fucking replay out right about fucking now because i remember exactly when i took it i believe i have the right to be mad about such ridicilous behaviour or actually you can also get me unbanned right now i'll show you exactly what i did will - it even more with literally 0 cheating, you're just making things up right now
  2. Hi! I got banned for taking a server record in surf_halloween_tf, apparently it was cheated, as far as i'm aware the run was dogshit in it's own and im extremely confused for what i was banned for. Maybe autostrafing? Nah we can cross that out since it was all dogshit anyways. Hmm.... maybe movement recorder? Wait that wouldn't work either since it was -2 on old sr.. hmmmm?????? Pls unban and explain. And please for god's sake dont tell me that i got banned for doing a few skips, it's 100t ofc it's going to have a very different route than 66 or 64. -Bred
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