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    HELLO FELLOW PLAYERS !!! today i would like to announce some suggestions to retake recess server for cs: global offensive ! - please only use active duty maps (currently that would be +ancient -cache -train -cbble) 2 at the end of the game please shuffle maps currently when a map ends people spam 1 2 and 3 to switch their weapons but they actually vote for map instead and: - 1 is cache - 2 is cobble - 3 is dust ii and that is very BORYNG AND NUMBER THREE!: please enable rtv and also maybe add no wait haha i mean remove smg rounds not funny thank your time for reading this have good day!!!!
  2. Hello guys this is my suggestion !!! there are is six (6) retaek servers right now. How aboout this 2 normal 2 no awp 1 pistol 1 daegel this is very fair suggestion and many want ! and then you no more hear thorsi and frigde cry about awop! and one (1) more thing, maybe create a execute server ? it would be very coolio kind regards, mV (mV)
  3. Hei dette har vært problem lenge nå, så på tide med official request. When there is a smoke there is a 50% chanse you can se andre gjennom den på radaren, selv om det overhodet ikke skulle vært mulig. Det er ganske kjipt for det ødelegger much of the fun. I hope you can fix this problemo soon!!! Med vennelig regards, mV
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