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Found 7 results

  1. Was just banned on "Recess.no #03 Retakes" where i was accused of walling by Relentless, which later issued a perma ban, don't know what else to say really except that i ain't cheating, just too good i guess? Admin: 『Relentless』 Reason: Wallhack Length: permanent. Player Vac Chan uwu Steam ID STEAM_1:0:497091587 Steam3 ID [U:1:994183174] Steam Community 76561198954448902 Invoked on 09-13-20 18:21 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Wallhack Banned from Recess.no #03 Retakes 2 [ 128 Tick | NOR | Ranki... and for further notice, don't just go about banning people because you "believe" he's cheating, cuz in the end you'll end up just like the flat earthers...
  2. While the ban I received was one hour, it was completely unnecessary. I defended a player named "slnxc" whom I know from other servers - a skilled and recognized legit player whom beat a few records this afternoon. The admin "P!mp" started accusing him of cheating because, -he-, thought that he scrolled "too much". Slnxc then provided freaking video proof of how he plays to back his side up, yet the admin in question completely ignored it. Accusing someone of cheating is to begin with very serious, but rather than open a discussion, P!mp chooses to ban someone without a shred of reason - AND anyone who dares question his "judgement"? Seriously, don't you want good players to play on your servers? Banning them doesn't exactly put recess in a good light. I write this thread because I strongly believe that this is not the case, but rather bad behavior of a single admin. Things like this must surface or it will continue to happen
  3. I entered the server yesterday because the usual server i used to play on had a map i couldnt enter (missing map). So the other day same map i couldnt enter, so i tried to enter recess but it said i got banned i got so confused, i havent done anything. So i went into the forums and checked server bans it says i am premamently banned i couldnt find any reason to why i am. I would like to know that please So i just found out that i got banned for bash and looked it up, and it seems like its a script and i can tell you right now and here that i am not scripting, call me on discord i will say it face to face, i can show you my history or download history and friend proof that i am not scripting. Ill do whatever it takes to show that i am not scripting if thats the reason i got banned for. I really like this server, so i would be dissapointed if i got banned from it which i am right now ;(
  4. Can I get unban from all Recess servers?
  5. I was just banned from a 1v1 server for nothing, i was just playing and having a good time. Played really well because im Supreme and the highest of the others were LEM. I was in 1st nearly all the time and suddenly Eluzi0n banned me for nothing also it was permanent. As i was not using any cheats/hacks or scripts i don't know why i was banned. Please help me my steam name was Döda mig nu i changed it to, Jag ska doda alla.
  6. I was banned from all recess servers a while ago for "Multihack". I wasnt hacking, and i think you should review the demo again.
  7. Hei, https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Storgers/stats/csgo https://steamcommunity.com/id/Storgers/
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