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    We've picked a winner and congratulations to "Stian Omdalsmoen" who won our AKRacing giveaway with Lottattractive! He will recieve the Nitro Gaming chair. Thanks for everyone who participated, and we hope everyone will stick around for more gaming, competitions and giveaways! //TEAMRECESS
  2. Kennethness

    Add us on Snapchat! "Recessno"

    We've recently made a snapchat! Be sure to add us! We will be posting from events / merchandise etc. "Recessno" There will also be a giveaway in the near future, so be sure to add us!
  3. Kennethness


    We have some major news regarding our CS:GO team! We've aquired a brand new team, in the lead by FuruaN. Last season they were in the 2nd division in the Norwegian Telenorleague. They did very well, and got moved up to the 1st division, and played their first game under the Recess name earlier this week! They played with the notorious BX3, and it ended 1-1. Earlier they were part of the organisation experiMENTAL Gaming, before they decided to be a part of us. This is the first time they've played in the 1st division, and their goal is to stay in this division, and play some good Counter Strike! The lineup: Simon «Simma» Øvrevik - IGL Håvard «havard:P» Øien - Rifler Per Stian «siigN» Venås - Rifler Erik «nixxor» Moen - AWP Martin «FuruaN» Johansen - Lurker, Captain We welcome them to the Recess familiy! We are extremely excited to see their progression and we wish them the best of luck in this years league! We've done some major changes lately and are looking forward to see how the season will go for all our new teams!
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    We've recently gotten an Overwatch team. We are very exciting about this, and can't wait to see them in action! They are currently in the 2nd Division in the Norwegian Telenor-league, with total of 7 players: Sebastian «SaftSluker» Lund - Team captain Martin «Ionîc» Vik - Co leader Ruben «Zylar» Høgemark - DPS Lasse «Cr0wley» Sæther - Off-tank Vegard «Skruffy» Tenold - Main-Tank Tyler «Savory» Head - Support Joakim «Bemnex» Gjerstad - Support They are mostly located in Norway, and are planning to attend several LAN's here! We welcome them to Recess and look forward getting to know them all! - TEAM RECESS
  5. Like we have mentioned earlier, our partnership with Xtrfy has been taken to a new level! Therefore we want to kick it off with a campaign with Xtrfy and Multicom. We are proud to announce that we have a discount code on Multicom.no for ALL Xtrfy products! On all Xtrfy products, we can give you a 15% DISCOUNT! Use the code "15RECESS" at checkout, and get a discount! Follow the link to get a overview of all the Xtrfy products: http://www.multicom.no/searchresult.aspx?q=kw%3AXtr THE CAMPAIGN ENDS THE 10th OF JULY 2016! :D We would like to spread the news as much as possible, so be sure to mention this to your friends and spread the code Cheers!
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    Finally here it is! The fragmovie from final at The Gathering 2016. Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you like it and would like more of these types of edits! Social Media: www.recess.no https://www.facebook.com/Recess.no/ https://www.instagram.com/recess_no/ https://twitter.com/recessno Be sure to get your 15% discount on AKRacing products: With the code "RECESS15" http://akracingeurope.eu/ (For EU) http://www.multicom.no/ (For Norwegians) Be also sure to get another 15% at Xtrfy products on Multicom: With the code "15RECESS" http://www.multicom.no/searchresult.a... Thanks for watching and be sure to write a comment about your opinion! /RECESS.no
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    XTRFY - Official Partner

    We are proud to announce that we have taken our relationship with Xtrfy to a new level. They are officially our new gaming gear sponsor! We are looking forward to this, and welcome them to our community. This will make it easier for us to continue what we do, and do more competitions and giveaways! Be sure to check them out: http://xtrfy.com/ https://twitter.com/xtrfy https://www.facebook.com/xtrfyproducts And check their products out at Multicom: http://www.multicom.no/searchresult.aspx?q=kw%3AXtrfy
  8. Kennethness

    Deathmatch competition - WINNER

    Congratulation d0wen, with the 1st place on the deathmatch competition. It was a close run, but you made it You are the winner of 1 Polar Party LAN ticket. Thanks for all who joined, and stay tuned for more competitions in the near future
  9. Kennethness


    Our CS:GO team just won the CS:GO competition here at The Gathering 2016. They played best of three, and won the first 2. Recess VS SnabbaCash 1st: 16-2 WIN Inferno 2nd: 16-11 WIN Cache Well played guys! You deserved the win
  10. Kennethness

    Recess at The Gathering 2016!

    We are @ The Gathering 2016! We have our banners placed, and are having an awesome time! Be sure to come and say hi
  11. Kennethness

    Ready for The Gathering 2016

    We just recieved our new jerseys! They look amazing. We are ready for The Gathering 2016 : ) Will we meet you there?